Make Up Battle - Anastasia Beverly Hills Snow Highlighter vs Colours S'il Vous Play Highlighter

Hi, dolls!

Today, I want to introduce a new category on my blog post called Makeup Battles, where I'll be comparing two or more products against each other to see which one works better. Today, we will be focusing on two white shade highlighters, as this is the type of highlighters I tend to go for because I am a very pale person. 

My two picks for today are:

Anastasia Beverly Hills 
Highlighter in the shade SNOW
(note - comes as a part of a highlighter palette)


Highlighter in the shade S'il Vous Play (single highlighter)
Colourpop Cosmetics $8.00 / £5.60

The main difference between the two highlighter is that ABH one comes as a part of a highlighter palette, whereas Colourpop's can be bought separately. 

SNOW has a creamy texture rather than being a powder highlighter, being described as 'velvety-textured' formula. Its formula makes it looks amazing when swatched on my hand or applied onto my face. There is also little to no fall out and it's definitely one of my favourite highlighters out there. Yes, the price is high but I try to use other shades on my eyelids so it doesn't go to waste. 

S'il Vous Play is a pressed powder highlighter from Colourpop, therefore has a different formula to the creamy ABH highlighter. I was worried that this would have pink/blue undertone to it and not look truly white on my skin, but as you can see from my swatches, this shade is beautiful. It leaves zero fall out and applies good onto my face. 


Formula/Texture - That's such a difficult choice to make because they are so different! But I have to go with SNOW just because I am far more used to the creamy formula, rather than the pressed powder. BUT, who knows! Maybe with time my preference will change. 

Price - Definitely S'IL VOUS PLAY. I mean, it's only 8 dollars which is £5. And its' quality is for sure worth more than that!

Quality - Both! I love both because they are so different, yet none of them have any fall out which is my number one turn off about beauty products. It's really hard to say one is better than the other quality wise because for their price, both are GOOD. 

Winner of this Make Up Battle

I have to say it's a tie!!! I cannot pick a winner because both products are my favourites and it wouldn't be fair to say one is better than the other. The only thing that can be annoying about SNOW is that it's in a palette and you can't get it on its own, so the price is higher but other than that, the two highlighters are my current favourites and both are the winners!

Let me know if you own any of these highlighters and if so, which one do you prefer? 
I have so many posts coming soon - stay tuned!! 
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Love, Olivia xo 


  1. Your swatches look identical I'm shocked! WOW! For me it's cheaper option always winning because you get to save loads of cash. Favorite highlighter for me is ANASTASIA Beverly Hills AMREZY

  2. I love this kind if post, I find it very helpful, it's amazing how similar those highlighters are!
    I'm obsessed with Amrezy X ABH highlighter 😍 I'm dying to try it out ✨✨✨

  3. woah the white looks so good on your skin tone. i'mm more into pink highlight = I'm obsessed with too faced highlight in candle light!! maybe compare high end mascara with cheap one

  4. I'm obsessed with your blog and love every of your post!!!
    My favourite highlighter is Jeffree Star yes I know a lot of controversy :O
    do u use any other powder highlighters other then this colorpop one?

  5. I need one I don't have a highlight

  6. Highlight!! My favorite makeup product! Both the highlighters you compared look so amazing! However to me abh in snow looks more creamy and vibrant. But the colourpop is a great alternative! Please continue this series I love this ����

  7. Wow the colourpop one looks identical to the abh one!!

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  9. I personally like the ABH Snow better it looks like it gives a way better application and I don’t think I would mind it being in a palette since I’d be able to try other colors.

    Thank you so much for your post and I look forward to seeing your future posts!!💕

  10. These highlighters are both so gorgeous 😍 I really want both of them. I’ve always been a tried and true fan of ABH highlighters and I want to try colourpop ones as well

  11. Both the highlighters are gorgeous, but Colourpop highlighters for me are most of the time a hit or miss. Some I really love, but others I consider too glittery and enhance my pores. I haven’t had a problem with Anastasia highlighters, but they are above my price range so I tend to buy more Colourpop ones. Love your review and I hope you do more like this 💕

  12. I actually don't any of these palettes but wow, the pics show that they are practically the same and ur review says its good too.. I might look into it and save money since ABH is amazing but pricey <3 but i'll still love abh too much haha