Huda Beauty Demi Mattes - Swatches and Review on Pale Skin

Hi, dolls! 

I recently had a chance at swatching and testing out all of the shades from Huda's Demi Matte collection and I thought it would be fun to swatch them all for you dolls. As you probably already know, I am not the biggest fan of matte liquid lipstick, so when Huda released her Demi Matte lipsticks I really wanted to give them a try. I also tend to be very picky with what lipstick shade I go for, so I also think that swatching all of her Demi Matte shades will help me decide which one I would reach for the most from this collection. 

Huda Beauty Demi Matte Liquid Lipstick

Demi Matte is a comfortable and hydrating cream lipstick that sets to a satin finish. According to Huda, it has the same superlative staying power as her matte liquid lipsticks. The highly pigmented formula applies with a lacquer-like sheen before setting with a satin finish that lasts long without dehydrating lips. It comes in 15 beautiful shades, and what I love the most is their names! 

I have to say, when I tried them on my lips I almost forgot that they were liquid lipsticks! They feel so creamy but also so comfortable to wear and once it sets to a satin finish, they feel very hydrating for the lips. I swatched all of the shades for you guys but only tried few of them on my lips because I already knew some of the shades were not for me. I tend to go for nude lipsticks but I also like pinks and reds on my lips. My skin is very pale therefore many lipstick look way different on me than on pictures promoting them and mainly for this reason I was excited to try them all on me and finally be able to see which shade will work the best for me. 


PS. My first ever lip swatches, so don't judge haha. I just thought it would be fun to include something more than hand swatches.

Before having the opportunity to swatch all the shades, I could not decide which ones would work best on me. I wanted to get either Day Slayer, Shero, SheEo or Mogul. However, after finally swatching it on my lips, I realised that although Day Slayer is a beautiful nude, the nude almost turns orange on my skin tone. I must say that I was suprised how beautiful Bonnie looks on my pale skin, because it looks very bright on Huda and the promotional pictures, but on me it looks like a very beautiful shade of pink. In the end, the shades I fell in love with are Mogul, Bonnie and Game Changer. The rest are very pretty too but I definitely think those three are the ones I would reach out for the most. If you like purples/dark purples, I found Bawse to be very patchy and hard to apply on the lips, so that is the only lipstick from this collection that I would stay away from and would not recommend it to anyone. 

As a whole, I am really impressed with this Demi Matte collection from Huda Beauty and definitely would recommend it for anyone who does not necessary like matte lipsticks on their lips. Let me know if you have tried any lipsticks from Huda Beauty and which shades from this collection are your favourites!

PS. I know that most of my recent posts are about Huda Beauty - mainly because it is one of my favourite brands at the moment - so if you would like me to test other brands please let me know in the comments! xo
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Love, Olivia xo


  1. It doesn't bother me that you review so many Huda products, in fact, it's good for me to read about it because personally, I can't afford it! I love the lippies, Bonnie looks stunning. I would love the RED the most. Awesome post, loving the swatches too. Will you review Kylie Skin or Colourpop skin line?

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  2. Thanks for the great swatches on your lips AND arms, I love seeing how the shades look on the lips next to the skin tones, it's a much more fair analysis of the color and undertones! The formula itself is beautiful, the perfect in between of matte and gloss, I LOVE this idea from Huda! You should review JSC lippies (gloss and lipsticks) and maybe even some brands like Colourpop or LimeCrime or another big but not completely saturating the market brand!!

  3. Thanks for the swatches girl! I haven't tried a huda lip matte from Huda. They looked great on you. I need to check them
    Out ♡ thanks for the honest review and great feedback

  4. Love the shades girl you always make amazing blog reviews

  5. Review away girl! Colours are a bit bold for me. I'm such a pink girl. Great job!

  6. Love your lip swatches. Shows how different the colors are on your lips. I would tend to go for bawse but love that you told us it's patchy. So will pass on that on

  7. How awesome you got so many of the lippies to swatch for us 😍 I've always been so curious about Huda's demi mattes, so this is sooo helpful! I think Game Changer looks stunning on you btw <3

  8. Great post girl! ❤️ I love that it’s on pale skin like me! �� The shades u liked are the same shades I’d go for too! I usually only like glosses and liquid lipsticks because I hate when my lips feel dry...I’m a weirdo about it! Don’t get me started! �� So almost always stay away from matte lippies but these sound like they would b worth trying! Hopefully one day I can afford to try em! �� Thanks for the honest review as always! ❤️

  9. Love the swatches. It helps me pick out a shade that would look good on me. I enjoy your reviews on Huda Beauty. I wish I could afford Huda palettes.