Altieri Milano Fragrance Review #ad

Hi, dolls!
Today I wanted to introduce you to a brand new luxury fragrance company created by an 19 year old entrepreneur - Altieri Milano. If you're interested to find out more, let's get right into the review!

This post may contain ads meaning I received a fee to promote the brand's products. However, my reviews/opinions on products are always 100% honest and I'll only recommend items that I love!

Altieri Milano is a new fragrance company founded in 2021 by 19 year old Alexandra Altieri. At the moment, they offer two fragrances - White Jasmine & Magnolia Blossom (pink bottle) and Peony & Tea Rose (red bottle). Both fragrances took a month to manufacture and are very similar to a fresh spring morning. 

White Jasmine & Magnolia Blossom                                                   Peony & Tea Rose 

Altieri Milano's both fragrances retail for £33/$45 and are available to purchase straight from their website. Peony & Tea Rose combines two of one of the most fragrance flowers while White Jasmine & Magnolia Blossoms combines the two white flowers into a vibrant scent. Their bottles stole my heart - they are each hand painted by the owner which makes them super unique and personal. 

This is only the beginning of Altieri Milano's journey into the fragrance industry! As their success continues to grow, they plan to expand their brand and offer more beautiful scents. 

I am so happy the brand has reached out to me because I immediately liked Alexandra's designs and wanted to work together to support her small business. Like many other new businesses, Altieri Milano was also born during the Coronavirus Lockdowns. As a huge fragrance lover, I love to support small businesses and try out their scents because most of the time they are just as good if not better than designer. Small business owners really do put all their hearts and passion into their projects and I wish Alexandra Altieri all the best on her business journey!

You can also show support and follow Alexandra Altieri on her Instagram
To learn more about the brand and to purchase their fragrances, visit their official website:

Which of the two fragrances would you like to try out the most? What's your favourite small business to support? Let me know down below and stay tuned for my next post! xo

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  1. Both sounds lovely! I wouldn’t mind trying them both.

  2. Thank you for always introducing us to so many new and fun brands. I will give them a follow on instagram :)

  3. I love the fact that the brand is created by a young person who had a fresh idea! Both of them seem really nice. I wish all the best to this new brand! Thank you for sharing ��

  4. These bottles look very cute. It’s so nice of you to support small businesses :)
    Will give them a follow on instagram x

  5. I love mixing my Ariana Grande fragrances. Great post! xoxo

    1. Ops. I thought its the layering series post - my bad. Altieri Milano bottles are cute :)

  6. I love the sound of both scents. They are definitely notes that I would choose. Thank you for sharing, I'm going to check them out further.

  7. Both these perfumes sound great! Thanks for sharing!