Makeup Ideas For Halloween


Hi, dolls!

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year and since it's coming tomorrow, I thought it would not be too late to share some of my favourite Halloween makeup looks done by MUAs/makeup gurus and maybe inspire some of you that are still searching for costume ideas!


James Charles as Angel & Devil
This honestly is my favourite one from all the looks that I will be sharing with you today and if I wasn't stuck at work for halloween this year, this is definitely the look I would try to recreate!


Soph as IT

Nikkie Tutorials as Harley Quinn

Jeffree Star as Skeleton

Kylie Jenner as an Angel

Carli Bybel as Daenerys 

Desi Perkins as Selena 

Khloe Kardashian as Storm

I hope that some of these Halloween makeup looks inspired you, especially those of you who plan their costumes last minute lol. Unfortunately I have to work on Halloween, so I will be missing out on the celebrations this year but I wish you all happy halloween! Let me know in the comments what makeup looks/costumes you will be wearing or if you don't plan on doing anything/celebrating let me know which look from above is your favourite! 

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  1. I don't celebrate halloween personally but I really liked these looks Carli did so good with Daenerys #gameofthrones

  2. I love halloweeeen !!!! but I prefer simpler looks like Kylie ones. this year I went as Zoella and used her colourpop palette to transform into her

  3. I think Khloe KILLED IT as Storm!!!! And JS looks amazing too! I didn't do anything for Halloween, was in bed, in pain, in a flare up ..,

  4. Gosh Desi really killed it as Selena! Also really like Nikki's look, simple and just perfect n she looks super cute. I love looks that are easy to recreate, sadly I couldn't dress up for Halloween cause I was ill but I wish to make up for it next year. I so would love to be able to dress up for once! I LOVE Halloween but this time of year is usually the worst when it comes to my mental health, anxiety n dep. hit me pretty hard. Next year even I will do a look even if only to stay home