Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2020

Hi, dolls!

As it's almost Halloween time, I decided that in today's blog post I want to share with you some Halloween makeup looks ideas. Last year, I shared Halloween looks created by known makeup artists and beauty gurus (which you can find HERE) but this year I had a different idea. Today, I will be sharing looks created by makeup artists - my friends - that I think deserve the biggest shoutout on my blog. They are all super creative and kind, and I strongly recommend all of you reading this to check out their socials which will be linked below and their work! I hope their amazing looks will help you get an idea for this year's Halloween and definitely make sure to check their profiles out! xo 

I haven't created a look myself yet but I'm thinking to do a 90's inspired Rachel Green look! I've been obsessed with Friends and dressing up as Rach and that whole 90's vibe would be fun! 

PS. The order of the pics is random as I love all of these looks!!! 

Meet Alexa! 
I love the witch look for Halloween!
Check out her insta - @makeup_with_alexa

Meet Julia! 
She created a beautiful Beetlejuice look!
Check out her insta - @07julia12

Meet Shubh!
She has created a cute, Cupid look for Halloween!
Check out her insta - @makeupgeek_44

Meet Mrs. Marvellous Courtney!
She turned into a Candy Girl for this year's Halloween!
Check out her insta - @mrsmarvellousretro

Meet Brittany Nicole!
This Halloween, Brittany turned into a Scarecrow! How fun!
Check out her insta - @beauteaandthebee

Meet Charlotte!
Match your eyeliner with little ghosts for the perfect match this Halloween! 
Check out her insta -

Meet Kiley!
Kiley created so many great Halloween looks, but this is my fave! I love the detail in this look!
Check out her insta - @kiree14 

Meet Nikaa!
She went for a super colourful and beautiful look for this Halloween!
Check out her insta - @curvaceousbeauty45

Meet Anna!
Anna has created this beautiful look consisting of all things Halloween! 
Check out her insta - @makeuplover02273


All of these looks are so great, thank you ladies for sharing them with me and my blog readers! I definitely recommend all of you reading this to check out their social media accounts because all of them create really amazing looks over there! 
Do you have a favourite? What's your Halloween costume/makeup idea for this year?
Let me know down in the comments! xo

I hope everyone has a great yet socially distanced and safe Halloween this year! 

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Love, Olivia xoxo


  1. Gorgeous looks - i love the little ghostπŸ‘»πŸ‘»

  2. Love everyone’s looks! I would like to try and recreate some if I can. I know you’d do a great Rachael look!!! You’ve got the right makeup for it. Thanks for the shout out as well!!

    1. Thank you for sending over your looks! Can't wait to see what more you create Julia! xo

  3. Oh my gosh these looks are gorgeous! So much talent!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  4. I like the fourth look. Thank you for sharing.

  5. OMG I completely love the last one! <3

  6. So many incredible looks here. I love seeing people get creative. The candy girl one is one of my favourites I think x


  7. These are all great suggestions. There are lots of some many talented people with make up. I don’t really celebrate Halloween as much now I am older, but when I own my my house next year I am definitely going to host a Halloween party. Thank you for sharing these ideas.


  8. These all look amazing! Their make-up skills are great, aren't they? One year I dressed as a broken doll which meant I made it look like I had cracks/holes in my face. That was a fun make-up look! Another time I did medusa, and created like snake scales on my cheek bones with fishnet tights and green eyeshadow. Its fun to get creative at halloween isn't it?

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

    1. Your looks sound amazing, have you got photos of it? You should definitely share! Yes, I love Halloween and the fact it lets you get creative ❤️

  9. Beautiful looks ladies - I love the cyberdog !

  10. You may end up with three comments as I was having problems publishing!

    Love the post! Such great ideas. Think the ghost one is awesome!

    1. Sorry for the problems you've been having - thank you for commenting in the end! xo