Wishful Huda Beauty Thrist Trap Cocoon Mask and Chin Lift Sculting Sheet Mask Review

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After a short break, I am back with a new skincare post! Recently, Wishful - Huda's skincare brand - came out with two new masks - Thirst Trap Cocoon Face mask and Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet mask. On the day of its release, I decided to purchase both of them and test them out, so if you're interested to hear more about them, let's get right into the review.

Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask is aimed at dehydrated, in a need of moisture skin. Its ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Sodium Hyaluronate soothe and hydrate your skin, while Allantoin and Niacinamide brighten and protect it. The mask is made with a double layer fibre technology which allows it to hold more of its powerful vitamin-rich essence in comparison to other sheet masks. It swells to maximum absorption, allowing more ingredient-rich formula to penetrate and drench the skin. Thirst Trap will leave your skin soothed, hydrated and super glowing after a single use, because of its hydrating ingredients such as Hollyhock Rose and Aloe Vera. It also includes caffeine which is perfect for depuffing and energising your skin. 

I definitely agree with the masks description - it left my skin feeling super hydrated and moisturised after one single use. I have noticed that my skin became more glowing and it left my skin super moisturised for hours, to the point where I didn't feel like I needed to apply my normal moisturiser after. Usually, I am not the biggest fan of sheet masks because they cause my sensitive skin to break out, but with this mask I never had any breaking out issues. It's been couple of days after I tried it and my skin is still looking more refreshed than before. I have already ordered two more of these masks because I really love what they do to my skin and because I am in a big need of more hydration, this mask is just perfect for providing moisture to my skin. 

How to use:
1. Start with clean, dry skin
2. Remove the protective film from the mask
3. Apply to dry face and leave for 20 minutes.
4. Remove and gently pat excess formula into the skin.

Skin TypeAll skin types
Skincare Concerns: Lackluster and moisture
Formulation: Mask

Highlighted Ingredients:
Hollyhock Rose Extract – Helps to restore, soften and soothe the skin.
Sodium Hyaluronate – Aids in hydration resulting in more plump and healthier skin.
Aloe Vera – Helps to cool and soothe the skin

Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Masks is exactly what its name claims - it makes your chin look toned and sculpted, ready for any selfie in a flash! This mask is designed for instant results while its powerful ingredients continue to boost your skin with regular use. The unique combination of Adenosine, Peptides and Niacinamide bring energising and skin rejuvenating benefits. Peppermint Oil not only causes a cooling sensation for the skin, but it also helps to tighten it and calm any redness. 

After one single use of this mask, I definitely noticed my chin to look more snatched and sculpted. It looked like I have contoured my face without actually having contoured it! It honestly makes your chin look super toned, however its only visible for few hours, so it's definitely not a long-lasting effect. I think for your chin to constantly look toned and sculpted, you would have to use this mask on a regular basis and to be honest, I don't really care much for it. It's nice to use every once in a while, maybe even before having an event to go to or a photoshoot, but it's not a mask that I would want to constantly use. Although I liked how the mask made my chin look like after one single use, I definitely prefer the Thirst Trap more as it does more for my skin and provides the hydration I am desperately in a need of. 

How to use:
1. Starting with a clean and dry face, peel the protective film from the mask.
2. Tug on each end to pre-stretch the mask to avoid any discomfort during use.
3. Starting at the chin and pulling upwards, secure the mask around the ears.
4. Leave for 20-30 minutes (or longer for even more lift and enhancement of the jawline).

Skin TypeAll skin types
Skincare Concerns: Puffy and dry skin, lacking facial definition
Formulation: Mask
Highlighted Ingredients:
Adenosine – Helps energize the skin while moisturizing and supporting skin condition.
Peptide – Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 supports in the appearance of lifted, more youthful skin through attracting hydration.
Niacinamide – Known to visibly tighten and improve skin sallowness, whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines.
Peppermint  Calms redness whilst also providing a fresh feeling upon contact with the skin, increasing the tightening sensation.

Final Thoughts
Currently, there are 3 products that Wishful skincare have released and so far, I enjoyed using all of them. If you are interested to hear my thoughts about the Yo Glow Scrub you can read my review by clicking HERE. Back to the masks, I honestly enjoyed using both of them as both aim at different skin concerns. I do however, prefer the Thirst Trap more because although I liked seeing my chin looking more sculpted and toned, I enjoyed my skin feeling hydrated even more. I recommend everyone to try either both of these or one that aims at your specific concern because they did not disappoint me! I have already ordered two more of Thirst Trap masks and I have a feeling I will order even more of them in the near future. 

Let me know what you think about Wishful and their products. Which one of these two masks would you want to try out? Let me know down in the comments.
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  1. I've never had any luck with any skin care products, to the point that I've given up on having nice skin. But at least you've found products you're happy with

    1. Have you tried CLEAN skincare? As in, vegan, cruelty free with the least amount of ingredients as possible? Check out Drunk Elephant & Sunday Riley for more affordable options, I like The Ordinary and I've heard Good Molecules is nice. Hey Honey is a smaller indie brand that makes amazing products, another good one that I've seen actual results with is ProActiv if you have acne prone skin....I used it for a month before my wedding and on my wedding day, my skin was acne free and so pretty!! Don't give up, GOOD skincare exists, I PROMISE!!

  2. These products sound bomb! I'm very intrigued by the chin mask, I'd definitely do a chin mask everyday if only I could! 😅

  3. These sound great!! I would love to try the Thirst Trap one as my skin is super dry and flaky most of the time!! Are these Cruelty Free? I know most of ABH stuff is, but just wanted to double check! It would be nice if they were vegan as well, I have found using vegan and CF products on my sensitive skin has helped tremendously!! My eyes used to water just putting foundation on around my eyes!!! It was bad! I figured out that there must be some skin reactions to animal bi-products in the non vegan, non CF products.
    Great, detailed review babe!¡ I just love reading and sharing your blog with others!¡! Hope your having a great day/night XOXO

  4. Oh nice I definitely want to try the Thirst Trap mask as my skin is always so dry lately! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts ☺️

  5. I defiantly want to try the Thirst Trap. Not so much the chin strap. I believe your reviews and trust your opinions.

  6. There isn’t a launch by HB that I wouldn’t like. I would love to try the Chin mask lol!

  7. Oops why am I seeing this blog post so late!! Thank you for reviewing this bcos I really wanted to know if its any good. Thrist Trap sounds good, going to give it a try 😊

  8. Between Huda Beauty Kayali and Wishful skin I think the last one is what Im most excited for. These masks look very good for the skin and Ive been dying to try the chin one. I saw they also already released more products, would you be reviewing them also? Great post