Opening My I Heart Revolution Vending Machine 12 Days Beauty Advent Calendar

Hi, dolls!

I am so excited to share with you the items I got from my first ever 12 day beauty advent calendar. Last year, I didn't find any beauty advent calendars that caught my eye but this year when Revolution introduced their Vending Machine to their website around October/November I knew I had to get it! It looks so cute and I love the packaging idea so much. If you're interested and want to know what I found inside, keep on reading! Also, I won't be swatching anything today or fully reviewing the products as I didn't have time to test them properly and some I will be giving away as they do not suit my skin tone, but there will definitely be a post soon where I will review the products, so stay tuned for that.

The Vending Machine retails for £50/$70 but it is currently on offer for £25/$35. It is available on Revolution's site and you can purchase it by clicking HERE.

Day 1 - Mini Dark Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette

I love the dark but also gold/pink shimmer shadows in this palette, I think they are perfect for winter and the Holidays. I will definitely be using this and will do a full review on this palette very soon. I also have to mention that this palette smells like cocoa which makes it even nicer to have in my collection.

Day 2 - Coconut Lip Gloss

In my previous blog post on Kylie Cosmetics, I mentioned that currently I am into lip glosses, so this was a nice surprise to get in this advent calendar. I love that this lip gloss smells like coconut and I will definitely be trying their gloss formula.

Day 3 - Loose Baking Powder

Last year I have received a similar loose baking powder in a different Revolution gift set that I wasn't a big fan of but I am ready to give this one a try and also review it for you guys. I love baking my face and I have been recently testing other baking powders from Revolution, so I will definitely do a blog post comparing them all.

Day 4 - Salted Caramel Lip Gloss

Although its name suggests that it is a Salted Caramel lip gloss, it smells more like chocolate custard to me, which in fact I love. The smell is so yummy, you almost want to eat it. The colour looks a bit too dark for me but I will still give it a go mainly because of the smell lol and I hope it won't look too dark on my lips.

Day 5 - Marshmallow Blending Sponge

Isn't this the cutest blending sponge you have ever seen??? I love the idea of it being a marshmallow and I almost don't want to use it because it looks so cute on my vanity lol. It's also so soft, so quality wise I am sure it will do an amazing job.

Day 6 - Mini White Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette

White Chocolate has to my favourite chocolate out there and when I saw it I immediately had to smell it. You guessed it - it smells just like white chocolate, I love it! I also love the colours in the palette, it was the only product that I had to try out straight after opening and I really liked the formula. I will definitely do a more detailed review of these palettes/lip glosses after I test it for a little bit longer.

Day 7 - Mini Ruby Chocolate Blusher Palette

Although I appreciate there being a blusher palette, this one is definitely not for my skin tone. For this reason, I decided to give it away for someone who will have more use of it. Keep an eye for a giveaway coming soon, as some of these products will be a part of it. It is a stunning palette though!

Day 8 - Face Kabuki Brush

I love how small and soft this brush is. Definitely going to enjoy using it on my face. 

Day 9 - Mini Pink Lemonade Setting Spray

I don't like having favourites but this is definitely it. I am obsessed with how amazing this smells - of pink lemonade as you probably guessed it. I can't wait to use it and see if it works just as good as other Revolution's setting sprays. A big note to Revolution - please release this as an item to buy on its own, I think everyone would love it!!

Day 10 - 3 Mini Eye Brushes

I am so happy they included some kind of eye brushes with this many eye products. They are small but very cute looking and travel friendly. Personally, I have the best experience with Revolution brushes and I can't wait to try these on.

Day 11 - Milk Chocolate Lip Gloss

I love the fact that they have included 3 lip glosses into this with three different shades, in a way for different skin tones. I think this lip gloss would be too dark for me to wear, as I usually don't wear browns on my lips, so it will definitely be another item I would like to give away to someone who will find more use out of it than me. Loving the smell though, they really made these items look and perform so good and their scents on top make it a dream to have!

Day 12 - Mini Chocolate Marble Bronzer Palette

I think I will have to be careful with this bronzer on my pale skin but I am really tempted to keep it and use it because of the highlighter shade next to it. I love how nice it looks and actually my favourite highlighter formulas come from I heart Revolution, so I can't wait to test this one and see if it replaces my all time favourite.

Final Thoughts
I am so happy that I got a beauty advent calendar this year and I am honestly so happy with these products. I don't feel at all that I have wasted money because 10 products out of 12 I am definitely going to keep and use. I can't wait to test these and do a review of the eyeshadows, baking powder, lip glosses and setting spray for you guys. Seeing that we still have around 2 weeks to go before Xmas, I would definitely recommend everyone to get this, especially if you're still looking for a fun, beauty advent calendar. I feel like Revolution never disappoints me with their products, and the only reason I will be giving some of these products away is simply because the colours won't suit my skin tone well, which isn't the worst thing ever. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Make sure to let me know down in the comments below which of the 12 products you like the most and also, let me know if you got any beauty advent calendars yourself this year! I already can't wait to get one next year, hopefully one for full 24 days instead of 12.

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Love, Olivia xo


  1. I was literally reading your previous post on Kylie Cosmetics when I noticed a new blog post. YAY! I love makeup advent calendars. This one is looking sweet and I'm glad their products have a nice scent to them. Makes me wonder if they made it as a dupe to Too Faced products which are known for their scented products. Anyway, im glad you liked most of these - I would too. I personally would love Kylie ABH or Huda to do an advent calendar - that's something I would die to get

  2. I saw the gingerbread house from Revolution I think its 24 day advent calendar but the products don't look as nice as these do. such a cool idea but not too xmasy. loving your blog and following already :)

  3. Ok, this is an amazing Advent calendar!
    I love the little Kabuki brush and the Pink Lemonade Setting Spray!
    The mini palette's includes look pretty incredible.
    I cannot believe you got ALL OF THIS for £30 ! I know u said that was on sale, but still that's one hell of a sale! The prices for this brand are just way better than Brands I'm used to, I def need to give this brand a fair try!
    Thanks for the info, I'm def leaning toward trying this brand alot more now, seriously!

    I'm def eyeing that blush duo, I think it's gorgeous, even for my pale skin.

  4. That's such a cute advent calendar! And an affordable one too! Those eyeshadow palettes are totally up my street, I`d definitely use them. Also really like the marshmallow sponge 😍 Overall a lovely calendar. I didn't get myself an advent calendar but luckily I got gifted one for my birthday which was on Dec 4th, I got the Douglas profumerie calendar (it's a dutch beauty shop that ships in several countries) It's my very first advent calendar and I'm enjoying it very much. Hopefully next year I'll be able to get one myself but I'd have to start saving up ahead lol

  5. How cute are those mini palettes!!! I think that was a great 12 Days Of Christmas calendar!

  6. This looks amazing...and on sale too!

  7. Thats interesting bcos it doesnt look like your typical xmas advent calendar yet it catches your attention because of how cute it is. The products inside are cool for the price you paid! Usually they put crappy ones inside advents but revolution did good. The setting sprays sounds interesting.. please test it and maybe they will release it fully :)

  8. This is such a cute advent calendar! The packaging is awesome but the products in it look great as well, very usable and pretty. So exciting!

    xoxo Simone |