First Beauty & Cosmetics Haul - My TK Maxx Findings!

Hi, dolls!

I have decided to share with you my first beauty haul ever with all my TK Maxx findings. For some time now, I have been following an instagram beauty page which updates their followers with different UK beauty deals & promos, and recently there has been a lot of GOOD beauty brands placed in TK Maxx all around England. I am aware that in the US, TJ Maxx has many popular brands but over here in England I have never been able to find anything other than Too Faced old palettes lol. 

PS. To all my US followers/readers - for some reason here in England, TJ Maxx is called TK Maxx but it is the same company/shop, just so I don't get any of you confused. 

Back to my point, brands such as ABH, Tarte, Too Faced, BH Cosmetics & Becca have been found all over TK Maxx lately. Of course, it's not any of the new products that have been released recently, but I think it's still amazing to be able to find these products and pay almost half price for most of them. Personally, besides all the products I am about to talk about, I saw many Tarte products including the eyeshadow palettes and face palettes, ABH Subculture palette & liquid lipsticks and Too Faced melted lipsticks as well as their palettes, but none of these products really interested me. I think although it's a good deal to get these good/high/expensive brands for almost half price, none of these products would be used by me, so I just took whatever I knew I wanted or would for sure use. 

So what did I end up buying? 

To start with, my first finding was the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette. This is the old packaging for the palette, and if some of you are not aware, Too Faced has remastered the palette and ever since is selling it in a brand new packaging. This does not however mean that the palette I have bought is no longer good or shouldn't be used, I think for the price I have paid it's all good to use. 

The palette comes with 9 shades and originally costs around £34. I have paid £12.99 which saved me £21! I have always wanted this palette because of all of these beautiful colours, but I actually purchased it as a present for a friend of mine, which explains why I could not swatch it for you guys.I think if I'm able to find any more of these palettes I will definitely grab one for myself. 

Another eyeshadow palette I was able to find was the Balm Meet Matt(e) Ador Palette. I am obsessed with the Balm, and although I haven't bought any of their palettes yet, I have always loved their ideas and themes for their products, especially eyeshadow palettes. When I saw this in TK Maxx, my heart literally jumped. I was so excited that I can finally try it out and see if it is really worth its original price. The palette's original price is £37 and I have paid £12.99 which saved me £25!!! 

I think that the shadows are definitely high quality and they are so easy to work with but are also very powdery. The last 3 shades, which are the darkest in the palette, did not swatch for me as well as the others but I seem to be having that problem with many dark shadows, especially any black/blue swatches. This is however all matte shades palette so I think the original price is a little bit too high because at least to me all matte look isn't a finished one, I need some shimmers or glitter in my life. 

Moving onto a face palette, this one has definitely been on my WANT IT/NEED IT list since last year November. I remember struggling to pick either this palette or the ABH's Glow Kit  as my Xmas present from my parents (ABH won lol) because I just loved the winter/ice theme of this Becca collection. Apres Ski was a collection from Becca launched last year which consisted of Glow face & eye palettes. The one I managed to find in TK Maxx was the face palette and to be honest with you, my heart kind of jumped from happiness because if it wasn't there, I probably would have never gotten it, it almost reminded me that this was one palette I really wanted last year, so why not just get it now at a cheaper price?!  

I believe after a year of its release it would be very hard to get this product of any beauty website/shop such as Sephora, Cult Beauty etc, simply because of the fact that this has been an limited edition collection. The original price of this palette was 54 dollars which if I remember correctly was around £39-£40. I have purchased this baby for only £29 meaning I saved around £10, which I think is still amazing.

The palette comes with 6 shades - 3 highlighters (Rose Quartz, Icicle & Opal), 2 blushes (Blushed Copper & Winter Berry) and a bronzer (Bronzed Bondi) 

When it comes to my pale skin, definitely all of the highlighters can work well on it, Rose Quartz might be just a bit too pinky but can still be worked with, but when it comes to the blushes & bronzer it is just a bit too dark for my skin tone. I like that Becca included shades possibly for all skin tones to be able to use at least 2/3 from the palette. The blush & bronzer also remind me of the palette that Becca and Chrissy Teigen put out together because that was also a palette I wanted but realised the colours wouldn't suit me as much. However, me being me, even if a shade is too dark for my skin tone, I will still make a use of it whether it is for an eye look or while putting make up on someone else.

Moving on to the skin products, I was so hyped when I realised TK Maxx sells Biore Pores Strips. You guys do not realise how badly I hate pores and I have been using these strips for so long now because they do truly work - more info is coming in a separate blog post about skin care! However, these babies cost £8.99 for 6 strips which I do think is a bit too much even if they work like magic. I managed to save £5 with TK Maxx because they sell them for £3.99, so naturally I took the last two packs that were there. I hope they will restock it in my nearby TK Maxx because I just got 12 pore strips for less than what I usually pay for just 6. 

Lastly, I also managed to find some BH Cosmetics brushes. I am a big fan of Real Techniques brushes, however recently I wanted to try out brushes from different companies and see if they would be just as good. My first thought went to Morphe, however after finding out that Morphe might be opening a store in London very soon, I decided to not purchase anything Morphe online and just wait until their store is opened, I prefer shopping in person for make up so much more. Anyway, when I saw these brushes in Tk Maxx I knew I needed to get them and try them out, especially after having BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette that I really like and enjoy using! I paid £14.99 for 10 brushes which isn't that bad because the original price of those is around £20. I think I saved the least out of all of the products on this one but I am still happy I got it for £5 less than I would from a normal beauty website. 

Adding everything up together, I have spend £78 on all of these items but saved another £71 on all of this. I mean, how awesome?!?! I would never bought all of this if I had to pay £150 for everything lol, but thanks to TK Maxx and their amazing prices, I managed to save so much money. I am definitely so happy and will continue to look for beauty items from my favourite brands in their stores. Have you ever gotten anything from TK Maxx as good as any of the items mentioned above? If my luck keeps being this good I will return with another beauty haul from TK Maxx!   

I hope you enjoyed my post, stay tuned for more coming very soon!

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Love, Olivia xo


  1. in awe how much money you saved lucky girl!
    I wish there were American brands in tkmaxx in my country :(
    definitely looking for ward to part 2 of this haul if u find more!

  2. The balm's theme, the 50s, has to be my vibe. Love their blushes! Would you ever consider doing a brand review on the Balm?

    1. I usually only do brand reviews if I have at least 3 items from the same brand, so my post have enough quality in them. Maybe I’ll do it on the Balm soon because i’m planning to stock up on their products :D

  3. Wow, you saved a ton!! Great job😍
    Also, I giggled every time I read "TK Maxx," how funny is that that they use different names in different countries lol?!

    I've never tried the Balm products, but their packaging is just so cute and cool!

  4. TKmaxx is amazing! I got some great finds there, stuff I couldn't afford otherwise. I wish to find some ABH palettes like the Subculture, I know it was available at many TKmaxx around the country.. Gonna pop in shop soon, keeping my fingers crossed lol

  5. First of all, till now, I never knew that TJMaxx had REAL high end products. I always thought that they were duplicates and fakes so I never bought anything even when I noticed several Stila lippies, ABH Subculture. I still cant believe it! lol, and secondly that TOo Faced palette looks amazing! So Stunning :) I think the next time I go, I'm going to keep a look out because I didn't know they were real. OMG

  6. Lol that's so funny how its tjmaxx in usa & tkmaxx in different countries. I literally have found some great products there several times. I love that place! You got some great goodies ❤ you totally scored! Yay!

  7. I never get lucky enough to find any great make up products at my TJ Maxx.