My Day & Night Skincare Routines

Hi, dolls! 

Today I wanted to share with you my day & night skincare routine. Ever since receiving my  Korean Skincare Bible book and learning more about K-beauty, I became even more obsessed with my skincare products as well as routine. I have to say that after sticking to it for a week, I noticed big changes and I can't believe how my skin improved just by simply having a routine that I follow every day and night. I think it's so important to care for your skin, especially from young age to keep it looking healthy and glowing. If you're interested to learn more about both my morning and night routines and the importance of each product I use, then keep on reading. 

☀ Morning Routine ☀

Step 1 - Double Cleansing
Although you may think that you already have clean skin from the previous night's routine, the truth is that after sleep there are impurities, dead cells and sebum that has to be eliminated. 

Step 2 - Exfoliant
It's best to use chemical exfoliants only at night.

Step 3 - Toner
It's advised to use a toner in order to restore the skin's pH level after cleansing as well as to avoid the sensation of tightness. Avoid toners which contain alcohol as their ingredients!

Step 4 - Essence
Using an essence will help the other products that you're using penetrate better.

Step 5 - Serum
Serum will provide hydration for your skin.

Step 6 - Eye Cream
An eye cream is a must in order to decongest the eye area. It will help especially if you noticed to have bags under your eyes.

Step 7 - Lotion and Cream 
They should both be applied in this order if you have a very dry skin. If you have normal, oily or combination skin, you can use only one of these.

Step 8 - Sun Cream
This is the final step in the morning skincare routine and can be applied as a cream or BB cushion format.

☾ Night Routine ☾

Step 1 - Double Cleansing
This step is required to ensure that you have a clean skin to continue your routine.

Step 2 - Exfoliant
A chemical exfoliant is best used at night, so that the skin will not be immediately exposed to the sun after using it. Exfoliant is not applied everyday, so you can alternate it with other treatments.

Step 3 - Cleansing Mask 
You can use a peel-off clay mask to use at night. When choosing a mask, make sure you pick one that works best for your skin type, and include it into your routine once every week. 

Step 4 - Toner
It's essential in both morning and night routines, but mostly after using a cleansing mask because it re-balances the skin's pH. Also, make sure to use a toner that does not contain alcohol in its ingredients!

Step 5 - Single-Use Face Mask
It's not a step to be used everyday but every now and then it's okay to include a face mask into your routine as a hydrating treatment. 

Step 6 - Essence
Even though some face masks already contain essence, it is still important to apply it to your skin.

Step 7 - Serum
Serums are best applied at night because it's the most powerful treatment for your skin when dealing with specific issue.

Step 8 - Eye Cream
Eye cream should be applied before face cream to protect the delicate eye areas. Never use facial cream as an eye cream because it is too heavy for the eye area.

Step 9 - Cream
Face cream is the best option for the night routine instead of lotion, which you might prefer to use in your morning routine. Creams are denser, but the texture will not bother you while you're asleep. Also, make sure to apply cream to your neck to moisturise it!

Let me know down in the comments what is your morning/night routine and what products are your go-to! Hope you enjoyed this post, I really recommend checking out the book "The Korean Skincare Bible" as it provides the crucial information about skincare that I believe everyone should know. You can buy it via the link below, however it is an affiliate link. 

Love, Olivia xo


  1. I have the same skincare routine day and night! I'm using Dermalogica, It Cosmetics, First Aid Beauty and Murad skincare. I'm always trying new skincare products to find the best ones for my skin. I use a face mask 2 times a week for my dry skin.

  2. Im so happy you wrote this post! And I now believe I need that book lol It would be great if you could share the products you are using atm, it could be very helpful since I don't even know, for example, what exactly is an essence and how to pick the right one. So glad you are talking about skincare ☺️❤️

  3. Im so happy you wrote this post! And I now believe I need that book lol It would be great if you could share the products you are using atm, it could be very helpful since I don't even know, for example, what exactly is an essence and how to pick the right one. So glad you are talking about skincare ☺️❤️

  4. I love to read both your skincare routines! I happen to have a blog post planned on my night routine which will go live soon. I think mine is pretty similar to yours. :)

    xoxo Simone |

  5. I really struggle with my skin and to be honest gave little idea of what I'm doing! This is a really helpful guide, thank you so much for sharing xxx

  6. omg this is super useful, thanks you!! I suck at skin care but thx to ur post I can stick to it or attempt to lmfao.. wish me luck!!!

  7. Great post, especially to show people the order to use the skincare products. I know at first, I was VERY confused about the order of everything and what worked and what didn't work for my skin. The only routine I'd ever stuck to was Proactiv skincare for acne and blemishes and I was very hardcore with it and used it for ab 6 months and my skin went from crazy breakouts to bright and smooth with little to no scarring or texture. Now my skin is super dry, so my needs are exactly the opposite as before. I have used and have stuck with Drunk Elephant. I like it bc you can mix your serum, VMO & moisturizer all together instead of making individual steps in the routine. EVERYTHING from them has been amazing, I especially love the Framboos and the Protini.The VMO is AMAZING too, I love to use it all over my body and in my hair to keep moisture in and hair from being frizzy....however, in April they're launching their hair care line, which I CANNOT wait to try! If this can be done for my face, I can't imagine what can be done for my hair!!!!

  8. Amazing post! The routines we go through to take care of ourselves

  9. Thank you for sharing your routine! I would love to learn what products you use