Kylie Skin Summer Collection Review

Hi, dolls!

Today I will be reviewing the summer collection from Kylie Skin. Before I start, I would love to give a big shout to my girl Alyssa Galarza, because if it wasn't for her, I probably would have not been able to test these products. On August 14th, I was lucky enough to win two products from Kylie Skin Summer Collection in an Instagram giveaway hosted by Alyssa. My biggest issue with buying products from America is that the customs charge that I have to pay in the UK on top of the product price & shipping is just too high, therefore winning Alyssa's giveaway gave me the opportunity to test these two products for my blog and you guys! 

I know Alyssa not only for her authentic giveaways but also for her beautiful voice. I recommend you all to check her instagram @alyssagalarza where she always has these amazing giveaways, but also check out and stream her newest song Salty because her voice is sooo good! 

The two products that I have been testing are the Coconut Body Lotion and the Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen Oil. Since the package has arrived on August 28th, I have been testing both for a good month now!

Before I start, in case anyone is wondering, all Kylie Skin products are labelled as:
cruelty-free, gluten free, vegan, paraben free, sulphate free & dermatologist tested.

237 ml | $24/£19

Key features of the lotion
- Coconut Oil 
- Sunflower Seed Oil
- Jojoba Seed Oil
- Shea Butter
- Oat Extract
- Indian Ginseng

Personally, I really enjoyed using this body lotion. I believe people who have dry skin will really like it because it leaves the skin feeling very soft and you don't need to apply a lot of the product because you can spread it all over your body with just one/two pumps. The price point is also good in my opinion for the size of the product. If you like coconut scented products, this body lotion is most likely the one for you to try out. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with it, but I did enjoy using it and I do think it is a good body lotion. Does everyone need it? Not necessary, but if you do have dry skin and want something that will make your skin feel very soft, or you simply like coconut scented products, then I would definitely recommend you to try this lotion out.   

115 ml | $32/£26

Key features of the Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen Oil
- Coconut Oil
- Shea Butter
- Grape Seed Oil
- Sunflower Seed Oil

I am obsessed with this sunscreen oil! When I first applied it on my skin, I fell in love with its unique smell. I think the product itself might be just a little overpriced but it's definitely one that I would want to repurchase. The oil is hydrating and its formula feels very lightweight on the skin. Although it absorbs into the skin almost immediately, it keeps the skin feeling fresh and healthy looking by adding a glow to it. But most importantly, this Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen Oil helps to protect our skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, prevents sunburn and reduces the risk of skin cancer. If you are somebody who has a bigger budget or doesn't mind getting something more pricey, I would totally recommend this oil to you, simply because of how amazing it makes your skin feel and of course, most importantly protects your skin!

The oil became my beach essential ☺

Final Thoughts
After testing both products for one month I can honestly say that my experience with Kylie Skin's Summer Collection has been very positive. I think the time I gave myself to test these before writing this review was good enough because summer is now over and the sun has disappeared from London, therefore I wouldn't be able to test especially the oil for much longer outside in the sun. From both of these products, I would recommend the Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen Oil more just because I enjoyed using it more and I think it did more for my skin than the Coconut Body Lotion. I think the body lotion is also good as I did not have any problems while using it and it did make my skin feel softer than before, but it's not something I would say everybody needs to try out, especially if you are not willing to spend that amount of money on a body lotion. I still think that for its size the price is decent, especially coming from Kylie but I am sure people can find cheaper lotions that will work similarly for the skin for cheaper price. 

I hope you enjoyed this Kylie Skin Summer Collection Review and I would love to read what you think in the comments below. Have you tried any of the Kylie Skin products? If so, what are your thoughts on them? Let me know down in the comments below!

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Love, Olivia xo


  1. Yay!!! You reviewed Kylie Skin products! I co-hosted a giveaway with her face products and had a very good reaction aka lots of entries, but the person who won said that they weren't all that impressed with them. I appreciated her honesty bc it lets me know what to do or NOT do in next Giveaway's and what to buy personally for my own use. I'm happy to hear you liked her sunscreen AND her lotion, I personally would pay that for a good lotion, idk ab that price for that amount of sunscreen! That's NOT. Large amount, even if it is oil, it has less then my AHAVA Water hand lotion. I don't consider that to be a large bottle either??
    Maybe if it smelled REALLY good, like this AHAVA lotion does, I'd pay that amount?
    And as far as the actual lotion, seeing that I already have a good amnt of lotions from good brands that are super thick and moisturizing, idk if I'd buy the lotion either.

    And of course you should do a giveaway, at each of your goals!
    It ALWAYS bring people in & usually keeps them in!!
    Have a great weekend babe, another good post from you!!❌��❌��

  2. finally Kylie Skin! thanks for listening to my suggestions I wanted to know if this was worth our money. the lotion sounds like any basic lotion to me but the oil intrigued me :>
    congratulations on winning the giveaway, I followed Alyssa on insta :]
    for 500 followers maybe do a bundle giveaway and have different brands products in it, perhaps your favourites ^^
    great post as always looking forward for next one

  3. amazing! had a feeling all those negative reviews of Kylie Skin are over-exaggerated.. I get its not that special but its also not that bad nor dangerous to use. Thanks girl for a great review on Kylie!

  4. I'm happy to finally read a real, great & honest review! Lots of good information. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on kylies products. I haven't tried any of her skin care products, but I seriously am a lotion freak lol. I always have huge bottles of lotions in my purse at all times lol.
    But I dont know if I would buy this lotion, It's a small amount for the price. I'm weird about the texture of lotion as well. Thank you for the Great Review doll!
    And soo happy you won a GA You deserve it ❤
    And for the next giveaway I would be so excited to see the norvina 3 palette It's beautiful & it's on the very top of my wish list! Xo!

  5. I actually haven't seen any reviews on these two Kylie Skin products, so this was super helpful! The Sunscreen Oil sounds AMAZING! I've never tried a sunscreen oil, but now I'm very intrigued. The lotion sounds very nice too; I could almost smell the scent in the air from reading the ingredients listed lol!
    Kylie's been expanding her brand so much and I'm living for it! Thanks for the awesome review girl, and congrats on winning the items in the first place!

  6. Amazing Review doll! Thanks so much for the loving shoutout, I found your review very honest and helpful chica. So glad the products went to good use, make sure you enter my latest giveaway. Ily and support you <3 XOXO~ AlyssaG

  7. I have never bought or used any Kylie products! The prices are more than I can afford! I really enjoyed reading your review! I had only heard negative things about her products, so it was very nice to hear good news!! I loved reading your excellent review! Thank you!����

  8. Another brand that uses coconut oil in facial products.coconut oil after time can clog your pores. Even Dave Lackie saysdo not use coconut oil.

  9. I'm always so tossed on what products to use, I live in Florida and the sun never goes away lol

  10. I didn't know about these Kylie products. I love the scent of coconut and have dry skin. I need to try the body lotion. I didn't think I would want to try any of the Kylie skincare products. After reading this review and others, I think I will give them a chance.

  11. how did I not see this review?? I barely use social media but wish to get some notifications when you upload new blog posts because I love reading them but always forget to check, too busy with school stuff but now im catching up! wow I love Kylie's products and I wish they were a little bit cheaper so I could get more of it. Great to hear you're liking it because people tend to hate on Kylie instead of focusing on the product instead..

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