Brand Review - Huda Beauty - Worth Your Money?

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It's time for another brand review, this time we're looking at Huda Beauty. Although there have already been two posts on Huda Beauty's products - Desert Dusk Palette Review and Matte and Melted Liquid Shadows Review, I wanted to do a post on the brand as a whole.  I will also rate the items at the end and tell you what my favourites are. Hope you enjoy my brand review! 

Huda Beauty is a cosmetics brand that has launched in 2013. The founder of the company is Huda Kattan who is a make-up artist and blogger, as well as an entrepreneur. What is really fascinating about Huda is that she started of as a make-up artist and a beauty blogger and became one of the most followed influencers on Instagram and one of the richest women in the world, with her net worth being 550 million. I think that Huda, like many other influencers/brand owners, is a big inspiration and a role-model who showed that if you are really passionate about something, you can reach your goal and become very successful in the make-up industry. 

Let's start with her eyeshadow palettes. The only two I own are Desert Dusk and the Rose Gold Remastered. I will talk briefly about the Desert Dusk since I already made a review on it before which you can check out here - Desert Dusk Review. Both of these palettes cost £54/$64 and come with 18 shadows each. 

The Desert Dusk Palette consists of 4 different textures:
8 mattes - Desert Sand, Musk, Eden, Amber, Oud, Amethyst, Saffron & Blazing
6 pressed pearls - Blood Moon, Turkish Delight, Angelic, Cashmere, Royal, Nefretiti
3 duo chromes - Twilight, Retrograde, Celestial
1 glitter - Cosmo

Desert Dusk caught my eye two years ago because of how unique the palette really is in my opinion. This was my first 'high-end' palette and I am so happy I got it because of the different textures it has and I was so excited to try them all. At the time, I wasn't able to afford this palette myself, so I was lucky enough to get it as a Xmas gift from my parents. Funny enough, the next year I have gotten the other Huda Beauty palette from my parents, so now it's become a tradition for them to get me Huda palettes for Xmas lol. 

All of the shades are highly pigmented and they turn out just as good on the eye. However, I've noticed that there is a lot of fall-out with these, so that might be something people don't necessary would like after paying so much money for the palette. As I always mention, I do my eyeshadow look before I do my face, so this doesn't bother me as much, however in this case sometimes the fallout can be too much and be annoying. On the other hand, what I like about this palette the most is that it can be used for a normal day-out look but also for an extravagant or any fancy night-out look. My favourite shade so far has to be "angelic" it just looks so beautiful on the eye. One thing missing for me from this palette is a light matte shade, because "Desert Sand" is too dark for my pale skin, and I need something lighter for my base.

The Rose Gold Remastered Palette consists of 4 different textures:
8 buttery mattes - Risque, Doll Face, Demure, Suede, Coco, Maneater, Henna, Sandalwood
8 melted metal shadows - Dubai, Fling, Trust Fund, Rose Gold, Pink Diamond, 24K, #Blessed, Bubbly
1 jet-black wet & dry shadow - Black Truffle
1 pressed pearls shadow - Moon Dust

I never had the original Rose Gold palette by Huda Beauty but in a way, I'm glad to have the newer, remastered one. From all the reviews I saw, the remastered one is definitely in some ways better than the original, plus it has a mirror and its packaging is so much better, but I would agree with all the reviews I saw that if you already got the original version, you don't necessarily need this one, unless you don't care to spend £54 on a palette. At first, I wasn't sure if I would have much use of this palette because when I first looked at it, I wasn't sure if the bright pink and the dark black is needed by me, but it has definitely become one of my favourites since I got it. I think once you see it in person it's just one of the prettiest palettes ever and I know many people will not agree but I think Huda's palettes are in fact very luxurious and 100% do not look cheap like palettes by other brands. No shade whatsoever. I think cheap palettes are great too, I love many, but it doesn't hurt to have one or two high-end palettes that will also do its job, especially for the high price you pay. From the swatches above you can see how truly pigmented all the shades are, especially Black Truffle - black shadows I have in my other palettes usually don't swatch as good on the hand but this one was just as pigmented as the other shades. My favourites in here are "Fling" and "Rose Gold" but honestly I just love the texture of the melted shadows as a whole, and all of the shadows are just as beautiful as each other. 

I honestly love these two palettes and it's not because they cost so much that it would be such a waste if I didn't like them. I saw a lot of negative comments towards the Desert Dusk palette and honestly did not understand it because the palette has worked for me and although there is a lot of fall-out in both palettes, I don't see any other major problems with it as well. But, although I've been in love with Desert Dusk for so long, I would pick the Rose Gold Remastered instead if I had to pick one to recommend. I think it just has more colours that I would go for in my looks plus the melted metals are so incredible to work with, they feel so good to place on the lid and look even more beautiful! I prefer them better than the pressed pearls from the Desert Dusk but this is a personal preference. 

Moving on, next on we have the Matte & Metal Melted Shadow. I also already reviewed this as soon as I got it and you can find the full review by clicking HERE

Each Matte & Metal Melted Shadow cost £22/$25

There are currently 10 shades because, since its launch, Huda has added 5 more but I only have one so far in my collection, because honestly speaking as excited as I was at first for this product, I don't reach as much for it as I thought, so there is just no point of me getting more at the moment. I definitely said I wanted to try out more of the standout colours and at first, I thought red, but now I'm actually thinking about the newest addition green because with products like this I think its fun to experiment and go for colours you wouldn't normally reach for. As soon as I decide to get them I will definitely do another post on it!

I definitely applaud Huda Beauty for launching something new in the beauty industry because this product hasn't been released by anyone in the past, and it's nice to see brands come out with new ideas that haven't yet been made. I would definitely recommend this for you guys to try out as it is a totally new concept for beauty products and in my opinion, the price isn't that bad considering you can only get it from Huda. For those interested, Revolution did come out with similar products but I honestly prefer Huda's matte & metal version better. 

Easy Bake £28/$34

Oh, easy bake. We all know Huda just like Kim Kardashian is known for baking her face, so it was just natural that she came out with baking powders. Although her campaign wasn't liked by many - I decided to get the product and check it out for myself. For many years I have been loving the Laura Mercier baking powder and I thought that nothing would ever beat the product. Well, I was wrong. I got Huda's Easy Bake in the shade 'Sugar Cookie' which is white baking powder, and the lightest from the whole shade range. I love it because I am a very pale person, so it suits my skin colour very well. Yes, I realise I am not literally white as the powder, but it's nice having a powder that makes my under eyes lighter than the rest of my face because at times it's hard for me to get a concealer that is lighter than my foundation. Where do I begin? The smell! The powder smells sooooo good and I don't think I will ever get over it. At first, I thought it was that well-known smell that Huda's foundations have but I don't have her foundation so it's hard for me to tell. If so, why is everyone complaining about it? The smell is literally so good, I could smell it all day! Let me tell you guys, once applied to my face, and baked for a good 5-10 minutes, it does wonders. It leaves my face looking airbrushed and so flawless and lasts almost the whole day, definitely way longer than all my other powders. So, the question is, is it better than Laura Mercier? I would say it's the same level but smells better! If I had to get only one, I'm going with Huda's, even though I still love the Laura Mercier one. For those that already have Laura's powder, you don't necessarily need to get Huda's because the two powders are as good as each other, but Huda's easy bake is a bit cheaper and has an amazing smell that's definitely calling my name. 
You can read more on Baking by clicking HERE

That's all for today dolls, my whole Huda Beauty collection at the moment. I am definitely going to get more of her products and every time I add something to my collection I will make sure to review it for you guys. I also have a little sample of her primer that came with the foundation sample I got from Selfridges, but to be honest I never tried it because I totally forgot I had it for like 4 months and I don't really think it's good to apply something that's been sitting in my drawers forever on my face. I heard very mixed opinions on her foundations, so I never got it in the end but I am still considering getting it. Also, definitely want to try her demi-matte lipstick as well as her brand new bullet lipsticks because I just love these! 

Here's a little list I put together to show you guys how I would rate the products I mentioned today based on how much I like them. 

4. Matte & Metal Melted Shadow - I love the concept, but I just don't use it as much as the other products. I hope to use it more in the future and who knows, maybe it will become my ultimate Huda favourite one day.

3. The Desert Dusk Palette - Although I loved it once I got it, I just don't reach as much for it now that I have the Rose Gold Remastered. Still, a pretty palette and I definitely will try to reach for it more, especially on my days out. 

2. Rose Gold Remastered Palette - I love this palette. Period. It's a good palette and no one can argue with me otherwise, and no, I do not get paid to say so. 

1. Easy Bake - My number one, holy grail product from Huda Beauty is the Easy Bake loose powder. It does wonders, and honestly, at the moment, it has to be one of my go-to products. I would definitely recommend this product for all of you that want to try something from Huda Beauty because it will leave your face look so flawless!

I hope you have enjoyed my review and stay tuned for more!
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  1. i agree - her palettes are beautiful. only sucks because theyr'e so expensive and i cannot spend the amount on it

  2. Huda has some super cute palettes, however all of her stuff is so expensive!
    I liked her recent Nude palette but it's like £52 or something. I wasnt able to afford it:/

  3. Huda's picture u chose is so pretty!!!!
    I love your blog but brand reviews are my favourite type of posts of yours, i dont have anything of hudas because its too expensive for me but i wish to get some soon maybe by winning giveaway

  4. I recently purchased a dupe for desert dusk (athena palette). I hope it will work half as good :(

  5. Although you are partial to the rose palette I’m still dyinggggg to try the desert dusk! I’ve been eyeing it for a year I think I need it 😂. Great article love!

  6. I'm DYING for the desert dusk happy you liked the powder more than LM.

  7. I voted the Rose Gold Remastered Palette. It’s so pretty and I love the pinks. The Nude Palette would be a dream to have. Thank you so much for sharing, I enjoyed reading.

  8. I would love to try someday ❤️❤️

  9. Agree! I have one of the melted matte/shimmer sticks and while it is beautiful, I just don’t reach for it much. The shimmer side flakes off once it dries and it ends up looking sloppy.

  10. Prices are ridiculous but have to admit that it makes the products more wanted.

  11. We arabs love Huda 😍 is pricey though and hard to get back home

  12. I would love to try her new resting boss face spray