5 Makeup Tips & Tricks From Beauty Gurus and Makeup Artists

Hi, dolls!
In today's post, I'm bringing you another round of five makeup tips and tricks from all your favourite beauty gurus and makeup artists. If you're interested to find out some of the best makeup tricks, let's get right into it!

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1. The Face-Lifiting Concealer Method

Megha Singh's beauty tutorial went viral on Tiktok after she shared her tips on how to create a 'face lift' effect using concealer. For the best lifting effect, apply concealer in the inner and outer corner of your eye, side of the nose and side of the mouth. 

2. Always Double Cleanse

Use a cleansing oil, balm or micellar water first to break down make up and then follow up with a deeper water-based cleanser.  Why should you double cleanse? It will give your skin a more thorough cleanse.

3. Set your makeup with a Powder Puff 

Want your makeup to look airbrushed in real life? Set your face using a powder puff! It will leave your face looking smoother than usual.

4. Do your eye-liner with your eyes open

Do your eyeliner with your eyes open because that's how they are 99% of the time!

5. Apply a white base for neon colours

Use a white base such as white concealer to amplify pigment and intensity your Neon looks. 

What's your favourite beauty trick? Let me know down in the comments xo

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  1. Great tips! Will try out the concealer one ❤️

  2. I need to give a beauty puff a go, thanks for the tips x

  3. so interested about the eyeliner tip but I think my eyes will water like crazy xx

  4. What’s your favorite make up tip?

  5. double cleansing is so important! thanks for sharing all this great beauty advice :)

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