Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation B05 Milk Review

Hi, dolls! 

In today's and Wednesday's upcoming blog post, I decided to focus on foundations. I have previously reviewed concealers but never fully did any reviews of foundations, therefore I thought it would be fun to test some for you guys. Today, I will be reviewing the Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation in the shade B05 Milk. Let's get right into the review!


Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation 
B05 Milk SPF20

YSL All Hours Foundation is described as a matte foundation for a flawless complexion that will have you covered for endless nights. It's meant to stay put for up to 24 hours. It has a rich level of fine pigments which makes it full coverage with a flawless, even finish, without a mask-like effect. The high coverage foundation's innovative formula is waterproof and transfer-resistant, with no compromise on comfort and no need to touch up. The oil-free formula will give your face a matte look throughout the day and will help to reduce the appearance of pores. The formula is enriched with a skincare complex and UV filter leaving skin looking fresh and smooth. 

YSL uses the following descriptions in all foundation shade names:
B or Beige - best for neutral undertones
BD or Beige Dore - best for warm undertones
BR or Beige Rose - best for cool undertones

Main benefits of the foundation, listed on the YSL website:
• Full coverage
• Flawless matte finish
• 24hour long-wear
• Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
• Dermatologically tested
• Non-comedogenic
• SPF 20 / PA +++

My Thoughts
Although I am pretty happy with my drug store foundation, I decided to test the YSL one not really knowing what to expect. I ordered it online, hoping that the shade finder helps me pick the best shade for my skin. I was pleasantly surprised to find how good of a match for my skin tone the shade B05 Milk is. 

My hand is a bit more tanned at the moment than usual but the colour is a perfect shade for my face. 

I applied the foundation using my beauty blender after applying moisturiser as I would normally do. I definitely agree with the statement that the foundation will leave your skin looking very fresh and smooth - and although it's full coverage, it doesn't leave your skin feeling heavy. In fact, I could barely feel the foundation on my face. However, I would say that the foundation's coverage is definitely buildable, I didn't get the full coverage feeling straight away. It blends very nicely, I used a beauty blender as that's what I normally use to put on a foundation. I would say that it has a nice soft matte finish to it, it's definitely not dewy. The scent that this foundation has is also very enjoyable, it's not too strong like in some foundations and it's also not a usual foundation scent. The fact that this foundation has SPF20 is also a major plus for me.

I have tested the foundation for around 9 hours and I have to say that I truly loved it. After 9 hours where I have spent my day eating, drinking, laughing etc. the foundation did not move or look different, it looked as fresh as it was when I first applied it. I had many bad experiences where many foundations would move after a while or not work too great with my concealers but this one didn't do none of that. I applied my Huda concealer when testing this foundation and the two worked together perfectly well. It has covered my freckles and all imperfections and I honestly didn't want to take it off because it looked so good!

I hope that you have enjoyed my review, let me know down in the comments if you have ever tried any of the YSL foundations. My next blog post will be comparing two foundations, so stay tuned for that! 

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Love, Olivia xo


  1. I haven’t tried YSL products in awhile.

    1. Let me know when you try it, thanks for your comment! xo

  2. I would try YSL & other really high end brands, but the majority of them aren't Cruelty Free mostly bc the brand is owned by a bigger brand and they feel like they need to seek in mainland China and they don't need to have clean products...idk why tho? I guess they're just a tad irresponsible & can afford to be that eay

    1. *can afford to be THAT WAY

    2. Yeah the fact they're not cruelty free is honestly really heart-breaking. I hope one day they change it because it's a really good foundation!

  3. I haven't tried this brand before, but their foundation looks amazing! Thanks for sharing this product. I would love to try it out!

  4. Due to an error the next review on foundation will be out on the 15th! Sorry for the delay - Olivia xo

  5. It still looked great after 9 hours? That's impressive. Glad you found it.

  6. this sounds like a great foundation but it's too expensive for my pocket, maybe i will keep an eye on it during xmas sales

    1. I will look to stock it up during sales too!

  7. Way way way out of my price range lol. I'm glad you liked it though

  8. this sounds great but way too overpriced and not cruelty free. many better ones at cheaper prices can be found in ulta