Lancome Idôle Nectar vs Idôle - Fragrance Review and Comparison

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In my first post of the year, I wanted to introduce you to the newest Lancome addition - Idôle Nectar. If you're interested to find out all about it, let's get right into the review! 

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Idôle Nectar is a gorgeous amber vanilla fragrance and the first neo-gourmand scent by Lancome, blended with a floral blast of lusciousness. A fragrance and a nectar for women who lead the way towards a better tomorrow! 

Top Notes: Grasse Rose, Rose, Turkish Rose
Middle Notes: Popcorn, Caramel
Bottom Notes: Vanilla

Idôle Nectar has a beautiful opening which is a literal rose heaven, having the top notes of Grasse Rose, Rose and Turkish Rose. At the heart of this juice, we have the notes of caramel and popcorn and as it dries down, we get the stunning vanilla note. While Idôle is a fresh and clean scent, perfect to boost your confidence in any work or life setting, Idôle Nectar is very sweet, playful and fun but still keeping the same Idôle DNA. 

Idôle Nectar is an Eau de Parfum. Eau de Parfum has the highest concentration of fragrance - generally having a fragrance concentration of between 15% and 20%. On average, Eau de Parfum should last from four to five hours, if not more. This differs from Eau de Toilette which has a fragrance concentration of between 5% and 15%. Eau de Toilette is definitely one of the most popular types of fragrances and it's cheaper than EDP but it will normally only last for two to three hours. 

There are currently four Idôle scents in the collection - Idôle, Idôle L'Intense, Idôle Aura and Idôle Nectar. Out of the four, Idôle Nectar is the sweetest with the middle notes of popcorn and caramel which add the sweetness to this feminine scent. This differs from Idôle which is sweet and refreshing, almost Citrusty, with its top notes of pear and bergamot. Idôle L'Intense adds bitterness to the smell with its stronger opening of roses and orange and is overall more spicy and aromatic. Lastly, Idôle Aura is much softer, more floral and salty - the perfect scent for any beach holidays!

Final Thoughts
I honestly love the entire Idôle range and I'm so happy with their newest addition. Idôle - their first release - is still my number one but I do love every single addition to their range, each perfect for different mood and occasion. Idôle Nectar is the perfect fragrance to wear all year around to friends meet ups and parties. It's like having sunshine in a bottle, and I can definitely see this being a go-to fragrance for the main character in Emily in Paris Netflix Show - she's so bubbly and easy going!

Have you had a chance to try out Idôle Nectar yet? What are your thoughts on it? As always, don't forget to share with me in the comments and stay tuned for my next review! xo

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  1. I need to put this on my wish list! It sounds like a perfume I’d love!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  2. I love the sound of Nectar and the bottle is super gorgeous 😍

  3. I really want to smell it now!

  4. I am looking forward to trying it out even more now. thank you for this very detailed description, sounds like I will love it

  5. Your photos are absolutely stunning. I would love to see this bottle in the sunlight ☀️🌈🌼

  6. Where do you get your fragrances from?

  7. Ok I'm sold for Idôle Nectar. Perfect description Olivia :)