Is Huda Beauty Cruelty-Free? Testing Huda's New Neon Obsessions Palette

by - June 04, 2019

Hi, dolls!

When I first heard that Huda's newest launch will be three neon mini obsession palettes, I immediately knew I had to get the green neon. It's very unique in my opinion as it has all the shades that you don't usually get in your everyday-palettes. I knew it would be a fun palette to get, especially since summer holidays are just around the corner. Plus, lime/green neon is my favourite colour, so I just love the packaging. As mentioned in my previous reviews, I enjoy all my Huda Beauty's palettes and although their prices are not the cheapest, I love their formulas and the pigment that their palettes have, so I could only expect that this Neon Obsession palette would be just as good. I ordered mine from Cult Beauty on the release day (30/05) and it has arrived few days after (03/06). It costs £27/$29 which is a bit more expensive than her usual £25/$27 obsession palettes, but to be honest, I was not mad at the £2 difference because of how new and different the green palette was.

The first thing I noticed was that the palette is made in China and lacks the cruelty-free sign, which made me think that most likely it has been tested on animals. This annoyed me because other Huda Beauty products are cruelty-free, and if I knew this particular palette was not, I would not have purchased it. However, because none of this information is provided anywhere on the internet, I wanted to do my own research before judging the company/the palette for not being cruelty-free and I googled it to get the right information to share with you guys. 

Huda Beauty is claimed to be a cruelty-free company, which has not yet been provided with the cruelty-free logo that most companies have (such as ABH, Too Faced etc.) and most of the products are made in Italy, which I guess is a lot of easier to believe to be cruelty-free. However, I had my doubts after reading that this neon palette was made in China, firstly because it is kind of shocking to me that a luxurious company like Huda Beauty is still making its products in China, and second because China is known for testing on animals. But, I am glad that I did my research about this because apparently if a company is only making its product in China but not selling there, they can still produce their products without animal testing, which would mean that this neon obsession palette is 100% cruelty-free. 

With all the information out there, it would be hard to accuse Huda Beauty of testing on animals because there is no proof of it, and as learnt, it is possible to make products in China and still avoid animal testing, which I am very happy about. Knowing that this palette is cruelty-free has made it even more fun and exciting for me to play with and review for you guys!

The palette itself is very pretty and unique looking, although being a lime-green palette, I would expect more of the green vibes rather than the pink ones that I am getting in the bottom row. However, I think that it just makes the palette easier to use because you can make a crazy/fun look with it but also a normal/everyday look using the pink shade in the bottom. Also, worth noting is that this palette is a pressed pigment palette, meaning that they can be used not only for the eyes but also for cheeks, lips and anywhere else on the face. One difference between pressed pigment and eyeshadow is that pigment is easier to apply and the colours appear much better even with a small amount of it used. Some pressed pigment can leave a stain but in many cases, it's not as bad, or at least I never had a problem with pressed pigments leaving stains on my eyes. Plus, any good makeup remover should help with removing any stains left by pressed pigments.

The palette swatches like a dream and it's very pigment as you can see from the swatches above. The palette consists of three mattes and six duo-chromes and according to Huda, they "literally make the neon shades looks like a neon sign." I find myself sometimes struggling to apply duo-chromes with a brush and prefer to use my fingers to do so, but this is something that I did with other duo-chromes from Huda's previous palettes too, so I am not too mad about it.

Final Thoughts
Overall, I really love this whole idea of the neon palettes and I have noticed that recently Huda's releases are very original and different from what other brands are releasing. For example, while other brands seem to be stuck on the blue-theme products after Jeffree Star, Huda went towards neons that I don't think another brand has yet done - correct me if I'm wrong. After wearing this palette on my eyes I can also say that there has been no stain left on my eyelids which is a very good thing because many people worry to use pressed pigments for this reason. Duo-chromes are very pigmented, but sometimes I find myself struggling to apply it with a brush, and prefer to apply it with a finger for better pigmentation. If you are a fan of something new and creative and think you would like these fun, neon pressed pigments, then I would recommend this palette for you. I also think that it is a great collector's item because it's truly different and new from the palettes I have already in my collection. However, because of its price, I don't think it is a product that everyone must have, it's only a fun beauty product if you are into these colours and neon vibes. 

Let me know what you think about my newest blog post and the new Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions. Which one would you want to get? As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. Thank you for all your support that you guys show under every blog post! 

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Also, let me know what other products you would like to read about and I will make sure to review those!

Love, Olivia xo

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  1. I've never really been into Huda, except from wanting the famous Nude palette
    I use my finger to apply most shimmers because it works better πŸ˜‚

    Great post!

  2. wow, I didn't even know about this release, the neons look stunning but youre right that only the green one is unique looking! personally i would prefer a yellow palette but maybe she will release more with yellows and purples. i really hope she is cruelty-free, otherwise i would never think to get her brand. thanks for doing the research for us!

  3. Im happy she does not test on animals.
    This is a super gorgeous palette but i just wish the lime green was actually neon.

  4. Oooohhhh have I been living under a rock?? Because I didn't know ab the neon obsessions palette's release!? I LOVE greens and bright colors, so I think I'd def wanna get this one!! I would love to see what the other palettes look like!! I think something that would be fun to review would be Tatcha skincare. I have very mixed feeling ab it, I love the water cream & I did love the silk canvas, however ab a month after opening it, it doesn't apply evenly anymore and I've been told the SAME thing by other bueaty bloggers/makeup obsessed peeps. I'd love to know your thoughts on the price (very $$$$) vs the results (and how long the products last!) I think if u did a lil looking around, you may hear some of the same feedback and the silk canvas as I have just said. So sad πŸ˜ͺ that this stuff isn't doing the miraculous things it did at first, but maybe it's also just MY HORRIBLY DRY SKIN?!
    sending Twitter fam love πŸ’›

  5. I saw it on Huda's website but its not as exciting... neon is cool and fun but the shades dont have the neon that would make it stunning but at least not tested on animals, good for that
    thx for the information on cruelty free brands
    please do a post on contour :D

  6. Great post, found it very informative because I don't know much about this brand. The neons are definitely too much for me, or I'm just too old for them. Is there any list of brands that are cruelty free? I would love to see it

  7. Never was really into huda. Nuetral colors i have a ton of. Heard neon palette and thought neon colored shadows. Not just a neon case. I jumped way out of my comfort zone and got makeup a murders neon pigments and have been playing with them and loving it.

  8. I wish this palette had more green shades, too. They're stunning! And so fun and unique. You've nailed it on the head, suggesting that a lot of companies tend to go in the same direction (i.e. blue because of Blue Blood). I'm glad Huda took a chance and went in another direction and with variety! My eyes are hazel, and blue doesn't compliment them. But greens and purple's, yes please!

  9. I havent seen anyone say they reccomend any of these. But if anyone is looking for good neon shadows/pigments, try heading to smaller brands like leleposh cosmetics, midas cosmetics, etc. They have great products that really work well and cruelty free and vegan products as well!❤❤

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  11. I have the huda beauty smokey obsessions and it is very pigmented. Like you said itsi hard to get the colors on a brush or fingers. I had to drench my brush with setting spray. They're way too over priced. I wouldn't purchase another not a fan of huda. I grabbed it and I doesn't have an animal cruelty free sign which now bugs me.

  12. I have the Huda Beauty nude palette and love how pigmented it is. I now want more Huda palettes. The neon green palette is so beautiful. I'm glad it is cruelty free. I had seen a you tube video and the person said it was made in China, so that had me wandering. Thank you for the great review letting us know everything about them being cruelty free.

  13. This palette is gorgeous even though I would love there to be more green shades😍 that bottom pink row is stunning though!xx

  14. Disappointing that they aren't really neon colors.

  15. I love Huda Beauty!!! Always top quality

  16. Wow I didn't notice their products being made in China. Thank you so much for researching that for us and doing the digging <3

  17. the orange palette is calling my name... xo