Pierre Rene x Amelia Szczepaniak Pinch Me Palette Review

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In today's post I will be reviewing an eyeshadow palette created by a Polish makeup company in collaboration with Amelia, an influencer/makeup artist. I thought it would be very interesting to start focusing on beauty products that are produced in countries other than the UK/America and review them on my blog. This is something I am looking forward to do more often, so let me know down in the comments if you would be interested in reading about more beauty products from all around the world which are not necessary known in the UK and America. I decided to start this series of posts with a Polish company, because as many of you might not know - I am Polish myself. I lived almost my whole life in the UK but I feel very connected to my home country and whenever I visit, I love to check out their beauty products that are not available in here. 
Let's get into the review!

As mentioned, today I will be focusing on the collaboration between Amelia Szczepaniak and Pierre Rene. Pierre Rene is a 30 year old cosmetic brand with over 300 cruelty-free products to choose from. The company is a family run business which was started in Poland and the founder, Henryk de Lubicz Szeliska designed Pierre Rene to give women access to affordable professional cosmetics packaged in highly aspirational manner. Pierre Rene are now the No.1 cosmetic brand in most Eastern European countries and are expanding their business into Western Europe. They have collaborated with Amelia Szczepaniak, who is a beauty influencer, with almost 280K followers on instagram. Their collab includes the Pinch Me palette, Shine Me contouring palette and two pairs of lashes. I decided to only get the eyeshadow palette and test it out as the other products didn't catch my eyes as the eyeshadow palette did. 


Firstly, this eyeshadow palette looks so beautiful. When I first saw it, I immediately wanted to order it because the colours stood out for me and I knew I can create so many looks with it. Also, I am obsessed with anything green so the shade 'Touch Me' was calling my name from beginning. At the time when I was placing my order, there was a promo going on so instead paying £19, I paid £15. They ship to almost every country, however I do suggest checking if your country is on the list before placing an order just to ensure you will receive it. Pinch Me palette is described as Amelia's very personal eyeshadow palette as she wanted to create something that would allow us to create amazing and diverse makeup looks for both daytime and the evening. The palette consists of 7 shiny shimmer shadows (top row) and 7 matte shadows (bottom row). 

As you can see from the swatches above, all shadows are pigmented and swatched very easily on my hand. The shimmer shadows are my favourites from the whole palette, however I do think they pop up better once applied on top of a glitter primer or a white concealer. The mattes are creamy and blendable but leave fall out which I know not many people like for their palettes to do. I do think the mattes are pigmented, maybe not as super pigmented as Anastasia's or Huda's eyeshadows but for the price, I am not mad! It's a good pigment that shows on the eyes, and because they are so easy to work with it made my experience with the palette even more positive. The only shadow I seemed to have trouble with was 'Bite Me' as it doesn't show its pigment as nicely on the eyes as it does on the hand swatch. Honestly, I thought it would be the shadow 'Hate Me' that I would dislike the most as most black shadows don't perform well on the eyes but it actually does a very nice job! 

Final Thoughts
Overall, I think the palette performs very nicely for its price and I am very happy that a Polish company together with a Polish influencer were able to produce such a good quality palette that now I am able to recommend to you guys to check out. I am very happy that the first beauty product I reviewed for this series ended up performing so good and now I am even more excited to try out beauty products from other countries! Although not everyone might like to get a palette from a company they are not familiar with, I can honestly recommend it to everyone that would like to try out something new and maybe not as known. 

I hope you all enjoyed this review and let me know what you think of the Pinch Me palette and if it's something you would like to try out for yourself. Also, let me know down below which country you are from as I would love to check out beauty products from other countries and test them out for this series! As always, thank you for all the support and stay tuned for more posts!

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  1. I would love to hear more about products from other countries...how refreshing!

  2. she's stunning first of all and the palette looks bomb AF. it sucks it leaves fallout but the colors are worth having it in collection. definitely do these international posts more often its fun learning about beauty products from overseas

  3. Such a cute palette. I would love to hear more about other international companies. Like that they are a cruelty free company. I believe any makeup sold worldwide should be. Other countries need to step it up.

  4. From the u.s.

  5. Great post babe!!! I loved learning a lil more about YOU, had no clue you were Polish, I have some Polish in my bloodline, mainly Swedish on my paternal side, but it's rumored that there's just as much Polish as Swedish, hehehe.
    As far as the palette, it's ok to me. HOWEVER, I LOVE THE IDEA BEHIND THE POST!!
    I think doing a series on international brands would be amazing and help us learn more about not just KBeauty, but beauty from Australia, UK, Japan, South Africa, there's tons of beauty hotspots in the world that we probably don't know anything about bc we are stuck on our YouTube stars who have gotten famous or the same brands we've been wearing for years. I love to venture outside the box, especially if the prices are going to match up like this one!!! For that, I'd def buy a couple of items and test some unknown (to me) brands!! Russia, Germany, Brazil, all kinds of places are bound to have some amazing brands, we just need YOU to find them for us!!! Spin the globe and find something from wherever your finger lands!
    Sorry, I think this is such a fun idea, I'm excited for the next posts in this new series!! Sending #twitterfam love❤️

  6. I didn't know this brand, that palette is beautiful! I love when influencers share their knowledge of less popular companies, I'd definitely love to see more of that! Other countries have done amazing brands, I've seen stunning palettes from a Scandinavian country (can't remember if Sweden or Finland tho) In from UK so I'm mainly exposed to mainstream or well established n advertised brands although I'm originally from Italy and there are some very good n less know brands there, Astra and Bella Oggi are the first two names that pop in my head, I suggest you to check them out especially Astra, very good prices and great products. @astramakeupofficial is the IG handle. Thanks for sharing about this brand, will surely check them out 💗

  7. it's so hard for me to buy things from overseas and this most likely will be something I would never be able to get but I loved reading about products from abroad, keep doing these posts. definitely check out some of the beauty product we have here over in Sweden, you will love them