Beauty Battle - Revolution x Soph VS Revolution x Tammi

Hi, dolls!

It's time for a new makeup battle and today I wanted to compare two palettes from Revolution's collabs with influencers. Today, we will be comparing the Revolution x Soph palette to the Revolution x Tammi palette. If you're interested to find out more, let's get right into the review!

First, let's have a look at the palette and its packaging:

It's obvious that both palettes have different themes, so it's only natural that the packagings differ from one another. Tammi went with a sunset vibe on her packaging and making her palette reflective, whereas Soph's palette has a nude theme and a simple packaging that still stands out from other palettes. The only similarity I can spot between the palettes is the size of them but nothing else, which I love because they both come from Revolution and they had to stand out from each other to make both collabs successful. 

MakeUp Revolution x Soph Eyeshadow Palette

I wanted to start with Soph's palette, as it's the palette I got first. As you can see, I already hit pan on two shades because I truly do love it and the quality of the palette is amazing. Some shades can be a little bit more harder to swatch but I have noticed that this problem can be found with Tammi's palette as well, therefore I just think it's a Makeup Revolution thing lol. All of the shades are very pigmented as you can see by looking at my swatches and this palette can be definitely used as an everyday palette, as well as going out palette too. However, this palette definitely has a lot of fall out and can be a little bit too powdery compared to any high end palette owned by me, but it's not the biggest problem out there considering this palette is only £10. For me, it doesn't stop me from using the palette as I know I have to put less product or just tap my brush off before placing it on my eyelid. We couldn't really expect a palette for £10 to be as perfect as an eyeshadow palette that you can buy for £50 and I think for it's price, this palette is AMAZING and worth it. I would recommend this to everyone to try out!

Here are some more swatches on my pale skin

Makeup Revolution x Tammi Tropical Paradise Palette

This palette has launched recently and I was very excited for it. When I first saw it online, I imagined creating so many beautiful looks with it, however once it arrived to my house, I was kinda disappointed. To me, the palette didn't look as exciting in real life as it did online but I still decided to play with it and test it out to be able to review it fully. The palette turned out to be amazing. The quality of the eyeshadow is honestly so good, there is no fall out with this palette, not even with the shimmer shadows. The colours are also so beautiful - the top row is more for an everyday look and the bottom is more for a going out look. The bottom three shades are made for transition and base shadows for different skin types but no one ever said you can't use them as eyeshadows too!

 Once again, Makeup Revolution did an amazing job with their collaboration and I would recommend it to everyone. As you can find out by watching the reveal video made by Tammi, this palette was done with darker skin tones in mind as Tammi stated it was always hard for her to find a palette that would suit her skin type. I think that's amazing because the beauty industry deserves more diversity and everyone should feel included and find something for them. I feel like the Sophie palette could be seen as more suitable for lighter skin tones but hey, everything is for everyone. I am very pale and can still work with both, so I am sure that someone with a darker or of a medium skin tone could still work with them both too. Of course it is a personal choice which palette, if any, you'd like to try but I honestly and truly recommend both!

Who do you guys think is the real winner of this battle? Well...

Personally, I love both of these palettes and think that they are both unique in their own ways. They both differ in good ways and can be used together and on its own to create amazing everyday and going out looks. However, I need to stop saying in my battles that I love both products (like in my previous battle, lol) I decided to pick my winner. 

My winner is........
Make Up Revolution x Soph! 

The reason behind my choice is that I have owned this palette for so long now and I am so obsessed with it. The fall out doesn't really bother me as I tend to do my eye look before my face and can clean it off. However, as I use Tammi's palette more and more, I start loving it just as much, so who knows, maybe my favourite will change soon! 

Let me know if you own any of these palettes and which one you'd like to get if you don't. Who do you think is the winner of this battle? Comment down below & I'll reply! 

OMG! As I was writing this post, Sophie has just announced on her instagram that her second collab with Makeup Revolution is coming TOMORROW and I am sooooooo excited! Check out the pictures posted on Soph's instagram below & let me know if you'd like a review of her second collab too!

Love, Olivia xo


  1. Such a detailed and informative review! Thanks girl😍

  2. I'm liking Tammi palette more by the looks of swatches ! thanks for swatches they look very pretty

  3. OMG too difficult to pick one I need both!!!! tammi looks more like summer palette and sofie like everyday but they are two gorgeous palettes

  4. i personally am drawn into the Make Up Revolution x Tammi palette i have a brown skin tone myself so i always opt for warmer tones i like the fact that the palette is multi functional as you can use it for either subtle or dramatic looks but then again i think both palettes are really unique in their own ways thank you so much for the lovely swatches and the very informative review would definitely love to hear your opinion about the sophies second collab as well <3

    1. Yeah I do agree, from the looks of it Sophie's second palette will look more like Tammi's palette as it has more vibrant colours so I'm sure you'd love it too! Can't wait to get it and swatch for you guys x

    2. cannot wait to see your swatches and read your review about it x

  5. I don’t really like the other palettes other than the makeup revolution x soph eyeshadow palette I really enjoy the pigmentation and just the way it blends out in my eyes