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by - July 30, 2018

Hi, dolls!

I am so excited to share with you my very first own eyeshadow palette that was fully designed by me! I want to thank BEAUTONOMY - a company that let's you either buy pre-made palettes by them, separate eyeshadows or - the most fun option out of them all - create your own palette! I mean, how cool is that? You get to pick your own shades, name them, pick the design of the palette and all the colours. It was a really fun experience to create my very first own palette just how I want it, with all the shades I use and would want in my own palette. The prices are also very reasonable and there are couple of codes you can use to make it even cheaper! 


Another fun fact about Beautonomy - you can actually turn your palettes into a little shop. You place your creations to a store that other people can buy from and you get some % of each palette sold. You don't have to do it but how cool is it to create something, have people buy it and get paid for it without actually having to do any manual work? I say that is pretty amazing! 
Well... Let me introduce to you, my PEACHY PALETTE. Designed & named all shades by ME. It truly is my perfect little palette that I am so obsessed with !!!

I received this palette within 48 hours of ordering it and you will never believe how happy I was to finally have it in my hands. All the shades come packed separately, and you do have to place them in the palette by yourself. They are magnetic and stick to the palette very easily, so that wasn't a problem to me because it makes you actually design the palette again. For people that did not want to name the shades on the actual palette that can also means they can switch those colours around in the palette for as long as they want. I mean, how awesome?!

Let's get to the prices - my Peachy Palette which consists of 8 eyeshadows - 4 mattes, 3 shimmers and 1 glitter - costs £24.00. However, there are many coupon codes that can give you either 10% or 20% off so you can save up some more money. As if of today (30/07/18) there is another offer - BUY ONE get ONE FREE. Which means you get one palette for free!!! Honestly, it is the best deal you can lay your hands on. As in for the codes - you will find them on their INSTAGRAM account. 

The fact that I was able to switch these around and design where which colour would be placed as well as naming them, made me the happiest about this whole process! All these names mean something to me and I will give you guys a little scoop on each of the shades. 

1. Snow - A beautiful white shimmer shade that can be used as both, eyeshadow and highlighter. Being pale af it was always a struggle for me to find the perfect highlighter that would not be too dark for me. That's when I started using white highlighters, as those are super pretty on my skin tone. Snow looks amazing on my skin. The name SNOW also comes from the fact that I am very pale, and only recently started loving it. I used to be so jealous of everyone that wasn't pale or had a darker skin colour as I could never find anything my shade and never saw my pale skin as something nice. However, the more that this beauty community grew, the more pale skin people started talking about how we should be confident about ourselves and that is why now I enjoy being pale as hell and buying the lightest shades for everything lol.

2. Cream - Matte nude to set my base or just use on my crease for my everyday look needed to be in this palette. I hit pan in almost all of these nude shades from all of my owned palettes, therefore this is one colour that I always reach out for. The name CREAM just comes from the shade. Creamy nude. 

3. Luxy - Gold = Luxury. No? I love any golden shimmer shades as they look so beautiful on the lid with any brown eyeshadows. I also thought that it would be a good highlight for anyone with a darker skin colour. 

4. Peachy - Well, this is a PEACHY palette, and a peach matte was needed. I love anything peachy, and I think the Too Faced Peach Palette really set this trend for anything peach-like. I have been obsessed with all the peach emojis ever since, that's why I wanted a peach palette as my first very own one. 

5. Doll - A beautiful baby pink shimmer that can go with any look. Wearing pink can make you feel like a princess, as weird as it sounds, and I don't know - it's just fun and cute to switch it up for a pink look at times. The name DOLL comes from the fact that I call all my friends (girls) dolls and well all of you, my followers - you're my dolls! 

6. 31 - A strong, beautiful red matte. I love any red eyeshadow, but in this case I wanted a shadow that can just remind me of my boyfriend - hence the name 31. It signifies the day we started dating and the red colour for me stands for love. I love it, lol!

7. Cosmo - The most fun and the only glitter in my palette. I named it cosmo because it looks so out of this world and looks so bomb on the eye!!!

8.  Aquarius - Blue is one of my favourites colours, so naturally I had to place it in my palette. I do not wear blue matte eyeshadow on an everyday basis but it's fun to play with it at times. The name comes - you guessed it - from my astrological sign. I'm an Aquarius - winter baby. :>

I think that for the price and the whole idea, the actual quality of the eyeshadow is very good. It almost reminds me of the Colourpop eyeshadow formulas. They blend amazingly on the eye and definitely last for a long time - but make sure to prime your eyes with a good eye primer. I use my concealer and it works just as good!

Okay guys, last but not least!
I wanted to share with you this palette and give you an opportunity to have it as well. I have decided to let BEAUTONOMY sell my designed palettes to all of you. If you wish to get this PEACHY Palette or any future ones I might created, follow the link below to check out my account on their website. 

As mentioned previously - the palette is £24/$31 but with various codes you can save some money! I do not want to put those codes here just in case the company does not allow that but please message me or sign up to their newsletter via email to receive your codes!

I will also give out one of my palettes to one of you once I hit 100 followers on my blog. For those that are having problems following my blog, please try to use this link ->

Let me know in the comments which shade from my PEACHY PALETTE you like the most & let me know if you'd like to win one of these! I always see all of your comments and try to reply to all. Thanks for all of your support! xo

Love, Olivia xo

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  1. Gorgeous palette! I really like Snow, Doll, Cosmo! Thank you for all the information. I will check them out!

  2. So cool, you used all the prettiest colors. Love the palette it's very pretty. I want to win one of your giveaways!!!

    1. Thank you!!! I will give one of my palettes once I hit 100 followers so stay tuned!

  3. My favorite shade is 31, it's so beautiful and bright. I feel like this palette could have also used another pink, you have a peach, and shimmer pink but a matte bright pink would have really completed this palette! I love it either way though and am so happy for your beautiful creation!

    1. Btw this is @sassydesic from twitter, idk why it published as unknown ��

    2. 31 means so much to me so I'm so happy you like it the most! thank you for ur kind words, I wanted to include a pink but didn't want to take out anything from it, maybe next time I'll create a bigger, extended version of this palette <3

  4. This is so cool!! I've been following you for a while now and i feel so proud of you lol!! My favorite shade has to be the gold one wow 😍

  5. I absolutely love snow and Cosmo can't choose a favorite. @tazisalady on Twitter

    1. Cosmo is so out of this world with its pigmentation :D

  6. Omgg congratulations! You deserve it so much! It looks amazing I love it😍😍xx

  7. Gorgeous pallette. I love the shades snow, peachy and doll personally . Beautifully written as well. Good luck. :)
    Also thanks for the GA. Looking forward to it.
    @itskayofficial is my Twitter

  8. I love Cosmo and Aquarius! Would love win one to review for you πŸ’•πŸ’•

  9. thats so amazing!!! I wanna try this out :O
    congratulation on being able to create your perfect palette, would love to win it from u

  10. Congratulations! I would love to try this out, especially the blue. Maybe host a giveaway?

  11. Wow, I didn't know you had your own palette!! That's amazing, congrats Olivia !!! WOW :) and the colors too.. stunning and that blue is so gorgeous. OMG i cant even <3