Quiz - Which Kayali Scent Do You Need To Try Out?

by - Sunday, May 17, 2020

Hi, dolls!

In today's post, I decided to focus on fragrance by creating a fun quiz! As you probably already know, I am in love with Kayali fragrances and you can read my reviews on their scents by clicking here - Elixir Review and Vanilla Review. I've seen many of you ask me what I think about Kayali and many of you have been interested in checking their fragrance out, so I decided to create a little quiz, which can help you decide which Kayali scent to go for! 

I hope you enjoy it, and let me know down in the comments which scent you got! xo

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Love, Olivia xo

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  1. I love this idea!!!! I got:

    Kayali Vanilla | 28

    Captivate the senses with VANILLA | 28, a masterpiece of refined and cultivated nuance. A time-honored union of creamy Jasmine and rich Madagascan Vanilla Orchid draws out the sweet softness of Brazilian Tonka. Beautifully balanced oriental notes of Musk, Amber, Patchouli and Brown Sugar form the distinguished wood base of this utterly sublime scent.

  2. This was a fun quiz! As you know I got Deja Vu 57. Which sounds heavenly!!!

  3. Apparently I need to try Elixir! Loved your review on the scent ... need it now .. xx

  4. My result:
    Kayali Deja Vu | 57

    Déjà vu White Flower | 57 is a seductive, yet warm and comforting scent that is steeped in nostalgia and reminiscent of that memory of falling in love yet also laying the foundations for new exciting memories to come; memories that you can revisit with every spritz.

  5. Fun quiz idea - and neat to see what I ended up with!!