Beauty Battle - Revolution Eye Glistens VS Huda Beauty Melted Shadows

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I realised that I haven't done any make-up battles posts in ages, and for those of you that are not aware, these are the type of posts on my blog that focus on comparing two beauty products and trying to work out which works better or is worth your money more. Today I will be comparing the Melted Matte & Metal Liquid Eyeshadow by Huda Beauty with the Eye Glisten by Revolution. Many people have labelled the Revolution product as a dupe for Huda's melted eyeshadow on the day it was announced by Revolution. I was one of the people - seeing the products and knowing how many dupes Revolution creates for Huda's products, I was almost certain that this is going to be the perfect dupe for the Matte & Metal Melted Eyeshadow that Huda Beauty has released in December. Now that I finally have both products I can do a proper comparison and let you guys know what my thoughts are on both of these products. You can also read my review on the Huda Beauty Melted Matte & Metal Liquid Eyeshadows alone by clicking HERE.

I want to start with Huda Beauty, not only because it was released first, but also because I have already done a review on it and do not want to repeat myself too much. Huda Beauty has released Melted Matte & Metal Dual Eyeshadow that cost £22/$25. At first, she released 5 different shades but as I am writing this post up, Huda has just announced on her Instagram that 5 more shades are going to be released soon. As mentioned in my review, I have purchased only one in the shade Pink Champagne and Bubble Bath because I wanted to try it out before getting all 5. Also, the price is very high for this product and this is one problem I find myself having with Huda Beauty because their products are so expensive compared to other brands.  

The packaging is stunning, looks very luxurious and I have always been a fan of the Huda Beauty packaging. 

Both sides of the product swatch just as beautiful as each other but this changes once it's applied on the eye. After wearing it a couple of times, I found that I prefer the metal side more over the matte one, and I am actually surprised that this is the case because I have always prefered mattes over shimmer/metals. The matte side is very pigmented and easy to work with but for me, there is definitely something missing. I think it's just simply because I prefer normal matte eyeshadows and having a melted one just doesn't work the best for me. However, the product is definitely good, and just because I don't find it the best to work with, doesn't necessarily mean that this will be the case for everybody. Actually, if I could get more of these I would and most likely will get at least one more because I enjoy using it, but I just think that normal eyeshadow is easier to use and in some cases quicker. 

The metal side is just as stunning but what works for me even better is applying any of the shimmer shadows from Huda's normal eyeshadow palettes on top, which makes the eye stand out even more! I love the outcome when doing that, although have to mention that there is a lot of fallout when it comes to Huda's shimmers, that's why I always do my eyes first and then face. I usually use my fingers to apply any shimmer shadows from Huda because it gives a better pay off than when using a brush, and even Huda herself said that this is a better method to apply her shadows. 

I found many reviews were people complain about the metal side drying too fast and not being able to put another layer on top etc. For me, yes it might be annoying but I also don't think I would apply a second layer on a metal liquid eyeshadow because it will simply dry out and I just don't see the need of putting another layer and make my life difficult. I think that's natural for any liquid metals to dry out on the eyes after applying one layer, and I don't find this as a problem because honestly there is no need for another layer, this metal side is so pigmented that one layer will be enough, if not too much! 

Overall, I really do love this product by Huda, I find it so new and different from anything else out there, and I definitely see myself purchasing more of her shades, but the only problem for me is the price. I wish these products were a little bit less expensive, I think £15 would be a good price for it. Other than that, I have no complaints about it, and although I don't see myself using the matte side a lot, it is still an item worth having in your collection.

Moving on, Revolution has announced it would be releasing a similar product to Huda's and the internet went crazy. Everyone was ready for the dupe and so was I. But then I saw the reviews on youtube and said 'wait a minute, it's not the same.' Yes, Revolutions' Eye Glistens are not an exact dupe and besides having the same dual-layout I wouldn't even label it as the same. There are no mattes in the Revolution product - one side is shimmer and the other glitter. This is so different from Huda's matte and metal sides. Now, was I disappointed when I found out it's not exactly the same dupe? Yes, I was. Let me explain why. I love the Huda product so badly that I just wanted a very similar dupe that I don't have to pay a lot for. Usually, the stuff Revolution comes out with are proper exact same dupes and I live for it. But this time, their product although has a similar concept, they are different. I was still excited to try this product and see how it works for me because truly speaking I'm not the biggest fan of applying shimmer to my crease and that's what I saw loads of YouTubers use this item for. I tried to do one eye with the shimmer side on the crease and the glitter on the eyelid and the other eye with a normal eyeshadow in the crease and then the shimmer and glitter on top on the eyelid. I definitely personally prefer and feel better about applying normal eyeshadow in the crease or the Huda matte side, and then shimmer on the eyelid with glitter on top. My thoughts are after doing different looks using the Revolution Eye Glistens - I don't like how the shimmer looks in my crease, but it definitely looks stunning on the eyelid. So, my number one tip would be to apply normal eyeshadow in the crease and follow it with the shimmer side of the Eye Glisten on the eyelid. Glitter on its own on the eyelid? Not my favourite. After looking below at my swatches you can see how glitter stays and doesn't cover the whole eyelid unless applied on top of a normal eyeshadow. I definitely think the glitter side would work for me only if I were to apply a normal eyeshadow on the eyelid first. Do I like the glitter applied on top of the shimmer? No! I found the glitter to be moving the shimmer around and almost taking it off, even when it's meant to be dry. That's a similar issue with the Huda melted shadows - if you try to layer a shimmer or metal that has dried, it will eventually just move around and it just won't look too nice. 

Above you can find my swatches for the 3 Eye Glistens that I have purchased from Revolution Beauty. Each cost £6/$8 and I believe when you buy all 5 from Revolution Beauty it works out as £25 for all 5, and you can save £5 from it. (Edit - This promo is no longer available) I decided to get only 3 because similarly to the Huda situation, I wanted to try it out before deciding to get all 5. Especially not knowing how I will feel about these. I got 3, not 1 because it's easier to pay £6 instead of £22 for one item. I am not the biggest fan of the glitter side but I love the shimmers! They look so stunning and are so pigmented and for the price, I mean I so love it.

Who is the winner of this make-up battle?! 
Well... I'm going to go with Huda on this one. Although I am not the biggest fan of her matte side, I still prefer the matte & metal over the shimmer and glitter, to me the metal side from Huda works a tiny bit better than the shimmer side from Revolution. I still like the Revolution one and will constantly reach for it, but so far only the shimmer side from Revolution spoke to me. With Huda, I can still make an eye look simply using her one matte & metal item, whereas with Revolution product I need a proper eyeshadow to do the crease and while the Huda product can be used on its own, I find the Revolution Eye Glistens to be something you can use with other make-up products but not on its own. 
However, this is still a brand new concept that has only recently been introduced so I will definitely update you guys with how these will work for me in time and who knows, maybe I will turn towards the Revolution ones as time passes. I will also do a review if I get any additional ones in the future because I definitely want to try at least one more from Huda Beauty.

I hope that you have enjoyed my post and I would love to hear your opinions! Would you rather get the Huda Beauty matte & metal melted eyeshadow or the Eye Glistens by Revolution? You can vote down below in the survey or let me know in the comments as always what your opinions are on these products! Thank you all for the constant support!

Love, Olivia xo


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  2. Revolution is definitely one of my favourite drugstore/cheaper makeup brands!
    If I had to get any of these Revolution Eye Glistens (not gonna lie, kinda hate the name) I'd probably get Yours Truly.
    But ya, I agree with saying Huda won. They just look better!

  3. I've only tried a matte eyeshadow pallette from Revolution. I like it!

  4. I have not tried either, but the amount of hype Huda has received and just from the swatches, I would have to also agree and say Huda.

    I really really love your blogs. I don't often comment but i love reading reviews on things by different people because its so subjective and people all have different experiences and opinions... Twitter; mommyhustla

  5. I like the revolution myself. But I can't afford $25 for 1 of the huda's. And I don't really like matte liquids. So the shimmer and glitter of revolution us a better fit for me.

  6. I love makeup revolution! I didn’t even realize they came out with these!!

  7. I neverrr useddd makeupp revolution everr ive heardd greats things about there foundation and concealer...i cantt afford themm ...😩😩😩

  8. Revolution is so much better for the price!!💕

  9. Revolution is so good and way cheaper and I always prefer it but with these I think Huda wins

    1. btw glad these comparison post came back! would you consider comparing contour stuff?

  10. I have not tried either brand. They both look nice, the huda does look better in this than the other. I myself can’t afford them.

  11. I have not tried either- but these colors are beautiful.

  12. I Absolutely love this article definitely some of my favorite products not to mention every single time you do a blog post always talk about items that I truly love and want to learn more about thank you so much for all that you do

  13. Thank you so much for doing this battle! I had no idea Revolution came out with Eye Glistens! I love glitters and shimmers! I haven’t tried either, but definitely want to try them both! My birthday is coming up, so hopefully I will get to!! I’m glad Revolution came out with a cheaper alternative. $25 for one is a little pricey! @radredhead222

  14. This is a great article. I need to try them both

  15. I too did this test after you and prefer the Huda. The price hurts for all the colors, but it is what it is. Hard to be by beautiful! 💗💋

  16. I dont like the concept at all - I tried both myself and hated it

  17. i love makeup revolution but huda won this one... amazing