Coloured Raine - Brand Review

by - July 19, 2019

Hi, dolls!

It has been a while since my last post and it's because I took a small break and went on a holiday. I am now back and ready to share more beauty stuff with all of you. Last month, I was lucky enough to be recognised by a brand called Coloured Raine who was kind enough to send me some of their items to test out for my blog. Coloured Raine was founded in 2013 by Loraine R. Dowdy who wanted to own a cosmetic line that encouraged self-expression and diversity. I cannot tell you how happy I was when I was approached by Coloured Raine, the first big brand out there who took their time and actually checked out my blog and liked my content enough to contact me. I will be forever grateful because to bloggers like myself, it means so much to be recognised by an amazing brand like Coloured Raine. Although I was gifted some of the Coloured Raine products, this brand review will be 100% honest and based on my opinions just like all of my other blog posts. I hope you all enjoy my review, let's get right into it!

I was speechless when my box arrived with the amazing Coloured Raine products pictured above. I was lucky enough to receive their eyeshadow palette 'Queen of Hearts', 4 liquid lipsticks and eyelashes. My package came one day before I left for my holidays, so I decided to take the eyeshadow palette with me and test it while being on holidays. 

Coloured Raine 
Queen of Hearts Eyeshadow Palette

The Queen of Hearts palette consists of 12 beautiful and super-pigmented eyeshadows,  6 mattes and 7 foil eyeshadow shades, containing warm neutrals with the mix of matte, metallic and glitter finishes. Not only are the shadows pigmented but also so creamy and blendable. The only shadow that was a bit hard for me to swatch was 'Ladyship' however, once applied on the eyes, it worked and was just as blendable as the other mattes. This palette swatches like a dream and I would honestly recommend it to everyone. Not only does it include a mirror but the palette, as well as the brand overall, is cruelty-free! 

I have also received 4 beautiful liquid lipsticks in the shades Mars, Nude, Cherry Blossom and Roulette. As already mentioned in my previous posts, I am not the biggest fan of liquid lipsticks, especially after my experience with other brands that create very drying lipsticks which I did not enjoy using. However, I gave these liquid lipsticks a try not only for this review but also because for a long time now, I wanted to test different liquid lipsticks for my blog and compare them, so that might be something coming in the future for my blog, definitely let me know if that would be something you guys would want to read about. 

Cherry Blossom is a lip lacquer which retails for £11/$15 and Mars, Nude and Roulette are normal matte liquid lipsticks which retail for £13/$17. Personally, I prefer the matte liquid lipsticks which I found interesting since I always seemed to prefer glosses over matte liquid lipsticks. However, I must say that Coloured Raine liquid lipsticks are so comfortable to wear and I actually enjoyed putting them on much more than the previous liquid lipsticks that I have tested. I honestly fell in love with the shade 'Nude' so much that I have worn it on so many occasions. Although the shade 'Roulette' seems to be too dark for my pale skin, I also enjoyed trying it on my lips and wearing around the house. It is a dark shade but I will definitely reach for it when going out and wanting nice, plum colour lips.

I really like the formula of these matte liquid lipsticks because it's not too drying and very comfortable to wear on the lips. It doesn't make the lips feel too dry which is the main reason why I usually don't go for other matte lipsticks because I hate the feeling of very dry lips. I would love if there were matching lip liners as I always love to line my lips before applying any liquid lipsticks. The only thing I seemed not to enjoy in these lipsticks is a very flat lipstick wand which makes it harder to apply it evenly on the lips, I usually prefer the doe-foot applicator for my liquid lipsticks. However, other than the wand, I would honestly recommend these lipsticks to all of you to try out as they are really comfortable to wear! If you find other lipsticks too drying like the ones from Colourpop or Kylie Cosmetics, you should definitely give Coloured Raine a try because, in my opinion, it is 100 times more comfortable to wear on the lips. 

Massive thanks to Coloured Raine for reaching out and gifting me with these products. I had so much fun testing these for this review! I am definitely looking forward to test more Coloured Raine products for you guys soon. Let me know in the comments if you have ever tried Coloured Raine, and if so, what product is your favourite. I must say, my favourite is definitely the liquid lipstick in the shade 'Nude' and the beautiful eyeshadow palette. 

Love, Olivia xo

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  1. Wow! Congratulations on receiving your first package from a brand this is massive! Ive heard about Coloured Raine but never tried their products yet. The palette swatches makes me want to buy it though...

  2. this is awesome! I hope more brands will recognise you very soon (:
    lipstick comparison blog post would be a good one cos i love me some matte liquid lipsticks. as to coloured raine, i actually have their cheers to beauty palette and i love all the colours included but queens of hearts palette looks absolutely gorgous as well

  3. Thank you so much for sharing, I always enjoy your honest opinion in your blogs. I’ve never tried Coloured Raine but definitely find their products so appealing and their packaging looks so classy and elegant. I’d definitely enjoy a future blog entry about lipstick comparisons.

  4. I received a single eyeshadow in my ipsy bag from Colored Raine. The first time I heard of this brand was on your twitter when you mentioned receiving some products and testing them out. So I was pretty excited to receive a single eyeshadow and I love it. It's pigmented and blends so easy. It also feels so soft. Thank you for this review.

  5. Yay!!! Your first (of many to come) or package!! I'm so happy for you! That palette has some really pretty shimmers and the pigment is really bold!!
    I love liquid lippies, but I am super picky about the wands too, especially after having and using Huda Beauty lippie wands and Smashbox liquid lips wands. Having the nice day doe foot really makes a big difference to me, so I'll probably stick to my lippies I own already but I'm def eyeing that palette!! Nicely priced as well!
    Another great review to give me insight into a brand I've never tried!! Thanks doll!! Sending #twitterfam love from @liacallahan4

  6. Congratulations girl you deserve it.

  7. love this recognition u received! i hope you many more PR products to review for us.
    would love more coloured raine posts on your blog and lipstick comparison sounds awesome

  8. Dear Olivia! I keep forgetting my gmail passwords and this might be my 3 account following your blog for me to be able to leave a comment. I love how detailed your reviews are. PR boxes are amazing, congratulations. To many more in the future God bless! Sending positivity to you

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  10. What an awesome review! I’ve been looking at Coloured Raine products for a little while now but haven’t quite wanted to take the leap in purchasing anything. However, I love the Queen of Hearts shades that you reviewed so I think this will be my very first purchase. I may even get the Nude lip shade also because I love the color. I love that you are being recognized by this brand and I hope you start to get recognized by many more ❤️❤️

  11. one of the best reviews on your blog honest! the fact u received ur first PR is amazing - congrats girl!

  12. that the matte hippies aren't drying!

  13. These are amazing. I hadn't really heard much about them.

  14. How cool! I haven't tried Coloured Raine yet, but I only hear amazing things about them!! Happy they sent you some products to test out. The Queen of Hearts palette is very pretty and wearable, fun colors; and I think Mars would be my favorite lippie 😍
    <3 amber

  15. I really want to try coloured rain. Their name is so alluring!