Huda Beauty Mini Nude Obsessions Review

Hi, dolls!

Huda's most recent product release was a must have for me. It is the first time that a brand focused on creating the perfect nude palette for each skin tone, which I think is amazing. Huda Beauty has created three nude palettes - Light, Medium and Rich - each one designed to compliment all skin tones and at the same time give everyone the opportunity to find their perfect nude shades. At first I wanted to order all three but I ended up only getting the Light Nude, as I am very pale and wanted to test out the light nude shades on my skin tone to try and find my perfect nude look.


The Nude Light Obsession palette has a balance of light and creamy praline hues with both warm and cool tones. From peachy and champagne shades that look stunning on the lid to richer brown and mauve hues that are perfect for the crease. This palette has buttery smooth shadows which consist of 5 creamy mattes and 4 vibrant duo-chrome shimmers. Huda's palettes are always super pigmented which is the exact case with this palette. I found that the shadows are a bit more powdery than in her other palettes and the simmers leave fall-out but if you are familiar with Huda's products and her formulas, you will know that this isn't a massive problem to complain about.

This palette swatched like a dream and applied even nicer on the lids. I love how pigmented these shadows are and that it gives me the opportunity to create a truly nude look that suits my skin tone and isn't too dark. I think that it will be the same case for most skin tones that try out these palettes from Huda, because all three provide us with different type of nude shadows and we finally have something to pick from to find out our own perfect shades of nude. In my opinion, the whole idea to have three different nude palettes aimed at different skin tones is remarkable and I wish more brands pick this up from Huda and her team because in most cases, whether it's a nude lipstick or a nude eyeshadow, it's never truly nude for all skin tones because it will look lighter on some and darker on others. I think it's great for everyone to have a range of nude shadows to pick from but most importantly, I find it incredible that Huda Beauty wanted to ensure that all skin tones can use her nude mini palettes and not have a product that would not suit them. I have to be honest and say that recently Huda Beauty has been killing it with all her product releases and her brand became my favourite. I have never regretted buying any of her products as I truly love and enjoy using them all.

As you can see I am so in love with this palette that it even became the inspiration for my nails lol!

I hope you all enjoyed this review, I tried to keep it short but informative. Not only do I love the palette, but also the idea behind having three different nude palettes for different skin tones. I think it's an amazing idea that Huda and her team came up with and I can't wait what other products the brand comes out with in the future! Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on these three palettes and which one out of the three you would love to try out the most. I would love to do some type of giveaway with these palettes for you guys but first I would like to see your thoughts on it, so please make sure to leave down a comment!

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Love, Olivia xo


  1. Those are cute palletes. I like the 3 different ones for different sk8n tones.

  2. Out of all 3 this one was my favorite 💜💜. Those swatches are gorgeous 💜💜

  3. Nides are always my daily go to so I love.this

  4. OMG It's beautiful! I'm so glad you got and reviewed the Light palette cause out of all three is the one that caught my eyes the most. Also I saw reviews of the other two and seem like the darker shades can be a little patchy.. So yeah I think this one it's definitely the best one. It's in my Cult Beauty cart already 😏

  5. Definitely my favourite! Great review :)

  6. Love this palette!! And yeah, Huda and her team have def caught onto something with the different nudes for different skin tones. I think this would be great for my very fair skin, and can imagine using just a few shades and creating an amazing and flattering eye look! I love all of the shades and would love to try the shades from the others as well
    My only complaint is the price. It is kinda of expensive for a 9 pan palette. . . .I think they should be more like $20-25 MAXX.
    Thanks again for so much great info and your honest opinion on a new palette that we all wanna know about!
    Sending TwitterFamJam love:
    @liacallahan4 💋

  7. I LOVE this concept from Huda!!! All 3 palettes that I have seen are absolutely gorgeous too. Your swatch picture with your matching nails is such a mood lol! I really want to pick one up now after this review.
    <3 Amber

  8. I want these palettes! They are gorgeous. I am so happy to know they are pigmented and buttery. I love Huda palettes. I have been wanting a nude palette for a while. As soon as I save the money, I will order the light palette first! Awesome review.

  9. very pretty shadows but I still don't like her prices :<

  10. I stan Huda Beauty so much! none of the beauty products compare to hers in my opinion!!!

  11. This is the post I was looking for! So glad you got this palette n review it cause it's exactly the one that caught my eyes as soon as Huda shared pics of the collection. I want it so bad! One out of the three will be mine, now that I read your positive opinion I'm like 110% sure! I'm just torn between the light and the medium, Im more keen towards the light cause well PINK! and cause I'm pale as a ghost, I'm just slightly concerned it may be too pinky.. The medium one is beautiful too I just worrry it may be too dark for every day looks.. IDK HElp! Lol I think Huda totally nailed it with this collection, it's totally my cup if tea since I'm more of a nudey/natural looks gal. And I mean the packaging OMG stunning 😍 Also I'm very curious to know what you think of the new Mercury retrograde.. Wondering if you are planning to get it n review it. Personally at first I was like wow so pretty I want it! But honestly it's too expensive n I cant justify of buying it for the sake of adding it to my collection, it was the same with the New Nude, deffo out of my budget, that's why I'm so glad to Huda for the minis 🙌