Makeup Revolution Shimmer Bomb Mini Collection Review

Hi, dolls!

In today's blog post, I wanted to review the new Makeup Revolution Shimmer Bomb Mini Gloss collection. Recently, Makeup Revolution released their Shimmer Bomb glosses, which is a sparkly upgrade from their Pout Bomb glosses. They added a collection of 3 mini Shimmer Bomb glosses which is the perfect idea for a gift for someone else or even yourself. When I first looked at the glosses, they reminded me of my High Gloss from Kylie Cosmetics and I was very interested to try it out and see if maybe it will be the perfect dupe for it. Let's get right into the review! 

These handbag sized glosses (each is 1.8ml/0.063 fl oz.) will load your lips up with a shimmery, sheer formulation. Each gloss is infused with Vitamin E for extra nourishment for the lips and has a sponge-tip applicator. All glosses are cruelty-free. The collection includes 3 mini super shimmery glosses in the shades: 

Light Beam - Sheer Silver Shimmer
Starlight - Sheer Golden Shimmer
Glimmer - Rose Gold

First of all, these mini glosses are super cute, I kind of expected it to be a little bit bigger but the size is still good considering it's meant to be mini. They apply amazingly on the lips and are very lightweight, so you can barely feel them on your lips during the day. They are very pigmented and super shimmery. Honestly, I think this is the perfect dupe for Kylie's High Glosses and to be honest I'm very happy that I found these as they're just as good as Kylie's for much smaller price. Also, I have to mention their amazing smell - they have this beautiful scent of a watermelon which reminds me of my favourite chewing gums lol! They look so pretty and smell so yummy and there's nothing else you can ask for!  

This mini sets costs £10/$14 which works out around £3.50/$4.50 for each mini gloss, and the original sized Shimmer Bomb gloss costs only £5/$7! which to me is just mind-blowing because they are the same great quality and similar formulation to the Kylie Cosmetic's High Gloss which costs $16/£12. I am definitely planning to check out their Pout Glosses as well but I usually prefer my glosses to have some shimmer in it, so these Shimmer Bomb glosses are just perfect for me. I really recommend you all to check these out if you're a gloss person because it might just be the cheapest but the best glosses I have ever used and tried in my life! 

Let me know down in the comments what you think about the Shimmer Bomb glosses from Revolution. Which shade is your favourite? I love them all but my favourite has to be the clear shimmer gloss in Light Beam xo

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Love, Olivia xo


  1. M"Revolution Shimmer Bomb Mini Gloss collection" is quite a mouthful, try saying that 10 times fast ha ha ha. I know nothing about gloss, are these a cheek highlight product, a lip gloss, or like an eye shadow?

  2. I stopped wearing gloss some years ago because my hair kept sticking to it! Nowadays I stick to a tinted lip balm or nude lippie. But these are super cute, a perfect present for a teen or as individual party bag fillers for tweens. Great review, thank you! Lisa x

  3. Oh these are so cute! I love the colors. So pretty. I also love how they are mini sized. So much fun!

  4. I don't use gloss but I love these sbades

  5. Ooo they look super pretty! Perfect dupe for Kylie’s or even Colourpop’s. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Glimmer wow!!! What a great shimmery pigmentation
    These remind me of the Fenty lipglosses at lower price so I want to try them very badly! Havent tried Kylie’s yet but I trust your word that this is the perfect dupe

  7. oooo I didn't know these exist! if they smell like watermelon then im sold!!!!