Skin Care - No7 HydraLuminous Day Cream & Radiant Results Purifying Foaming Cleanser Review

by - Thursday, November 21, 2019

Hi, dolls!

Today I want to talk to you about the two skin care products that I have been using for a while now and review them. My first two posts on skin care have been insanely popular with my blog readers, so I wanted to focus more on skin products as I can see that it is something you guys love to read about. Before I get into the review, I wanted to also say a massive thank you for all the support, my blog started getting 6K viewers a month which is so big for me and if it wasn't for all of you reading this and my other posts, my blog would not be where it is today, so massive thanks to you all! ♥

It's so important to take care of your skin, especially from younger ages to keep it healthy and glowing. Even if you have no time for intensive skin care, there are still some basic things that you can do to keep your skin healthy. Firstly, protect your skin from the sun. This can be simply done by applying sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 on your face, and wearing protective clothes/sunglasses. Secondly, moisturise your skin daily, especially if you have dry skin. Lastly, healthy diet and drinking plenty of water will help to improve your skin and keep it hydrated.

Personally, October 2019 had to be one of the worst times for my skin. Usually, I have never had any real problems with my skin, never struggled with acne, and only get small spots just before my period starts. However, this October my skin shocked me and it was the first time in ever that I have experienced having a really bad skin, my cheeks were full of small spots and I had no idea why this has happened. After seeing my doctors, I realised this was caused by a hormonal imbalance that I struggled with, which pretty much messed up with my whole body. I was lucky enough that my skin cleared after 2/3 weeks of struggle and during this period of time, I tried to not wear makeup as often to let my skin breathe and used a pharmaceutical cream for acne. Ever since then, I am so so grateful that my skin has been back to normal and I have never been more thankful that I did not have to struggle with these skin problems before. 

I turn to No7 when it comes to skin care because I trust their products as I had only good experience with their skin stuff. This time, I wanted to review and tell you guys more about two of the No7 products - the Hydra Luminous Day Cream and the Purifying Foaming Cleanser. For those of you that don't know No7, it is a skincare and cosmetics brand developed by Boots UK which is a beauty retailer, something like Ulta in the US. The brand itself is available in the USA and I think it should also be available in other countries too.

 No7 Hydra Luminous Day Cream SPF 15 for Drier Skin

First, I wanted to talk about this HydraLuminous Day Cream which is actually a replacement for the Beautiful Skin range that No7 did in the past, and the range that I used to buy my facial cream from. Once I finished my cream, and wanted to purchase another because it was the best cream out there, I realised that the range has been taken off and replaced with a new one. This is when my decision became tricky, because I looked at many reviews online and they weren't too good about this particular product, although all ladies working for No7 in numerous shops have told me it's just a replacement, the formula is almost the exact same but there are just better additions to the new range. It took me a while to get this and try it out, because as I mentioned before October was an awful time for my skin and I wouldn't dare to test out any products during that time, but I finally got this at the beginning of this month and decided to give it a go. Now, the reviews online which say this is the worst cream people have tried etc. are just ridiculous. I think people are just mad the range changed its name and added more benefits to it because I have been testing this product for 3 weeks now and I can honestly say that it is in a way better than the Beautiful Skin range. I put it on once a day and it keeps my face hydrated throughout the whole day, I never had any bad reactions to it and also, the applicator works just fine, I saw people saying it breaks after the second use and for me that's just funny, because unless you somehow break it yourself, I don't see how it could stop pumping or break on its own. Yes, I understand people might not like that this is not in the usual cream package as it is in a tube instead but honestly it doesn't matter to me as much, it has just the same amount of product in it and it's actually easier to pump the product rather than having to open the jar and put your hands inside the cream container. If you have dry skin or simply want extra moisturise for your skin, this is the cream to go for! I honestly can recommend it to everyone, and I have no idea why people have been giving this such a bad reviews online. I know everyone has different skin types and a product that works for me might not work for others, but I find them to be definitely too harsh because having used the previous range which was also for dry skin, this definitely does a better job at keeping your face moisturised for the whole day.

Radiant Results Purifying Foaming Cleanser

Now, this foaming cleanser and I have a love/hate relationship. I have first purchased it in September and have been using it off and on ever since and I will explain why. When I visited No7 to try this product before buying, I tested it on my hand. After I washed off the product from my hand, it felt so smooth and so nice that I was wondering if it will do just as amazing on my skin, and for this reason I ended up buying it. Now, this is where my issue starts. On many occasions, after using this product I have found my skin to start developing small spots and this was before October where my skin went completely rubbish. Every time this happened, I would stop using this product and then somehow my skin would improve again. Now, as much as I want to like this product, I can't really tell whether the spots came from me using this cleanser or simply because of the hormonal problems I faced in November. I stopped using it in October but decided to give it a go again now, in November to see how this would perform after my skin problem went away. So far, I have to say this is not the best cleanser out there. I do love how smooth my face feels after I use it, but once again I can see small spots on my face and I haven't been testing any other products that could have caused it. So unless my skin problem is coming back which I hope it's not the case (!) this cleanser is simply not for my face, definitely not for daily use. I think because I purchased it and I want to like it, I will keep it and keep using it to see if my experience get better using this, and definitely will update you guys, but for the time being I can't really recommend this based on my experience. I would say, if you want to test out a cheap foaming cleanser, then yeah give it ago because  it's not the worst and just because my face seems to react to it, yours doesn't necessarily have to, but I can't personally say I love it and recommend it because I am not 100% happy with it.

Hope you have enjoyed this skin care post, there will definitely be more coming soon with skin care tips etc. I know this posts seems longer than my usual ones, but I hope you found it interesting and stay tuned for more! ❤
Make sure to let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of the No7 skin care or cosmetics products and what other skin care products are you using at the moment.

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Love, Olivia xo

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  1. So happy you're reviewing some skincare products!
    I actually really enjoy foam cleansers, I'm actually using one I got at Lidl from the brand Cien , I really like it and (although I love trying new products I'll probably buy it again. I'm glad you helped me save my money with this one lol
    Looking forward to other skincare reviews 💗

  2. I love that you are so honest and blunt, I have a hormonal imbalance as well so I'm always trying to find a product that will work for me.

  3. I think I'm the only one who has never tried this brand plus I'm LUV to go to a "Boots" store! Great job Olivia. 💕

    1. Most likely because it's only available in the UK haha, more reasons for you to come and visit England :D

  4. I've never really thought about trying No 7 products but I'm glad I have seen this review as I don't think I may not buy them! x

    Lucy |

  5. Skincare is definitely something I need to care more about as I get older (and these winters get colder). Thanks for sharing!

  6. I haven't tried but 1 sample sachet from this brand so I can't say anything +/- about it bc there wasn't enough product to use more than once.
    It's crazy how the cleanser can be not so great but the moisturizer be great! It just shows that not every brand can make EVERYTHING perfect.
    My HG skincare is Drunk Elephant. I adore everything by them and swear by the "mixology" aspect and the dirty ingredients being removed truly does make a noticeable impact while using and into the night/morning. I have super dry skin and DE really does transform my skin in one full pm/am routine. I am on their PR team, but THAT has nothing to do with my opinion, ESPECIALLY IF we are talking skincare. I have tried so may brands and my skin has changed to ALL TYPES throughout my teens and 20's and now my 30's. The only brand I found to ever help my acne was CONSISTENT use of Proactive, even though I did find some of their stuff too drying, I had bad hormonal acne & would've rather had dry skin than big pimples (they were bad��). I also hated that I had to subscribe to it monthly, which was RIDICULOUS bc I didn't run out every 30 days..

    Lots of xo's ❤️- Lia❤️

  7. I've been dying to try No7. I might have to go out and grab some products.

  8. this is the main reason I hate reading online reviews bcos everyone has different opinions on products. so happy it worked for you :) sucks for the cleanser maybe replace it rather than carry it on testing bcos it might worsen your skin

  9. exciting to know that this UK brand is now in the US. I will definitely check it out as the prices are not too bad!

  10. Only foaming cleanser I have never had a issue with is Bliss. Everything else I have tried I either have a reaction to or dries my skin out horribly.