My Top Five Philip Kingsley Haircare Products

Hi, dolls!
Couple months ago I've started my haircare journey with Philip Kingsley products and I've never seen my hair look and feel better before. Today, I wanted to share with you my top five products from the brand that I think everyone should add to their hair routine for the best results. If you're interested to see my picks, let's get right into it!

This post may contain gifted products/affiliate links. However, my reviews/opinions on products are always 100% honest and I'll only recommend items that I love!

Originally designed for Audrey Hepburn - it's the original hair mask which gets to work after just 3 minutes, leaving hair stronger, healthier and noticeably more nourished. I like to use this mask 1-2 times a week, leaving it on for at least 1 hour minimum. 

Bond Builder Restructuring Treatment is the ultimate hair repair treatment your over-processed strands have been waiting for. This is a Holy Grail in my hair care routine, the product that have transformed my hair the most!

Pure Colour Frizz-Fighting Gloss instantly smooths and controls frizz, leaving hair beautifully soft and silky, with reflective shine. Comes in a small bottle that will lasts you a long time as you only need a tiny bit of product with each use!

Both the Shampoo and Conditioner are a part of the Body Building Range which volumises and lifts fine, flat, flyaway hair.

It helps to protect and strengthen existing bonds and repair broken ones while instantly sealing split ends for stronger, visibly healthier hair. It forms a shield on the hair helping to prevent future damage caused by UV, pollution and heated styling tools. 

Let me know what your favourite Philip Kingsley products are! xo

Love, Olivia xo 


  1. Interesting products! I've never heard of the brand but I'm willing to try it out.

  2. their products have improved my hair so much

  3. Thank you for your recommendations. I keep seeing their little gift sets in John Lewis and I best test these out before committing to full size products.

    - Sara xo

  4. I need to try it out ☺️