Testing Beauty Blender Mini Washing Machine!

Hi, dolls!

Recently, I came across a video of a washing machine toy for beauty blenders/makeup brushes and I knew that I had to get it and test it out myself because it looks so damn fun!  I ordered mine from eBay and paid around £3 for it, and it has arrived within 3 days. I was so excited to try it out and share it with you guys, and even if this was not going to work, just the idea behind it is so fun and I think for £3 is worth trying it out and letting the inner child in me enjoy it. 

I also thought that it would be fun for me to not only review this toy with pictures but also with videos that I have converted into gifs to make it more enjoyable for you guys to see. I hope you enjoy this post and make sure to let me know your thoughts down in the comment section!

Also, if you enjoy posts like this one, last year I have tested washing beauty blenders in a microwave, and you can read all about it by clicking HERE.

I decided to put my three beauty blenders up for the test. Two beauty blenders come from Real Techniques (orange & black) and the third one is from Beauty Bakerie. I use Beauty Bakeries' beauty blender for my foundation and the orange beauty blender from Real Techniques for baking. The third sponge hasn't been really used by me but because it's been sitting in my drawers forever, I decided to give it a wash and motivate myself to use it more often.

First, you fill up the washing machine with some water and you add some soap/washing liquid that you would normally use to wash your beauty blenders. I have added water but not too full because I have noticed that once the beauty blender is inserted, too much water can cause leaking and that can ruin all the fun. You also need two AAA batteries for the washing machine to work, because (at least mine) arrived with no batteries inside. From the gif above you can see that the washing machine was actually working once the batteries were in and the inside was filled with water. 

Secondly, I decided to pop my beauty blenders inside and see how clean they will become after. It was actually so fun watching them spin around inside the washing machine. You can see from the gif above how my beauty blender which I use for baking is spinning around and getting a good (hopefully) wash!

After having successfully watched three of my beauty blenders get washed up by this toy washing machine, I decided to take a picture for you guys to see the after picture of how my blenders looked. You can definitely see that the powder which was on my orange sponge from baking has disappeared, the black sponge started looking fresher and ready to use and my foundation beauty blender (pink) still has some foundation left on it but it is definitely less than before. I had to wash my foundation sponge in the bathroom sink after to make sure it was fully clean, because like mentioned, the washing machine toy did not wash it all off completely.

 Before ending this little experiment, I decided to give it a go once again but this time washing my makeup brushes, especially the smaller ones which I use for eye makeup. To test it out for you guys, I picked an eyeshadow brush that was full of blue pigment, so that it is the easiest to see how much this toy actually cleans my brushes.

Before the wash:

After the wash:

Does the toy washing machine for beauty blenders work? It does! Just like any other toy that comes from China. Would I recommend it for every time you wash your makeup beauty blenders and brushes? No. 

I think this is a fun concept to try out and play around with, however, it is not something that cleans your beauty blenders completely, well all depending on how dirty the beauty blenders are in the first place. I still think its fun and for those of you that want to try it out and can afford to spend £3 on this toy you should, but it is not something that everyone should get because like I said, I don't think anyone would bother to use it every time they have to wash their beauty brushes/sponges. 

I enjoyed testing this out and definitely not regret spending my money on it because it is a cute thing to have sitting on your desk/vanity, however, I wish it cleaned my foundation sponge a bit later so that I didn't have to go and clean it more after. 

Please let me know what you think of this washing machine toy and if you have tried it! 
I would love to test fun things like these for you guys more often, so also let me know what other stuff you would want me to check out and test in a future post. Thank you for all your support and for all of you that have followed my blog. If you haven't done so yet, you can click HERE to follow my blog. 

Love, Olivia xo


  1. Thanks for reviewing this. I watched a couple of other videos and the results were the same. It is cute.

  2. So cute! Also, you just reminded me - I need to wash my brushes 🙄

  3. amazing review.. I'm thinking about getting one there like 15.00.. love your blog girl keep it up! muah.

  4. I watched Sophdoesnails' video and she had the same results. But it's fun and cute so :P

  5. I still want one of these. Awesome blog post.

  6. I honestly knew its not gonna work that well from the very first video that i saw, but still as you mentioned, very cute!
    I actually used to have these as toys when i was a little kid.

  7. haha this is amazing! glad it worked otherwise it would be a waste of money

  8. Hahahah!������ This is adorbs!!! Of course, I wouldn't go into this purchase thinking I was gonna get the best results but just the fact that it works at all is kinda actually REALLY cool! I have my cleanser's that I use for my brushes and I don't really use beauty blenders (:::gasp::::) so I probably wouldn't buy this, expect for the cute factor! If I did use veauth blenders, i think putting some good stuff in it, not just water, may help create a better cleansing experience!���� Thanks for the review, what a fun read

  9. I wondered if this worked! Thank you for this review.
    Great way to feel like a child again. Might have to give it a go

  10. Wonder if you clean it out and do a 2nd washing if it would get the foundation out?

  11. Omg this is cute but I wouldn't include my kids would just take it& wash their doll clothes in it& make a huge mess 😂😂😂

    1. Ok that was supposed to say I wouldnt BUY it because...lol ...not include it lmaoo

  12. That looks so fun! I've heard of these I just never used one before. It's such a cute idea. If I come across a cheap one I so buy one for the fun of it!

  13. I have seen so many videos and pictures of this washing machine cleaning beauty sponges. Thank you for this review. It's so cute and does sound like fun. If you wash your beauty blender and then flip it around and wash again. Do you think it would get it completely clean? Did you do a rinse cycle after washing the sponges?

  14. Too fun to watch! Might get it for my daughter to play with it myself LOL

  15. Your little boomerang videos are too cute 😍😍

  16. I thought it was so funny how big these little toys blew up! I watched the YouTube video from the girl who started the trend, and she said she only used the toy as a cute prop in her IG short video, never intending for people to think it was an actual beauty sponge washing machine, but it went completely viral lol! Hey, hopefully someone will invent a real beauty sponge washing device that does a better job (even tho it looks like the toy doesn't do too bad already!)😍
    <3 amber

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  18. Unfortunately, this machine really sucks. I got one on discount from a dollar store and it just leaks water out the bottom no matter what. My brush also did not get remotely clean. Only cost me 5 dollars and a little charge on the batteries, but I wish I'd kept my money.