Seductive Scents Fragrance Review

Hi, dolls!
Today I want to introduce you to a new fragrance brand called Seduction Scents. The brand kindly offered to send me two of their scents to try out and test. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and if you're interested to find out more, let's get right into the review!

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Seduction Scents was founded in 2021 and they specialise in undiluted perfume oils. All of their oils are imported from Dubai to provide the best quality. Fragrance oils are highly concentrated meaning the smell lasts longer than your typical store bought perfume. They are more affordable and last three times longer. The founder of Seduction Scents loves perfumes and doesn't think you need to spend too much to smell nice. Therefore, her brand offer your favourite scents for affordable prices. I was gifted two of their scents - Caution and Empress and I was really excited to try them out and review for you guys. 

Caution is described as a statement, evening date night scent. It's a very mature sandalwood scent with a mixture of Tonka bean, almond, vanilla and jasmine. 

I find Caution to be a very fresh scent you can wear for all occasions. To me, it's a sweeter version of Good Girl by Carolina Herrera and actually when I first sprayed it, my family thought I have layered Good Girl with another floral scent. It's mature and very sexy. I see myself wearing it during the day as well for a night out. Out of the two, it's definitely my favourite.

Empress is described as a fresh, sweet vanilla, raspberry, orange jasmine scent. It was made to linger and leave your mark. Think every girls favourite scent, sweet but not candy, loud, mature, money scent.

I can definitely smell the sweet vanilla and jasmine. I think of it more as a night-out, evening scent because although it's sweet, it's very mature and sexy. Just as it's described, it's not candy sweet and I agree that wearing it on a night-out can make a statement. 

Seduction Scents have a simple yet very pretty bottle design. It's a see-through bottle with a big cap and I think it looks pretty luxurious. I've seen similar bottles being sold in Selfridges and I love how it looks on my vanity. 

Final Thoughts
If you are into fragrance oils or would like to try good but affordable ones, definitely try Seduction Scents. You can purchase them over on their instagram account and I believe their website will be launching soon. Personally, I have enjoyed both of these fragrance oils but if I had to pick my favourite it would be Caution. Thank you Seduction Scents for sending over these two unique scents! 

Let me know down in the comments which of the two scents you think you'd prefer. Make sure to give Seduction Scents a follow on their instagram and check out their products! 

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  1. Thank u for explaning fragrance oils i never quite got the difference. Empress sounds like something i’d enjoy more

  2. Do you have to dilute the fragrances yourself? Otherwise 20ml doesn't seem like it would last very long, especially at those prices

    1. Hey hun!

      I’m the owner of Seduction Scents and as perfume oils are highly concentrated and they are oil based a little goes a long way. e.g one spray can coat your wrist, neck and behind your ears.
      Perfume oils are highly concentrated so your scent will be powerful and last 24hrs with no need for a top up!

      The oils do not have to be diluted and can be worn just as they are. Average perfume oils range from 6ml-10ml at the prices £10-£19 and come packaged in a roller or pipette bottle.

      Our perfume oils are packed luxuriously in a perfume bottle and are bigger than your average.
      Sunnamusk sell a 10ml perfume oil for £19 and a 30ml perfume oil for £50 and a 15ml for £23. I myself have brought these around 6months ago and still have my 10ml oil’s as a little really does go a long way and I have a few different scents to pick from so I am not using one oil or perfume everyday!

      I hope this is helpful and thank you for the question! X

    2. Thanks hun for replying 😊

  3. Are these fragrance oils cruelty free? I think I’d like Caution too

  4. Nice. I like how you describe the scents especially the first one. Seems really good.

    Anita x niannilifestyleblog

  5. Oh this sounds interesting! I wasn't aware that there's also perfume oils on the market, I need to check them out!

    1. They’re not as popular but they last wayyy longer xx