Make Up Revolution August Mystery Bag Revealed!

by - September 09, 2018

Hi, dolls!
I hope everyone had a good summer holiday break! I am coming back to you all with a new Mystery Bag post, seeing as you love to read about it! If you're interested to learn all about my new Makeup Revolution August 2018 Mystery Bag, let's get right into the review!

As usual, you need to spend £25 on to receive a free mystery bag from Make Up Revolution. The items I have decided to buy were the following:

I am so in love with this palette! I'm not sure if you all are aware but Imogen is a beauty blogger from Britain and she has recently teamed up with Revolution to create two beautiful palettes - an eyeshadow palette and face highlight/contour palette. I have decided to only purchase this one because I could not justify buying yet another eyeshadow palette that I really didn't need. Firstly, the packaging is so beautiful. I have used the flash to show you the rainbow effect which I am dying over! There is 10 shades inside the palette which I think is amazing for £10. All the shades are very pigmented and I love how the highlight shows on my face, it really is popping! 

I would so recommend this palette to everyone because it's truly of a high quality for its price. And the packaging is just to die for!!!

I decided to buy Revolution's baking powder as I'm testing powders for an upcoming blog post, so definitely stay tuned for more details on this product coming soon!

 Girls Best Friend Highlighter (£6) from IHeartRevolution 

I have always been a fan of IheartRevolution because of their cool concept of make up products but this highlighter stole my heart. It's shaped like a diamond and its packaging is everything! 

Soft Glam who?! When Anastasia Beverly Hills launched their Soft Glam palette, I knew I wanted it straight away because of the colours, but I decided to wait before I spend £43 on a palette. When I heard that Revolution would be coming up with the 'perfect dupe' for Soft Glam, I didn't think it was going to be any good quality wise comparing to ABH. Let me tell you just how wrong I was. When I finally decided to reach for it as it's only £4 - I was left speechless. The Velvet Rose palette is super pigmented, easily blendable and honestly is the perfect dupe of Soft Glam. I'm obsessed!

Now, finally onto the mystery bag. It had - two highlighters, one eyeshadow palette and two lip kits. To be honest, I preferred the mystery bag I have received in June 2018 because the items were more suitable for my skin colour - there was a white highlighter etc, whereas this is more suitable for darker skin tones. For this reason, I am more likely to give those highlighters away to my friends who will actually wear it. The eyeshadow palette had basic eyeshadow colours that can be used to create everyday looks with it but because I didn't really need it, I gave it away to my mother lol. The two lip kits are also too dark for me, so I decided to also give them away to those who would actually use it - for this reason I didn't swatch them. Let me know if you'd be interested with a giveaway to win those lip kits, although I have a better giveaway in mind - more info soon to come!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what items you liked the most. Also, let me know if you ever tried Make Up Revolution, and if so, what items are your favourites? Make sure to follow my blog and leave a comment if you enjoy reading my blog - thank you for all your support! 

Love, Olivia xo

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  1. This is so cool! I didn’t even know they were doing this. For the price it’s defin worth it. It’s cool to have a collection centered around one brand. While I believe some of the shades were very basic a beginner might not have them and in that sense it’s great for someone trying to grow their collection. I love how it’s not catered around just one skin tone so you’re able to try the different products. The nudeish lipkit looks really good. I wonder how the formula is. Anyways beautiful swatches!

  2. That palette that is a dupe for soft glam looks so amazing ���� I wish I had seen it before I had bought it myself because while softglam is very pretty, it is not super pigmented, especially for the price it cost! I will be sure to recommend it to others if I hear they want it. The grab bag even though it isn't suitable to your skin tone is such a cool idea because it can help you branch out and use stuff that you were never yourself willing to try, that gold highlight bar is beyond gorgeous!

  3. That pallette looks so amazing and the prize is pretty dope for it I really hope to have one in the future would definitely use it for prom and other occasions. Also lip kits are amazing😍😍😍
    Also I really recommend the Mystery Bag even though you don't know what's inside that is the best part😍

  4. Thanks for all the information. I didn't know you could get a mystery bag. That's awesome. The dupe palette looks amazing and you can't beat that price.I haven't bought any revolution products yet. After reading this I'm very interested in getting a palette and highlighter. I enjoyed reading this and learning more about brands I haven't tried.

  5. iam loving the rug your using for the pictures so aesthetically pleasing! im surprised how often the company does this mystery bag offer I wish it was available in my country :(
    soft glam palette is too overated and on the other hand your swatches of this dupe look so much niceer
    thank you for continuing being honest about brands - loving ur blog!

  6. God, this is the cosmetics I have been wanting, I like the color of soft colors, if used can look natural and elegant, I really like it especially cosmetics really recommend cosmetic lovers and like to be decorated

  7. Loving your color choices & the soft glam dupe

  8. I have just been given the velvet rose palette. Have not played with it yet. This is the only makeup revolution I have so far. Have to check out the girls best friend highlighter it looks devine.

  9. The palette with the rainbow theme caught my attention so fast but I wish it was an eyeshadow palette... :(

  10. Oh my I need this now I never knew soft glam had a dupe!Do you know if they have doors for the sultry palette yet? I so wish lol! Thanks so much for this info

  11. This was a great mystery bag!

  12. That dupe for softglam is so amazing! I literally live for dupes lol. The price is totally worth it. Great read

  13. Is this just in UK? I had no idea they did anything like this?! Btw I'm from #twitterfam (@ liacallahan4) and I made a longer comment vs question on cruetly free brand post
    ...loving your blog tho!!����

  14. This is awesome and very nice way of showing this ♡

  15. Revolution is an awesome brand, I love it so much. So affordable and even the dupes are sometimes better than the original. Great post!