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For today's post, I wanted to test and review all the types of lipsticks that you can buy from Kylie Cosmetics. I haven't reviewed any lip products in a while, so I thought this would be a fun blog post to create. If you're unsure which Kylie Cosmetics lip product to go for, I hope my review helps you to pick out the one that will suit you the most. There will be also a giveaway at the end of this review, so make sure to check it out. Let's get right into it! 

Currently, there are 10 types of lip products that you can purchase from Kylie Cosmetics. These are: matte liquid lipsticksvelvet liquid lipsticks, creme liquid lipsticks, glosses, high glosses, lip liners, creme lipsticks, matte lipsticks, metallic lipsticks and lip blushes. This review will not include lip blushes and metallic lipsticks because these were sold out when I was making my purchase. Lip blushes are currently back in stock, however the metallic lipsticks are gone from the website and I think you can only purchase them as a lip kit and not a single.

PS. Products in the pictures below are my current Kylie Cosmetics lip products that are in my collection. However, I did have some more back in the day but either gave these away or had to declutter due to expiration day. You can read more about my previous Kylie Cosmetics collection from 2017 HERE.

Matte Liquid Lipsticks

This was the first formula introduced by Kylie when she first started her business. I remember that the website was actually called Kylie Lip Kit or something along these lines and it only later became Kylie Cosmetics. All the matte liquid lipsticks are described as extremely long wearing lipstick that contains moisturising ingredients for a comfortable, emollient and silky feel that does not dry out your lips. Although this formula seems to be the most known and liked from Kylie Cosmetics, I actually like it the least. I hate how drying my lips feel after I apply these lipsticks on and I am not the biggest fan of this formula. I know other brands that do matte liquid lipsticks make their products feel more comfortable to wear on the lips, at least for me, so this type of lipstick from Kylie Cosmetics is a hard pass for me. I know that many people love it, so if it works for you that's good to hear but for me it did not work the best. 

Matte Liquid Lipsticks currently in my collection are: Koko K, Mary Jo K and Candy K.

Below you can find a picture of all the matte lipsticks from Kylie that I owned at one point but either gave these away or had to throw away due to the expiry date:

Velvet Liquid Lipsticks

The Velvet liquid lipsticks are described as high intensity pigment for a full coverage lip. They are long wearing, ultra pigmented containing moisturising ingredients that glide on for a creamy matte look that does not dry down. I would say that these feel way more comfortable to wear on the lips than the mattes, as of course they do not dry down but there is still something about Kylie's liquid lipsticks that I just don't like them. If you are wondering what a velvet formula is like, I would say it's a satin liquid lipstick. So, if you're into satin liquid lipsticks more than matte, you will really enjoy the velvet formula.

Velvet Liquid Lipsticks currently in my collection are: Charm

Creme Liquid Lipsticks

This formula was introduced to us in a collab with Kim Kardashian West, before Kim released KKW Beauty. I remember everyone - including myself - going crazy and wanting to try this formula. Although these lipsticks were introduced by Kim as her perfect nudes, I actually was a bit annoyed to find them be very light on my skin and not very much nude looking. On my skin tone, they looked more pink/orange. The formula also wasn't one that I was a big fan of, as it took many layers of the lipstick to actually get a nice coverage on the lip to show its full pigment. I still have the collab in my collection but I never reach for it because I didn't enjoy this formula as much as I thought I would when ordering.

Lip Liners

Kylie's lip liners are described as ultra-long wearing with a creamy texture that glides across the lips for a very easy and comfortable application. I bought many Kylie Lip kits that included the lip liners and now they are also available to purchase separately. I do however think that these lip liners are a bit overpriced, but I do like how they perform on the lips. However, what I dislike the most about these is that once you need to sharpen them, they start to either break down or they start falling out from the inside which can get messy and very annoying. It's all fun until you need to sharpen one and then it just becomes a nightmare to deal with. I think if they were to figure out how to keep it inside better after you sharpen it, these would be more enjoyable to both have and use. It's almost as if the pencil is too wide, so when you sharpen it the product just comes out of it. I never dealt with this problem with other pencils, and I would love to find out if that is something you have also dealt with when it comes to Kylie's lip liners.

Matte & Creme Lipsticks

The Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lipstick is a smooth and creamy formula that provides full coverage for an ultra-pigmented lip. The hydrating matte lipstick glides onto the lips for a comfortable matte finish. Although it is a normal lipstick which I prefer way better over any liquid lipstick, I still find the matte formula to be way too dry for my lips. I think it's just the matte formula overall from Kylie that I just don't find comfortable to wear on my lips, and I might be the only one who feels this way, but I prefer when my lipsticks feel comfortable and moisturising rather than really dry and uncomfortable.

The Kylie Cosmetics Crème Lipstick is a smooth and creamy formula that provides full coverage for an ultra-pigmented lip. The hydrating crème lipstick is available in a range of beautiful, wearable shades and gives a creamy satin finish that gently glides onto the lips. I love the creme formula in these lipsticks, although I didn't like it in the liquid lipsticks. They feel so hydrating and so creamy on the lips and I could wear them all the time. I am obsessed with my creme lipstick from the Kris Jenner collab called 'Give me a Kiss' and its middle finger packaging!

Creme Lipsticks currently in my collection are: Give me a Kiss & Mont Blanc
Matte Lipstick currently in my collection is Nova


I remember when Kylie first introduced her 3 glosses to us via a music-video campaign that I really loved and I think I still have the song from it stuck in my head lol. Kylie's glosses are described as ultra-pigmented that glide on the lips smoothly and evenly leaving behind a luminous and voluminous effect. Its ingredients provide hydration and moisturise the lips while natural lip enhancers provide volume. I think when it comes to glosses, you just have to be a gloss person to enjoy it. With Kylie's glosses, they are pigmented so you don't necessarily get a clear gloss, but rather a gloss with full pigment on. They did come out with some glitter glosses which had more sparkle than pigment in them, however Kylie's glosses are mostly very pigmented and feel very heavy on the lips. Not heavy to the point that you don't feel comfortable wearing them, but comparing to Kylie's high gloss, you can definitely feel the gloss while you wear it on the lips and I definitely find it feeling heavier on my lips than the high glosses and although at first I loved Kylie's glosses, now I prefer the high glosses. 

Glosses currently in my collection are: Literally, So Cute, Koko K, Candy K and Naughty

Below you can find a picture of all the glosses from Kylie that I owned at one point but either gave these away or had to throw away due to the expiry date:

High Glosses

For those of you wondering what is the difference between Kylie's normal gloss and high-gloss, now that I tried both of the formulas I can answer that question for you. Firstly, high glosses are smaller than the normal glosses and they come in different finishes. Like previously mentioned, the main glosses had full pigment to them and only a few were glitter glosses. Whereas, high glosses come in different finishes such as pigmented high gloss, shimmer high gloss and sheer high gloss. They don't feel as heavy on the lips as the normal glosses do and for me, they felt more moisturising for my lips to wear. They don't last too long on the lips, especially if you eat and drink but it's a gloss, so you can't really expect it to stay on for a long time. I prefer Kylie's high gloss over her normal glosses because it feels more comfortable to wear, and the shade I went for - Lost Angel - has the most beautiful gold shimmer to it and I just love how it makes the lips look. I would recommend anyone that wants to try out Kylie's gloss to go for the high gloss instead of the normal gloss as you will probably find these more comfortable to wear on the lips.

High Gloss currently in my collection is Lost Angel

Final Thoughts

I thought the best way to summarise my thoughts on all the Kylie Cosmetics lipstick formulas I have tried is to put them in order that I like them. It's hard for me to say which ones I recommend to you the most because when it comes to lipsticks, it has to be your personal preference when picking a formula that will work for you the best. However, if you would like to know what my thoughts are on the formulas, I have put them in order below.

Firstly, my ultimate favourite has to be the High Gloss. It was the latest formula that I have tried from Kylie as it is one of the newest ones, but I love it the most. I love glosses, and this one especially feels so good on the lips, and the shade I went for just has the most beautiful shimmer added to it. I love it. Secondly, I love the lipsticks, especially the creme formula as it is very hydrating for the lips and they are very pigmented. I don't really find the matte lipsticks comfortable to wear, but I do love the shade Nova, and I still put it on from time to time, but I do find the creme formula to suit me more. Next, I would say I like the glosses, although they feel heavier on the lips than the high glosses, I like the fact that they are super pigmented and have a colour pigment added to them.
From the liquid lipsticks, I like the Velvet formula the most as it's not drying and you almost don't feel it when wearing on the lips. Now, I'm not too sure which one I like the least as I personally dislike Kylie's matte liquid lipsticks but the creme liquid lipsticks to me were even more annoying to deal with.This is because firstly, the shades did not look nude on my skin tone at all, and second, it was really hard to get the pigment to show on the lips with one application. When it comes to Kylie's matte liquid lipsticks, I don't think they are bad - they just don't work for me. I think the formula is something people should try for themselves and decide whether or not they like it, as it's the most popular product that is being sold by Kylie Cosmetics.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post on all the different Kylie Cosmetics lips formulas. Please let me down in the comments which one you like the most or which one you're looking forward to try next. As promised, I have decided to do a little giveaway for you guys, where the winner will receive one single Kylie Cosmetics lip product of their choice. 


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The winner will be picked on 15/12 and hopefully their lip product will arrive just before XMAS! 

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