Ranking All My Huda Beauty Palettes 2020

Hi, dolls!

In today's blog post, I wanted to rank all my Huda Beauty palettes. I've seen this trend on youtube for some time now, where people rank palettes from different brands such as ABH, Jeffree Star or Huda Beauty and I've decided to do it as well. Huda Beauty is currently one of my favourite beauty brands and I love their eyeshadow palettes because I truly never had problems with any of their quality or performance. However, in this post I will be listing them from my least favourite to my most favourite, but that doesn't mean that the least favourite is bad - I just prefer the other ones more. I truly recommend ALL Huda Beauty palettes to everyone to try out whether it's the big palettes or the minis, because I've tried and loved all. Let's get right into it! xo

5th Place 

Don't get me wrong, I love this palette! It was so unique when it was released and I had to have it. I love using the shimmers, however I think comparing it to other Huda palettes, this is my least favourite one. I love using and mixing these shimmers to create fun looks with my other palettes, but on its own it's not really enough for me. It's a fun palette to have, especially during summer for a quick eye look, but the other ones call my name a little bit more. 

4th Place


Topaz is a beautiful palette which swatches like a dream and has amazing pigment. When I'm into creating brown eye looks, this is the only palette I have to use because it has all I need. It's also worth mentioning that this mini collection offers 5 different themes - brown, purple, green, blue and red, so if brown isn't for you, you can check out the other 4. 

Desert Dusk was my first ever Huda Beauty palette and I was obsessed! I used it everyday for a month lol because I was so in love with it. You can create so many looks using this palette and the shimmer shadows are super pigmented. For better results, I applied them with fingers but that's not something to complain about. I wish this palette had a lighter transition shade for pale skin tones because Desert Sand is a bit too dark for me. 


I cannot say enough good things about this palette. Honestly, one of the best out there! I AM OBSESSED with Huda's melted metal shadows in this palette and I love the colour range too. I don't understand the bad reviews this palette received because honestly, it's one of my favourites out there.


My favourite Huda Beauty palette that I currently have in my collection is the Mini Nude Light Obsession! I could use this palette for the rest of my life and not complain. Everything from its formula, pigmentation and colour range is on top for my pale skin. This Nude range comes in three different shades for different skin tones and I love the whole idea behind it because it's so hard to find the perfect nude shades for everyone. If I had to have one palette for the rest of my life, this would be it! 

I hope that you have enjoyed my little ranking of all my Huda Beauty palettes. Let me know down in the comments in which order you would rank these! What is your favourite Huda Beauty palette at the moment? I haven't added the Mini Pastel palette to this list because I haven't received it yet, but review will be up once I have tested it properly, so stay tuned for that! Next blog post will be up on Wednesday xo

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Love, Olivia xo


  1. the only one and hence my favorite is the new nude big palette! from yours id rate them:
    5 - neon, 4 - nude, 3 - topaz, 2 - desert dusk, 1 - rose gold

  2. love the look of the rose gold remastered palette!


  3. You seem to own a lot of Huda Beauty palettes, is that normal for someone into make-up?

    1. Yes, I am always testing new palettes, so this is pretty normal :)

  4. I went 'ooh' at the Mini Green and then "ooh' even more at the Mini Topaz, and I love the Mini Nude. Such vibrant colors throughout, though I think the Topaz remains my favorite. It reminds me of a tiger.

    1. They're all so beautiful and unique :)

  5. great post :)
    desert dusk remains my favorite! neon second but in pink

  6. Wow these are some pretty palettes! I don't tend to use eyeshadow as it slides off my skin by mid-morning, but these colours are beautiful, I can see why you love Huda :)

  7. wow I haven't looked for palette for quite a while! But now I am thinking about it!!(:

    Cate ☾ 35mm in Style | Photography + Blogging

  8. What a great idea! I think my number one Huda palette is the Medium Nude :)