Soki London Aphrodite Fragrance Review

Hi, dolls!
Today, I wanted to introduce you to Soki's newest fragrance release - Aphrodite. If you're interested to find out more about this scent, let's get right into the review!

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Taking its name after the Goddess of Love, the newest release by Soki London was created to leave a lasting impression of the wearer and those who encounter them. Aphrodite is an Eau de Parfum made in the UK using the highest quality ingredients and the perfume is 30% fragrance concentrate. It's also vegan and cruelty-free.

Top Notes: Mango
Middle Notes: Lotus, Palm Leaf
Base Notes: Coconut, Aquatic Notes

The opening is very sweet and fruity and I find the Mango to be the most prominent note that is present at all times. Once it dries down, the scent becomes creamy with the addition of the Coconut and Aquatic notes, while still remaining refreshing and very summery. To me, it's your dream tropical summer holidays in a bottle! As soon as I smell it, I immediately think of sipping my favourite mocktail on the beach as the scent itself is very uplifting and ready to help you create beautiful memories. 

While most summer scents are very heavy on the coconut notes, I really enjoy the addition of Mango here as it's definitely the centre of this fragrance and helps it to stand out from other bottles in the same category. The pink bottle design is super gorgeous with the cap reminding me of an oyster pearl and I think the campaign for this fragrance is phenomenal and goes so well with its vibe! 

Final Thoughts
Overall, I am really impressed with this perfume as it lasts 8+ hours on skin and I'm enjoying the creaminess of the Coconut blended beautifully well with the sweet and fruity Mango opening. I intend to wear this for the remaining of the summer and take it with me on any of my upcoming holidays! I definitely recommend you trying this fragrance out if you enjoy the fruitiness of the Mango note as it's very present in this scent and does not disappoint! 

Have you tried any of Soki London's fragrances? 
Let me know if Aphrodite is on your wish-list and stay tuned for my next review! x

Love, Olivia xo 


  1. sounds right up my alley! wish I could test it instore but im considering ordering a sample. great review Olivia! :)

  2. I think I’ll like this better than Empress. Thanks for a honest review

  3. Hi Olivia, I really liked this review of Soki's newest fragrance release because even though I don't buy but it feels like I'm using it. I think these products are available on Watsons website. I will look forward to buying these products. Thanks for sharing your detailed review.