Too Faced - How Sweet Is It Really?

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Welcome to my first post in 2018! I decided that my first blog post in 2018 will be another brand review. My first was about Kylie Cosmetics, which you can read here - KYLIE COSMETICS. This time we will be focusing on Too Faced, so if you're interested to find out more, keep reading.

Too Faced has been established the same year I was born - in 1998 - so, this year (2018) the brand will be turning 20 years old! Too Faced is mainly known for its eyeshadow palettes, the Sweet Peach and Chocolates, as well as its Better than Sex mascara. I have to admit that I love Too Faced packaging when it comes to their releases and cute packaging makes getting the products even more exciting. Am I the only one who thinks so?

Eyeshadow Palettes

Currently, in my makeup collection I have 4 eyeshadow palettes from Too Faced - Sweet Peach, Semi-Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Honey and Better Together (from the Kat Von D collab)

Sweet Peach Palette (£39 Too Faced)

Not only does it smell like peaches, but it's also complementary for all skin tones and allows you to create so many beautiful looks. I couldn't find any problems with this palette even if I wanted to, and it's not doubt why it's been so popular. There are some shades I reach out less than others, but you won't always like all in one palette. My point is that the formula of this palette is very consistent and overall this palette is of a very high quality. If there's anything you need to try from Too Faced, it's definitely this palette.

As you can see from the swatches, the only shade that failed me was 'Talk Derby to Me' but I do find darker shades to be harder to swatch. The first row is definitely the shades I reach for more and I already hit pan in one of the shades. I do like the fact you can create many fun looks with this palette. It has to be my favourite from Too Faced formula and colour wise.

Would I recommend this? = Yes Yes Yes!
Rate for pigmentation? = 9
Is the product worth it's price? = Yes
Overall rate? = 10

Semi-Sweet Chocolate (£39 Too Faced)

After having such a good experience with the Peach palette, I wanted to try other palettes from Too Faced, this time one from the chocolates collection. I ended up going for the Semi-Chocolate palette. However, after buying it, although it smells amazing - like a chocolate - the formula is nowhere as good as in the peach palette. Some of the shades, such as Pink Sugar and Blueberry Swirl barely show off any pigmentation not only when swatching but also when applying them to my eyes. I definitely don't reach for this palette as much as I thought I would and it's been a waste of money for me, because the formula is not worth its price, which is sad knowing that Too Faced can create a good palette as the Peach palette was a big success.

Would I recommend this? No
Rate for pigmentation? = 6
Is the product worth it's price? No
Overall rate? = 5

Peanut Butter and Honey (£32 Too Faced)

I was skeptical when buying this palette because I worried it would be as bad as the Semi-Chocolate palette, but it turned out to be working for me even better than the Peach palette. It's way smaller than the other palettes, but when it comes to its price it doesn't come with much difference, only £7 less, which you would probably expect it to be half price of the big palette since it's a smaller version. However, I do like the theme of this palette being Honey and Peanut Butter and naturally I love the scent that this palette comes with. Also, the formula of this shadows is just as good as in the Peach palette, which makes me wonder why there are so many inconsistencies within this company, as the Semi-Chocolate was a total miss for me.

Would I recommend this? Yes
Rate for pigmentation? = 8.5
Is the product worth it's price? = No, it should cost less
Overall rate? = 9

Better Together Set 1 (£57 Debenhams)
Collab with Kat Von D
The Set includes: 2 Palettes, Eyeliner and Mascara.

Better Together was a collab between Too Faced and Kat von D which launched with 3 different sets. I was lucky enough to get them all on sale, so I ended up saving 30% of each set. This palette comes in the biggest (and most expensive) set, in which you get 2 sides of the palettes - one half from Too Faced and the other from Kat von D, plus a full size eyeliner from Kat and a full size Better Than Sex Mascara from Too Faced.

Although I did enjoy the collab between Too Faced and Kat Von D, I don't really see myself reach for this palette. I did hit pan in the shade BFF because it's the perfect colour for the base of my eye makeup, but I just always forget about this palette and tend to reach out for others more often. I think it's a fun, collectors beauty product rather than a good eyeshadow palette, because it only comes with 6 shadows which don't necessary allow you to go all creative with them. I much prefer the shimmers from the mattes.

Would I recommend this? = Yes for the set, not the palette alone
Rate for pigmentation? = 7
Is the product worth it's price? = Hard to tell as sold in a set
Overall rate? (of the palette) = 7

Better Than Sex

Better Than Sex (£18 Too Faced)

Another product that Too Faced is highly known for is its well-known Better Than Sex mascara. It comes in two formulas, normal version (pink) and waterproof (green). Personally, when I first got the normal one, I didn't like it. It smudged during the day, especially if used on lower lashes. The reason I have two - one full size and one mini - is because they both came in the Better Together collab with Kat. I decided to give this product one more chance after seeing many reviews on Youtube, but in waterproof formula. This formula was a better suit for me because my eyes tear a lot and for this reason I tend to smudge my eye looks easier. But this formula is the best for me, and together with the waterproof tattoo liner from Kat Von D, it's the best combo for my eyes. 

Which one would I recommend? = Waterproof BTS 
Rating out of 10 for Waterproof BTS = 9.5
Rating out of 10 for Normal BTS = 5

Blush & Highlight

Better Together Set 2 (£33 Debenhams)

This duo is a mini version of Too Faced's Love Flush Blush in So Happy Together and Candlelight Glow Highlighter in Rosy Glow. You can only purchase this with the Better Together set, which also includes 2 mini lipsticks from Kat von D & a cute make up bag (pictured below)

The products are very pigmented and I really enjoy using the highlight, and not so much the blush, only because I find it to be too dark/pink for my skin colour. However, for someone that is not too pale this blush would be great. Also, although they both come in travel sizes, they will last you quite some time as long as you don't use too much of it. 

Would I recommend the highlighter? = Yes
Would I recommend the blush? = Yes, but not so much for pale skin
Would I recommend this set? = Yes
Are both pigmented? = Yes
Rate out of 10 (highlighter) = 9
Rate out of 10 (blush) = 6.5

Final Thoughts

I do enjoy using Too Faced products and really like that their packaging are also cute, which makes having the products even more exciting. However, my only problem is the inconsistency when it comes to their eyeshadow palettes as their formulas differ and some are not as good as the others, which in my opinion shouldn't be happening. As this company is turning 20 this year, we should look forward to some special launches to celebrate their 20 year anniversary! 

Let me know your thoughts down below in the comments and let me know which Too Faced products you've been loving! Make sure to follow my blog and stay tuned for more. 

Love, Olivia  xo


  1. Very thorough and in depth review! My friend has the sweet peach palette and she also loves it! ๐Ÿ’ž

  2. Thank you for your ratings! I heard really good things about their blushes and highlighters, but i think that the better than sex mascara is over hyped. Usually waterproof makeup has a better formula for some reason. I’m definitly going to look into getting the peach palette, and and i was also looking at the chocolate gold palette so if you get that too tell us what you think. Can you do a Morphie review?

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    twitter: @beautyrosefash3

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