Lavera Natural Cosmetics Matt'n Stay Pencil Lipsticks Review

Hi, dolls!

In today's post we are focusing on a brand that I have never mentioned before on my blog. Lavera Natural Cosmetics is a natural and organic German skincare brand certified organic by NaTrue. Their skincare products contain 100% natural and organic ingredients and none of their products are tested on animals, therefore they are cruelty-free. Their products also DO NOT contain parabens, SLS, phthalates, paraffinum or petrochemicals.

This brand has reached out to me and was kind enough to send me their Matt'n Stay Lipsticks to test, however just because I was gifted these, it will not change the fact that I always keep my reviews 100% honest. I was sent three of their Matt'n Stay Lipsticks to test for you guys and if you follow me on instagram, I did a little first impression on there on the day the package arrived to my house. The three pencil lipsticks came in this cute makeup bag which also had a little catalog which provided me with all the information about the brand and all their products.


Lavera Matt'n Stay Lips are soft and moisturising organic lipsticks which come in a chubby pencil for an easy application. According to their product description, the natural mineral colour pigments give a creamy long-lasting matte finish to the lips. The pencil lipstick has a moisturising and nourishing formula which contain an organic flower butter comprising of rose, mallow and linden to care for the delicate skin of the lips. The lipsticks main benefits are listed as being hydrating, not drying, moisturising and long lasting. The lipsticks contain carmine, fragrance, nuts, alcohol and titanium dioxide. They are gluten-free, certified organic by NaTrue and suitable to use during pregnancy.

The pigment of these pencil lipsticks is incredible, I did not expect it to be as pigmented on the lips as it is on the hand swatches you can see above but it truly is just as good. The formula is so creamy and great to apply for the lips because of how lightweight it feels once it is applied. I found that to be extremely comfortable to wear because of the fact that you have a very pigmented lipstick on your lips but you don't feel it during the day. It definitely stays on, as long as you're not constantly eating or drinking but in my opinion it would have to be reapplied at least once if you wanted to keep it on the entire day/night.

Final Thoughts

I am very happy that I was able to test a 100% natural, organic and cruelty-free brand for you guys. These pencil lipsticks are so pigmented and very easy to apply and I have really enjoyed using them so far. They are also very soft and you don't feel them at all while wearing it on your lips, which makes it even more comfortable to wear. It is definitely a matte finish that does not dry out your lips which I have especially enjoyed because overall I am not the biggest fan of matte products that dry out the lips. The price for these pencil lipsticks is maybe more than expected but I believe that it is due to their ingredients and the fact that they are 100% natural. If you are somebody who buys only natural cosmetics or wants to try an organic brand, I would say check this one out! 

Once again, thank you Lavera for reaching out to me and noticing my blog, it was such a pleasure to test your products! Let me know in the comments below what you guys think of these lipsticks and which of the three shades you like best!

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  1. Ohhhhhh! I love that shade in the middle! I don't think I've heard of this brand...thanks!

  2. I have never heard of this brand before but I love a good crayon lippie! They're just so cute to look at & application is super easy AND super precise! I love that this is all natural and organic certified without all the bad stuff in them. I LOVE that you included the ingredients that aren't in it, as well as what IS in the formula. I like knowing what I'm putting on my lips, bc it's probably going to end up in my body at some point while eating or throughout the day.
    As far as my favorite color, from checking the website and the swatches provided is the Matte'N Rose . It seems like it has mauve undertones but not too deep, and it has some nude and pink tones in it. I think my least favorite is the peach. As someone with yellow undertones, peach just doesn't do anything for me. However, I love the finish and I personally think that the price point is pretty good. Thanks again for a fabulous review ūüíčKeep it up babe!!
    Sending #twitterfam love as always,

  3. Oh and what would I like to win in a big giveaway? I think it would be fun to include some brands from overseas, that the USA doesn't know much about but also include some of the new holiday sets/lines from fun brands like Tarte, JSC, Stila has gorgeous stuff, Huda Beauty, and some cool makeup brushes and sponges! I think it'd be cool to have a full face giveaway!

  4. Its my first time hearing about the brand! But they look very creamy!

  5. The middle shade is my favorite. I like all of them. It's good they don't dry out your lips and last for a while. This is the matte lipstick I need.

  6. I think I saw this brand in Denmark, but never tried it myself. The lippies look awesome, remind me of the Colourpop ones.
    I love the first shade the most from your swatches
    Congratulations on another brand noticing your blog and reaching out!

  7. organic brand im loving it!!! is it available everywhere or just in Germany/UK?

  8. I'm loving the middle pinky one