The Ketogenic Diet - Reviewing Keto Snacks from Keto Supplements

by - Sunday, September 13, 2020

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Hi, dolls!
Today, instead of doing another beauty-related blog post, I decided to talk to you about a diet which I started last year in October and fell in love with. I have tried many diets in the past but could never stick to one because I simply didn't enjoy them and this kept happening until I went on Keto. Keto is by far my favourite diet and I am currently back on it. I have previously wrote a blog post on it which you can read here. After my last Keto blog post, I have been reached out to by Keto-Supplements  who was kind enough to send me some Keto snacks to try out. This is the best timing as I currently am back on Keto and can test these out for you guys! If you're interested to read and learn more about the Keto Diet and Keto snacks, let's get right into the review!

What is Keto? 
The Ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that in medicine is used primarily to treat epilepsy. While you eat far fewer carbohydrates, you increase your intake of fat. The reduction in carb intake puts your body in a metabolic state called ketosis, where loads of your fat is burned for energy. The Ketogenic diet is pretty simple, as you eat mostly healthy fats which turns to be 75/70% of your daily calories, some protein which is 20% of your daily calories and a very small amount of carbs which is around 5% of your daily calories count. This is the usual breakdown that a lot of Keto beginners follow, but you may have to adjust these numbers to see what works best for you and your body.

Keto Supplements is a deal-finder site for those looking for Keto supplements, snacks, ingredients and ketosis testing kits. They have broken down their Keto Snack section on their website into different sections, which include Keto meat snacks, Keto protein bars, Keto nut snacks and snack ingredients. What I really like about their website is that they offer snacks for those that eat meat but also for vegans who are on the Keto Diet. They keep their products on their website as low carb as possible but in order to avoid limiting the range, they have some snacks such as Keto protein bars which do have some carbs but those are allowed on the diet as long as you know your limit. As already mentioned, I have been kindly gifted these Keto snacks to review for you guys, but as always I'll be keeping it honest. I do love the Keto Diet already, so having extra snacks to try out is a great option if you quickly get bored of diets.

I have been mainly sent Biltong to try out which is a dried meat snack that is super low carb and at the same time filling. I have to be honest that I have never tried it before, so it was my first time giving it a go. I have to say that I found it to taste good, they definitely live up to expectations. They have a really nice flavour added to them, some of them come with different flavours such as garlic, sweet pepper or piri-piri, but even the original recipe tastes good. I think the original recipe by Ember has to be my favourite out of the bunch. It's not too spicy for those that don't like spicy food and it makes a great snack! I will definitely be stocking up on these snacks as I carry on my Keto Diet. 

I have also been sent some sugar-free sweets which are also great because you can have some of it throughout your day without feeling bad! Sula drops come in two flavours - fruit mix and pear (which has to be my favourite!). They have 3,1 grams of crabs per each drop and each box contains 14 sweets. Another exciting sweet had to be the Werther's Original Butter Candies which I love and was so excited to find out that they do them in sugar-free version too! These candies fit the Keto Diet in moderation and I would avoid eating the whole pack in one go but it's a still great option to reach for when craving something 'sweet'. The longer I am on Keto, the less sweet food I crave but it's still good to have options to reach for when feeling like eating something good but sugar-free.

If you're looking for good Keto snacks, you will definitely find them on Keto Supplements. They have a great snack section which you can browse by clicking HERE. Although these snacks were gifted to me, I definitely am planning to order more as I found them to be a great addition to my diet. 

Let me know down in the comments if you have ever heard of the Keto Diet or tried going on it? I have a full review talking about the diet and what you should eat and avoid - you can read it by clicking HERE. If you have any Keto-related questions, make sure to leave them under this post, so I can answer them! 

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Love, Olivia xo

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  1. Be careful with some of the jerky flavours, some of them can have a surprisingly high carb count. I went keto at the start of the year and got caught out by this

  2. This was super interesting to read! I've heard a lot of good things about the Keto diet but I'm not sure if I would be able to do it since I love carbs lol. The snacks sound good though, I'll be checking out their website for vegetarian options.

    xoxo Simone |

  3. I've heard amazing things about Keto, I do love my carbs too much though.

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  4. This is really interesting. I have heard of keto diet, but never really looked into it. The snacks sound yummy, but I don't know if I could give up the carbs. I just love too many! 😂

    Thanks for sharing!
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  5. I never knew the science behind keto before, but it's really interesting! A few of my friends have tried and loved it so I may have to give it a go :) Great post xx

    mia //

  6. I do love Werthers original!

  7. I've heard lots about Keto but have never really looked into it much. Thanks for sharing these snack ideas!

    Tash // A Girl with a View