Huda Beauty Tantour Fair Review

by - Monday, August 03, 2020

Hi, dolls!
In today's post, I wanted to review the Tantour contour & bronzer from Huda Beauty. Huda launched a luxurious cream-to-powder contour and bronzer in one and I immediately knew I needed to try it out. Personally, when it comes to bronzer or contour, I prefer to go for powder, but I was interested to see how this cream-to-powder will work for me. If you are interested to find out more about Tantour, let's get right into the review!

Photo Source - Huda Beauty

(Available in Fair, Light, Medium, Tan and Rich)

Tantour combines a balance of shadow and warmth for a luminous, matte glow that's never dull. It blends seamlessly and has a long-lasting formula which is both water and sweat resistant. This deeply pigmented cream-to-powder bronzer gives you a natural bronzed look or a dramatic contour as you layer and build the product on your face. 

As already mentioned, I prefer using powder when it comes to contouring or bronzing my face but I still decided to try and test out this cream product. I have to be honest and say that it's one of the best cream contour/bronzer products I have tried and the fact that it's 2 in 1 makes it much better to use. I love how creamy the formula of this product is and how easy it blends on my face, still leaving you with this matte glow. I use Tantour in the shade FAIR and it blends so well onto my skin, matching my skin tone perfectly well. It's important to add that Tantour comes in 5 different shades, so different skin tones can find their best match.

Tantour 'Fair' swatched on pale skin:

Tantour swatches from HudaBeauty:

 Photo Source - Huda Beauty

Huda's tips on how to use Tantour:
1. Using a brush, apply Tantour in dots along the contours of each side of the face: cheek bones, forehead, and jawline.
2. With the fluffy side of the brush or a beauty sponge, blend well for an all-over healthy finish. You can build to desired intensity.
Huda’s tips: Use the brush in circular upward motions for a flawless finish. If you’re aiming for a subtle glow or soft contour, experiment with something a bit lighter. For a more dramatic effect, try something a bit deeper!
 Gif Source - Huda Beauty

Final Thoughts
Overall, I believe that this is a great cream contour/bronzer and those of you that prefer cream contour will definitely love Tantour. I even think that Tantour will work perfectly well for beginners and those of you who are starting to experiment with contouring your face because it blends super easily and it will make your contouring/bronzing experience much more enjoyable. I recommend all of you to try this product as it's at a decent price point and you get a fair amount of product inside (11grams). 

Let me know what you think about Tantour and if you have tried it yet! What's your favourite bronzer/contour products at the moment? Let me know down in the comments xo

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Love, Olivia xo

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  1. I can tell it looks creamy on your swatches. Sounds like a great product and I’m happy in comes in 5 shades. Great review 👍🏻

  2. i love all of your Huda reviews!! loving the detail you put into your reviews and your swatches on pale skin help me decide if i want the product or not

  3. huda beauty is the best brand in the planet! i hope you get noticed by her team oneday because u do great reviews on their items

  4. amazing review as always. I'm glad her tantour works well for your skin tone. personally Im not the biggest fan of cream contour or any contour maybe because I fear it a little bit. I love blush though :)

  5. Loved your review!! I am honestly dying to try these :D I think I would suit Light and I'm waiting for black friday to go ham :D

  6. I've heard so many positive reviews on this product! I wanted to try it when it went on sale but it was sold out by the time I went to checkout. Once I will own this one lol!

    xoxo Simone |