The Ultimate Guide to K-Beauty Secrets

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One of my early Xmas presents from my secret Santa was the Korean Skincare Bible book. I really wanted this book because what a better way to learn more about Korean beauty secrets than from a book that is fully dedicated to the subject. In today's post, I wanted to share some of the K-beauty secrets that I have learnt from reading this skincare guide and I hope you all find it as interesting as I found the whole book itself. If you're interested in finding out more or in actually getting the book yourself, the book is available to purchase on Amazon for only £7/$9. You can use the link below (by clicking on the icon) to make your purchase - but just to make everyone aware, it is an affiliate link which means I will get a small commission when people buy through my link. 

K-Beauty is a term which refers to Korean skincare, which is widely known and used across the world. Korean beauty focuses more on pigment-free, hydrated skin rather than make-up. It is all about having a good skincare routine and sticking to it in order to achieve  good results. It has become more popular now as more people (myself included) turn to either no-makeup looks or just no make-up at all. There are many days I just don't feel like putting on any make-up, especially if I'm not going out or doing anything special. I love to let my skin breathe and not constantly wear make-up. Don't get me wrong, I still love anything beauty related and when I go out, I love to put make-up on and create all types of fun looks, but when I stay home or barely have anything to do, I love to go make-up free and let my skin breathe. I have noticed how my skin has improved since I stopped putting make-up on every day and over the past months, I really started caring more about my skincare routine. For this reason, I wanted to learn more about K-beauty but instead of reading information online, I decided to go the old fashion way and actually take time to read a book about it. I feel like this way I will learn more and it was also the cutest gift I have received so far for this year Christmas. I picked out some information that I will be sharing with you guys today, however I truly recommend checking this book out if you're wanting to learn more about K-Beauty. It's truly the ultimate Korean skincare Bible. 

The book has 11 chapters and I have picked out 5 tips/information that I think is the most important to learn from reading the book. However, like I already mentioned, I truly recommend reading this book or any other about K-beauty because it contains so much more information than I can share here with you guys and I am sure that any beauty/skincare lover will enjoy reading about it. If you want to find out more, keep on reading!

1. Knowing your skin is the first step to finding a routine that's right for you

Skin can be classified into three types: oily, dry and combination. Practically, no one's skin is normal. 90% of people who think have 'normal' skin most likely have combination skin. 
How to discover your skin type?

- Wash your face as you would normally do.
- Don't apply any product on your face and wait for about an hour.
- After an hour, look in the mirror. If your complexion is shiny and appears greasy, you most likely have oily skin. If your complexion is only greasy in the T-zone, you have combination skin. If your skin feels right and there is no greasiness - you have dry skin. Voila! 

2. The skin around the eyes is up to five times more delicate than the skin on the rest of the body, so it requires greater attention

Eye cream should be applied gently with light touches with the fingertips, preferably the ring finger - it should not be rubbed or massaged forcefully. Remember - the prevention of wrinkles starts with an eye cream!

3. Know which ingredients will suit your skin

Oily skin - Centella calms irritated skin, reduces acne scarring and eliminates excess sebum.

Dry skin - Hyaluronic Acid as dry skin is always desperate for hydration. Squalene, a fatty acid that the skin produces naturally, is another ingredient that works miracles against dry skin.

Combination skin - Use ingredients for dry skin on your cheeks & other dry areas on your face, and ingredients for oily skin in T-zone.

Mature skin - Use bee and snake venom to stimulate the skin to produce its own collagen.

Sensitive skin - Calendula, Aloe Vera and Camomile are three very delicate vegetable ingredients which are known for their soothing properties.

4. Remember to care for your neck!

Apply the same cream on your neck that you use on your face. Neck skin loses elasticity, firmness and hydration over the years, so it is very important to look after it as well. 

5. Do not skip cleansing! 

It is the fundamental step in the Korean skincare routine. Using a cleansing oil is the first step in the Korean skincare routine as it eliminates impurities, such as sebum and make-up and leaves the skin as clear as fresh, white sheet.

To be honest, there are so many tips and information that I have learnt from reading this book about K-Beauty that it is so hard to only pick 5 to share with you guys. I would really suggest doing your own research about it and especially read a book about it if you're interested to find out more. I'm really excited to get more into K-Beauty and now with all this information I am able to order myself some Korean beauty products to test out and review for you guys in the new year. 

Let me know down below what you think about Korean skincare/K-beauty! Like I mentioned above, you don't have to buy this exact book or use my affiliate link to do so, but I honestly recommend picking up a book about it or a really long and detailed article to get as much detail as possible. Hope you all enjoyed this post and see you in the next one! xo

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  1. The whole "glass skin" thing is derived from K Beauty...& like you said, it's really about starting & ending the day with good care for your skin! It's our largest organ & deserves to be treated as well as any other organ!
    I love that I have discovered good skin care & can happily go without makeup daily, bc when I was a teen...I had major acne/blackheads. I was religious with skincare, but wasn't using the RIGHT products. I thought since I had pimples, I was oily & avoided ANY moisturizer like the plague! That was prob why my skin was always so bad, it was being stripped of all the good stuff & never replinished.
    It was in my early twenties that I finally found good acne treatment (it was ProActive for me!! Srsly, the whole system taught me more ab skincare then I had ever known & it made me learn to stick to a routine WITH moisturizer!) ... KBeauty is about keeping the CANVAS clean, dewy & fresh so that any makeup that goes on looks as beautiful as possible.
    Some 'K-Beauty' has been total JUNK....which makes me wonder... I'd love to know some specific brands that are considered KB & WHY they are KB vs not KB?? I think that's the main question I have, what makes one brand considered KB & not another brand?
    Very interesting & idk if I'll get the book, but def more interested in finding out ab brands & their philosophy & their ingredients!

    Thanks O for another great post! Hope you have a great week.

  2. Bee and snake venom for me at my age! Lol

  3. This is actually so interesting to learn I might even pick up a book about it! I love BB creams and would love to find out more - great blog post!

  4. I thought Korean Beauty was really interesting. I'm going to do for my skin what you do and stop wearing makeup every day. Have you ever used nail slime for a mask as many Korean women do.