Benefit Travelin' B.right! Essential Skin & Brow Set Review

Hi, dolls!

After Xmas, I managed to purchase the Benefit Travelin' B.right! skincare set on sale, discounted from £40/$52 to £26/$33. As I started to continuously perform my skincare routine each morning & night, I was in a need of a good eye cream and other skin products. I decided to get this set and test Benefit skincare products because I know many of you requested more of skincare posts for my blog. 

As already mentioned, this set was discounted from £40/$52 to £26/$33 and it was one of their Xmas gift sets that they do annually. At the discounted price, I basically got 4 Benefit products at the price of one, as the Brow primer itself is around £20.
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The gift set includes a full size Total Moisture Facial Cream, full size Brow Conditioning Primer, mini Porefessional pore primer and a funsize (mini) eye cream.

The set comes in this fun shaped box that can be later used to store make-up or used while travelling instead of a make-up bag. 

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Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream

Out of the 4 products, I have already previously used the Total Moisture Facial Cream and the pore primer, and loved them both. I was most excited to try the Benefit eye cream, because at the time when I got the set, I was in a need of a good eye cream to join my skincare routine. The eye cream comes in this tiny container, however as you only need a tiny bit of the product each morning & night, it has lasted me around 2 months. This eye cream fades dark circles and helps to smooth fine lines for brighter and younger-looking eyes. It contains a peptide complex which is known to restore elasticity and firmness, a blend of hydrating botanical extracts and loquat extract which is known for protecting your skin from free radical damage. The cream is moisturising, goes well together with your everyday concealer and its great for daily use. I'm very happy with this eye cream and I will definitely be ordering another one, in bigger size.

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Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream

The Total Moisture Facial Cream has to be one of my favourites, as it provides concentrated hydration for a radiantly refreshed complexion. It has the nicest scent to it as well, which makes applying it onto your face even more pleasant. It contains mango butter, a natural plant-based emollient known to provide moisture. It gives your skin immediate moisture and is a long lasting product. I honestly recommend it for anyone with normal to dry skin to give this product a go because it will get rid of any dry patches and leave your skin super moisturised. 

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Benefit Browvo! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer

This conditioning primer is formulated with keratin and soy proteins which are known to help your brows look thicker, fuller and healthier. The clear, double-duty formula can be worn alone to condition and smooth brows or as primer to enhance other brow products. In my opinion, I liked using this brow primer however I didn't find it to be something out of this world that everyone must try. I think it's great to have it as part of this set, however on it's own I would probably not purchase it. 

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Benefit Porefessional Face Primer Minimising Pores
Last but not least, the pore primer - which I am sure everyone is aware of from Benefit - has to be the best pore primer out there. It definitely minimises the appearance of pores, making your skin texture look smoother while helping your makeup last longer. It can be worn underneath or over your makeup for best results. Also, thanks to its antioxidant vitamins A, C & E, it helps the skin stay protected from any radicals, which creates a nice translucent finish for the perfect complexion. I have tried many dupes for this product such as the Maybelline Baby Skin pore primer or the Revolution pore primer, but none of them work as great as the Benefit primer.

I hope you enjoyed this skincare post and definitely stay tuned for more! Let me know down in the comments what your favourite Benefit product is and if you have tried any of these 4 products that I have mentioned today. 

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  1. need to start buying good skin care products and these seem good
    great post as always, currently catching up on all of your posts! following already

  2. I have been using the porefessional but the etc cream is in my want to try list!
    thank you for sharing

    style frontier

  3. Oh wow what a fab little gift set, especially for the price! I love Benefit products xo

    Makeup Muddle

  4. Great review of the products babe!! I stopped using Benefit bc I've gone to Cruelty Free skincare and makeup and as vegan as possible...with perfumes and stuff I haven't really made the transition, but I hope to bc I already transitioned with my deodorant (Zion Health, check out their IG!!)
    Anyways, for what it is, Benefit does have a good pore primer and moisturizer I'm intrigues by the eyebrow primer too!! I'll have to find one from another CF brand!
    Thanks for your honesty as always, hope you're doing good babe! XOXO

    1. Thanks doll! I know, sadly Benefit isn't cruelty free and for that reason I haven't used their products for a long time! I decided to review it and reach for it because I've been asked to do more skincare posts. I hope their products go cruelty free soon because that would make a lot of people happy (myself included) and they have good products! Sending love xo

  5. What a great set of products. I actually haven’t brought anything of benefits before! But these products look great! You have shared a very honest review! Thank you for sharing!
    Lauren |

  6. Great review and set!! I’m a massive fan of the porefressional pore primer!

    Holly x

  7. that's a good deal! love benefit

  8. I love this brand but have not tried the eye cream

  9. Oooh! You can never go wrong with discounts/sales. The set looks super cool with all of the different products you got. Big plus that you got some full-size goodies. Ooohoho I need to do a better job of using eye cream. Thanks for sharing your haul!

    Nancy ♥

  10. The set looks great, especially for the discounted price! I'm interested in trying the eyecream as well as the facial cream. I really like their primer!

    xoxo Simone |

  11. Great set for a great value. Xmas time seems the best for great deals