Colourpop Cosmetics - Is cheap makeup worth it?

Hi, dolls!

Today I want to do another brand review and focus on Colourpop - a brand that is known for selling dupes of Kylie Cosmetics. But is it really fair to say that about the brand that has been out there longer than Kylie? I wanted to test some of their products and see for myself if cheaper makeup can be just as good, if not better. As already explained in the KYLIE COSMETICS REVIEW, people living in UK and ordering cosmetics from USA have to pay customs if their items are over £15. Luckily with Colourpop, their items are really cheap so, if you purchase the right amount of stuff you can avoid customs and still get their products - you can also sign up with your email and get 5 dollars off your first order.

(£12 Colourpop)

The first palette I decided to test from Colourpop had to be from their collab with MY LITTLE PONY. I just love how cute this palette looks! The usual price for this palette is $16 which is around £12, but because there was promotion going on, I paid only around £8. The palette comes with 12 shades including mattes and shimmers, which actually don't perform too bad. There is some fallout in the shimmers and the mattes could be a little less powdery in my opinion but for its price it's not something to complain about. One thing worth noting is that this palette is definitely smaller than what I expected it to be, from pictures online it looks a bit bigger comparing to what you get in person, but once again that's not a major problem.

The shades swatched without any problems, even the darker shades which in the case of Too Faced were a problem. Once again, I would say that cheap makeup doesn't necessary mean bad quality and I would really recommend their eyeshadows for everyone to try. Especially, because of their price being lower than your typical makeup company and the fact that Colourpop's formula works better than some of the high-end companies.

Would I recommend this? = Yes
Rate for pigmentation? = 8 
Is the product worth it's price? = Yes
Overall rate? = 8

(£4 Colourpop)

I also wanted to try out the Super Shock Shadows that everyone is talking about and loving. Super Shock Shadows are $5 which is around £4. I picked one to test out in the shade BUBBLY. It's the prettiest shade of pink as it's not too light or too dark. It shows on my pale skin and at the same time it's nothing too crazy. I feel like the swatch of this looks even better in person and the photo doesn't do this product any justice. I love the pigmentation of the Super Shock Shadow and I definitely want to order more in future. 

Would I recommend this? Yes
Rate for pigmentation? = 9
Is the product worth it's price? Yes
Overall rate? = 7



(£4.50 Colourpop)

If you read my KYLIE COSMETICS REVIEW, you probably already know that I'm not the biggest fan of liquid lipsticks in any form, especially not in matte. I decided to try Colourpop's satin liquid lipsticks and just as I thought, it doesn't differ too much from your usual Velvet from Kylie Cosmetics. I think when it comes to the lipsticks, it's fair to say that Colourpop can work as a cheaper dupe for Kylie products, because even their colours are a close match. Although I don't believe that they have the same formulas, I do think if you're not willing to pay crazy amount of money for Kylie's lipsticks, you should try Colourpop's instead which are way cheaper.


Shader Brush & Blending Brush

(£4 each Colourpop)

I think these brushes were only available for a while in pink as now I can't find it on their website to link it for you guys, but I believe they're available in white. I really enjoy using these brushes, they are really good quality. I would compare them easily to my brushes from Real Techniques which I love and I really want to order more from Colourpop. If you're looking for cheap, good brushes, then definitely check out Colourpop!

Final Thoughts
I think Colourpop deserves its own recognition as it's not only creating lipsticks that can be used as Kylie's dupes. They have their own products that are cheap but of very good quality which I just love as it shows that good makeup doesn't have to cost crazy amounts of money. It's definitely a brand that everyone should try in my opinion because it truly produces good quality products and sometimes these work even better than the ones I paid more money for. 

Let me know down in the comments if you tried Colourpop, and if so, what is your favourite product from them? Make sure to follow my blog and see you in the next one! 

Love, Olivia xo



    1. followed! wow this blog is amazing thanks to my friend Milie for recommendation. I live in us so colourpop is my go to make up. you should try their other palettes, I have almost all and they're all so pigmented and great, cheap too

  2. Isha ❤️(@glowmood)January 22, 2018 1:07 am

    Loved the review doll!! And can I just point out how amazing the swatches were!! Colourpop has definitely paved its way into the makeup industry. You get the same quality as Kylie cosmetics but at a much lower rate as you stated. I only have one lipstick from them but I love it. The my little pony palette is super cute also. I really loved your review very details, honest and straightforward ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I also have the My Little Pony Palette, and the matte shades are definitely more pigmented then the shimmer shades. Also, i had no idea that Colurpop had brushes 😱. There is a liquid lipstick named “Dopey” that I have been on the fence about, but the comparison between the Colurpop and the Kylie liquid lips definitely sold me. Can you do a review on some morphe palettes? Thanks πŸ’œ

  4. I live for your reviews, they're so informative! I have no shadows from Colorpop but thanks to you I will be getting one soon. The little pony collection looks very sweet but im thinking to buy bronze palettes. I think colorpop is way better than Kylie with its liquid lipsticks. Please do a skin care review soon

  5. will you try lippie sticks from them? i love your swatches theyre really helpful! this company doesnt ship to my country i think so i wait until i can travel to europe to get it ):

  6. I think I say this after every review but another great review! I don't any colour pop but from other reviews I think for the price you do get a decent product... maybe one day I'll be able to try them out! I love a liquid lip and I heard they are very good for the price

  7. I love ColourPop and I’m happy to see that you enjoy it too! I currently own 4 palettes from them: Yes Please, All I See is Magic, She & I think I Love you! I also have 4 liquid lipsticks: Mystic, Darling, Rein & Stud! I’ve only tried one Kylie lip kit which was in Spice and I thought it was so drying I gave it to my sister to see how she liked it! Thank you so much for your review I always enjoy seeing how you like products!

  8. ihate when palettes leave product on the face because I tend to do my foundation first so its not cool to have to clean it off so I not the big fan of the shadow palette , maybe u can test other palettes by them and let know if they are the same or better because the price is really cheap i would want to get 1 but not 1 leaves powder

  9. Ooo I love itt😍😍your reviews are always so detailed! Your so talented!

  10. I don’t mind fallout since I always do my eyes before foundation so i might like the My Little Pony palette!

  11. This is such a fun palette! Great for colorful looks! Colourpop always has amazing products. Also I'm happy you like the shadows.

  12. Thank you so much for always doing these I love your blog πŸ˜πŸ’™

  13. I love following you and reading your blogs. Itself helpful and interesting. More blogs to come!!!

  14. Awesome I never knew that this is what a Blog is I always wondered lol ima learnin... Lol

  15. Well I've tried to follow this and I tried to follow the instructions and welllll, I have not a clue if it is workingnor not. If no then ill.proba my need some guidance please,

    1. Hi! On the side in the 'Follow My Blog' section, simply click on FOLLOW and it will redirect you into following it. It's the easiest way to follow it xx

  16. I LOVE COLORPOP!!!! Thanks for doing this amazing reviews . enjoyed reading it

  17. best US company ever for makeup wise. so cheap and good quality! thx for the swatches, I find them so helpful

  18. I absolutely love Colourpop! I've only tried the super shock shadows and the satin lip which are my fave liquid lipstick ever, I'd surely love to try more products but the shipping and especially the risk of being charged with custom fees make me nervous and everytime I think about making an order I never complete the checkout lol