Hi, dolls!

Since my first Q&A on this blog which I have posted in March and you can read by clicking HERE, I have decided that it would be a good idea to answer your questions every 1-2 months in separate Q&A blog posts rather than under different blog posts, as this way more people can ask questions and see the answers to them. For this reason, under each Q&A posts like this one, you can ask me anything beauty related and I will answer each question commented below here on my next Q&A post. Let's get right into it!

Thank you! Yes, there are many products I purchased and never liked them or used them. 
One of many was the liquid lipsticks from Kylie Cosmetics, I purchased around 8 of her matte lipsticks and never used any more than once or twice because of how drying they felt on my lips! 

 I don't think so. There were many hyped products that I disliked but it never made me dislike the whole brand because one bad product doesn't always mean the whole company/brand is bad. 

Hmmm, lip balm, concealer and contour! 

Standard cream lipstick for sure, not liquid.  

Never heard of the brand, will definitely check it out!

I have been loving the Revolution Conceal and Define concealer ever since it came out. However, if you're leaning towards Huda or Tarte, then maybe try Tarte one out first because it's been around for a very long time and everyone seems to be loving it. Huda's concealer is also great but I think it comes in a smaller size than the Tarte one. If you need more help finding your perfect match, send me an email to oliviaaandbeauty@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to help you pick up something good, suitable for your skin.

A good setting spray! There are many eyeshadow palettes that beginners can experiment with as well as other beauty items but when it comes to what will set your make-up perfectly in place it will always come down to a great setting spray. I would say if you're going to spend a good amount of money on anything beauty related as a beginner it should definitely be a setting spray.

Sophie/Soph also known as Sophdoesnails on youtube. 

Currently on my third Revolution foundation & concealer! My Skindinavia Bridal setting spray and Huda Beauty setting powder are two products I will definitely re-purchase once it finishes.

Eyeliner takes practice, even after doing an eyeliner for so many years I can still get it wrong. I would say if none of the tutorials are helping, try using tape at the end of the eyes to help you draw a nice line for the eyeliner and take it from there. 

As already mentioned, this post is simply for me to answer questions asked by you, and if you have any other questions for me, please leave them down below, so that I can answer them in my next one! 
I hope you enjoyed this little Q&A and thank you to all of you that have submitted a question! xo

Love, Olivia xo


  1. Im gonna order the sponge, setting powder and concealer from shopmissa😍 can't stop watching videos about them on youtube.
    Can't wait to know your thoughts on them!

  2. Thanks for answering 😊 I may take a look at Revolution's concealer!

  3. what was your first eyeshadow palette?
    ps. love the q&a idea. :>

  4. Are you thinking about trying KylieSkin?

  5. what are your thoughts about the new jacklyn hill nude lip collection.. I want it. says so bad..

  6. I see my name ^^ thanks for answering my question

  7. Ah I didn't get the chance to ask a question but at least a question I wanted answered was there. I honestly need to start practicing my winged-liner look

  8. We all love savingoney BUT, it's also fun to save up your $$ and indulge in a super luxurious brand and have that one item on your vanity....What's a luxury brand that you wanna save your $$ up to get something from? I love Natasha Denona and am saving up for one of her $129 USD palettes (approx 15 shadows)...I also am dying to get my hands on the new Dior blush compact, as well as the new line from Givenechy ! Oh and also Moshcino perfume is the cutest and there's a new on out!💚
    Love ya babe💕 - lia

  9. I am also looking for a good foundation and concealer. I will check out revolution. Thanks for the Q&As!

  10. I use the tape for a clean line for my shadow and my liner. 6o got a lash hack that makes putting falsh lashes so much easier and you don't get glue all over your lid if you don't set it exactly in place. Put your glue on your lashline like you put on liner. Your body heat makes the glue tacky. Then just set lash on and move it in place. I couldn't put lashes on for the life of me before this hack.