Face Mapping 101 - What Do Your Breakouts Actually Mean?

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I know that I haven't been posting regularly but December has been a crazy month for me. After a month of lockdown, everything reopened and I've been back to work and barely have any time to post on my social media or my blog. However, I've been planning my posts ahead, so from January there will be 2 posts per week as usual, every Wednesday and Sunday! If you have any post ideas or reviews you'd be interested to read about - make sure to leave your suggestions down in the comments! 

Today, I wanted to do a quick post about Face Mapping and how it can help you to explain why your skin is acting out. If you're interested to find out more, let's get right into it!

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Face Mapping is a concept which links skin issues to specific body organs. I always found it interesting to see the different reasons behind why my skin has been breaking out. Here's a quick breakdown:

Cheeks (green) - Skin concerns on your cheeks are caused by Lung and Stomach issues. Dirty pillowcases and sheets, touching your face too much and metabolic issues can also attribute to cheek acne. 

Chin (red) - Skin concerns and breakouts on your chin are caused by Hormones and your Reproductive Organs. Eating too much sugar and stress can also attribute, so managing stress can help at getting regular periods and therefore controlling skin breakouts in this area.

Jawline (yellow) - Jawline breakouts can also relate to hormones and period but it can also be a sign of not cleansing your skin properly. Make sure to double cleanse your skin always and swipe your toner to get rid of all dirt that could be on your skin. 

Forehead (blue) - The forehead area is linked to your Small Intestine/your Gut. Drinking alcohol and eating loads of fast food can contribute to breakouts in the forehead area. Avoid drinking alcohol and increase your fibre intake which should help you improve your skin in this area.

I hope that this quick breakdown of Face Mapping will be useful for all of you to try and recognise the reason behind your skin breakouts! Have you heard of Face Mapping before? Let me know down in the comments! 

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  1. Never thought about it like this before will keep this in mind when looking into skincare! great post

  2. How would Lung and Stomach issues cause skin issues and for those issues to only be focused on your cheeks?

  3. This is such an interesting post. I knew that breakouts on different parts of your face could mean different things but I wasn't sure what they were. It definitely fits in with the hormonal issues I've been having recently.

  4. This is such a helpful post! Your explanations definitely helped me figure out what attributes to the acne I've been dealing with lately. Thanks for sharing this useful info!

  5. This is such a helpful and interesting post. I definitley notice my skin getting worse when I am stressed and this explains it! Also the face masks we are needing to wear are not helping on the clear skin journey!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Aimsy xoxo

  6. I didn't realise face mapping was so specific, what an interesting breakdown, thank you for sharing!

  7. Very interesting points.. thanks for sharing and teaching me new things