Huda Beauty x Jacqueline #20 - Lash Collab Review

by - Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Hi, dolls!

I'm coming back to you with another review of Huda Beauty lashes, this time created in collaboration with Jacqueline Fernandez. My first review on Huda's lashes focused on the collab with Olivia Culpo, which you can read about by clicking HERE, however it was Jacqueline that was the first one to collaborate with Huda on pair of lashes. The pair of lashes were inspired by Jacqueline's natural yet glamorous beauty, resulting in soft, sultry volume in a double-stacked classic lash. These lashes suit every eye shape and grant daytime drama without looking overly faux. 

Before I start the review I wanted to inform you guys that once again, I was gifted the PR box for these lashes from someone who receives PR from Huda Beauty, however I had to buy the pair of lashes myself to insert into the box. Sadly, I am not on her PR myself, however fingers crossed one day my blog and I get noticed by Huda & her team!

Classic Lash - Jacqueline #20

Huda Beauty joined forces with Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez to introduce the first Huda Beauty's lash collab. For a while now, Huda has been collaborating with different women to bring the perfect lashes for her customers, and so far there are four collabs, Jacqueline's being first and Olivia's, which I have already reviewed - read HERE - being the second one. The fact that each pair of lashes sold by Huda Beauty has its own unique name is what I like the most because sometimes seeing your name on a product that you use can make it even more exciting and also gifting it becomes more personal. 

Jacqueline #20 lashes are universally flattering, with layered eyelashes of varying lengths on an invisible cotton band, to achieve medium volume and a feathery, fluttering look. They are soft, romantic and infinitely wearable. The lashes are made from synthetic fibres and cotton. 

Huda's tips to apply the lashes:

1. Carefully remove the lash and wiggle to loosen the band.

2. Measure the lash to your eye and trim the excess from the outer end.

3. Coat the entire band with glue and wait 15 seconds.

4. Apply the lash as close as possible to your lash line.

5. Apply mascara to blend & eyeliner to perfect the look. 

I am so in love with Huda's PR boxes! I wish more brands sold their items in their PR boxes as that would make the products for their customers even more special. Unfortunately, you can only purchase these lashes on its own without this gorgeous box, so I am beyond grateful to have these lashes with the box to review for you guys. 

Final Thoughts
Huda Beauty makes one of the best quality lashes I have ever tried. The Jacqueline #20 lashes look super natural and aren't too heavy on the eyes, they remind me so much in lightness to the Olivia #18 lashes which I also love and am obsessed with. Although these lashes seemed too long for me and I had to trim a lot off the edges to fit it with my eyes, once applied they make your eyes look super natural. What I love about these the most is that you can wear them with no makeup on for a very natural look or you can pair it up with any dramatic makeup and it would still give you the best looking results. 

Tell me what you think about these lashes or any other lashes by Huda Beauty and let me know down in the comments which ones are your favourites! I love Jacqueline lashes but Olivia lashes, the shortie ones, are still my number one to go for. Can't wait to read what lashes you guys love the most, so definitely leave a comment below. 

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Love, Olivia xo

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  1. am I the only one who doesn't know and is scared of applying false lashes? I need good pair to practice with I think hahaha *,*
    I loved how detailed this post is, I like that you focus on each lash collab in separate posts bcos it gives us way more info than if you did it in the same one

    1. Lash hack I learned has me putting them on with no issues.
      Put the lash glue on your eye (like a liner) no waiting just put lash on and use fingers to push it onto lash line. It used to take me 30 min. To put lashes on. Now can do both in the time it takes to put the glue and lashes on your eyelid. And no glue all over your lid if you miss the exact line up.

  2. Wow Huda's lashes look so fluffy and gorgeousss!! I definitely need to try them after your raving reviews ��
    <3 Amber

  3. First of all - Jacqueline is perfection! I'm not surprised Huda decided to make her the first of her collabs because Jaqueline is such a sweetheart! I love this lash collab can’t wait to get and wear mine super proud of her and Huda for collaborating with these amazing women!

    1. Please review Lottie next ^^ I don't think they would suit me but would love to see your opinion on them

    2. If I can get my hands on the Lottie lashes I would love to review them! However, I think they're not the type of lashes that would personally suit me, so will have to see whether I get to test them or maybe other ones xxx

  4. I love their directions to apply!

  5. I love the look of both of these lashes so far. Could be used for normal daily wear or for something a little fancier.

  6. Love these lashes! The volume is incredibly gorgeous without being too glam for everyday. Lemme ask you smth: what type of lash glue do you use or recommend to someone who can put them on, but can't get them to stay in place? I have some that are Sephora brand that the store associate recommended to me, they came in a kit. I have some that I won in a giveaway that is supposed to be a brand lots of people like. I can't remember the brand name though. Does brand name matter with glue? Just wandering your opinion babe!

    Thanks for another great review, sending much love, lia

    1. Hey doll! To apply lashes I use a basic lash glue that came with my Eylure false lashes and that works fine with me. Maybe check out the new Huda Lash Sticky Lash glue which probably will help keep it into place for longer xx

  7. They truly seem beautiful lashes. I never tried Huda's lashes but some of my friends have and they love it. I can deny they look beautiful but they're just too expensive for my budget. I LOVE fake lashes! I just need practising cause ATM I'm not the best at putting them on, I struggle quite a bit lol Thanks for the great review 💖

    1. If you want good but cheap lashes, check out the Revolution ones! I think they only cost £3/$4 and I'm actually planning to test them out for my blog xx