Huda Beauty x Olivia #18 - Lash Collab Review

Hi, loves!

I am very excited about today's blog post, in which I will be reviewing the new collab between Huda Beauty and Olivia Culpo. To begin with, I want to inform you guys that I am NOT on Huda's PR list and that this PR box was gifted to me by my dear friend who is lucky enough to be on Huda's list. I am very grateful to have received this beautiful PR box as a present because, since its launch, I knew that I needed these lashes in my hands. Now, having the PR box with my name on it makes it even more personal to me and it looks stunning sitting on my vanity in my beauty area. I also hope to one day make it to Huda's PR list, so fingers crossed! 

Shortie Lash - Olivia #18

Huda Beauty joined forces with former Miss Universe, Olivia Culpto to introduce the latest Huda Beauty's lash collection. For a while now, Huda has been collaborating with different women to bring the perfect lashes for her customers, and so far there are three collabs, Olivia's being the second one. The fact that each pair of lashes sold by Huda Beauty has its own unique name is what I like the most because sometimes seeing your name on a product that you use can make it even more exciting and also gifting it becomes more personal. 

OLIVIA #18 lashes are a part of the new category of 'shortie' lashes, which are crafted with petite length, making it perfect for everyday use for both beginners and regular users. The lashes are double-stacked for extra drama as it was created to give eyes natural volume and a flattering length. The lashes are made from synthetic fibres and cotton. 

Huda's tips to apply the lashes:

1. Carefully remove the lash and wiggle to loosen the band.
2. Measure the lash to your eye and trim the excess from the outer end.
3. Coat the entire band with glue and wait 15 seconds.
4. Apply the lash as close as possible to your lash line.
5. Apply mascara to blend & eyeliner to perfect the look. 

I am so in love with this PR box! I wish more brands sold their items in their PR boxes as that would make the products for their customers even more special. Unfortunately, you can only purchase these lashes on its own without this gorgeous box, so I am beyond grateful to my friend who gifted me theirs. 

Personally, I really enjoyed wearing these lashes because they are very pretty but not too dramatic. They are definitely a must-have for beginners and for anyone who prefers a petite length for their lashes. At first, I was excited to have this box with my name on it, as it makes having it more fun and special but after actually seeing the lashes itself, I was also so excited to try them. Although I prefer to wear lashes on a night out rather than on an everyday basis, I feel like these lashes will be perfect for me to wear even during the day because they are not too long which I really love about them. It really comes down to preference to what type of lashes you feel the most comfortable to wear, but I would totally recommend these lashes to anyone who likes and wants to try out the shorter/petite lashes from Huda Beauty. 

Let me know in the comments which pair of lashes from Huda Beauty have you tried or want to try in the future. Also, let me know if there are any other brands that have lashes that you like and use.
I hope you have enjoyed this review and stay tuned for more!

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Love, Olivia xo


  1. These lashes looks super cute, might have to give it ago. I also agree PR packs should be sold with the actual product
    Fingers crossed on Huda noticing your amazing work !!

  2. ooo this box is so beautiful i'm happy that it makes it more personal for you. still waiting for a kate lash haha :D i never tried huda's lashes but if she came out with 'kate' i would love to try it as long as it's not too crazy. i'm actually digging this shortie lash collection.

  3. These are absolutely perfect lashes!!! I Love the length and how they doubled up for volume!! These are so pretty and you're an right, if they all came in this PR box, I think they'd def sell more!! I def will pay more and even specifically buy a product for "extras" in the packaging or accessories!!
    Would love to be on Huda's list, I swear everything I have tried from her has been �� on point/perfection !!!!

  4. Beautiful package! The Olivia lashes are so pretty! I haven't tried any Huda lashes but I want this pair. I need the shortie lashes. I hope you get on Huda's PR list soon!

  5. Oh...I think I would have to try the #18 lashes!

  6. Awesome blog post, fingers crossed on Huda noticing you and your blog

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  8. What a great review Sweetheart! I really enjoyed reading this. I love the look and style of these lashes! These are definitely a set of lashes I must purchase because I'm not into dramatic lashes that are too long, so these sound absolutely perfect for me! Reading your review made me feel as if you were standing right beside Me personally showing and describing them to me in such great detail!! I too love the look of the PR box, It's so beautiful and I think if companies started to sell their products in their PR boxes it would make some products stand out more because I've seen some pretty gorgeous PR boxes, Of course this set of lashes being one of those products. This was an Amazing review, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it as I do reading everything else on your blog. I've got my fingers crossed for You Sweetheart that You may be noticed for your fabulous review and get added to The Huda Beauty PR list.

  9. These are great length for people who are not into long lashes. They are the length I started out with. And i love that they are double stacked for a fuller lash.

  10. Yaass I’m obsessed with lashes and these are quite beautiful! I have always wanted to try Huda lashes, Samantha in particular. I love your blog and reviews! Keep them coming

  11. How cool is it that a makeup collab has your name on it 😍 Girl, if there was ever a collab that said "Amber" I'd be buying them in bulk LOL!! What a wonderful friend that gifted you the PR BOX!! That's really awesome! And they look stunning! I need to give Huda lashes a try sometime apparently 😍
    <3 amber

  12. I’ve never worn false lashes �� I always loved makeup but when I was really into it before I was a lot younger and falsies never occurred to me lol n then for so long I was only wearing minimum amount of makeup and recently just got back into it! Getting back into it, I couldn’t afford too much so false lashes didn’t make the list! Plus I have no idea how to apply them and my stupid puffy hooded eyes prolly wouldn’t cooperate �� but I recently got some from the dollar store - I figured they prolly wouldn’t be great (tho I have had some great finds there actually!) but I wouldn’t worry about messing up with them so they were a good place to start! So we’ll see how that goes! �� Hopefully I’ll eventually get to a place where I can wear these beauties! N thanks to ur amazing review I know they’ll b worth it when I do! ❤️

  13. Olivia Culpo is so beautiful and these lashes look perfect!