Kylie Cosmetics You're So Money Baby Palette Review

Hi, dolls!

In today's post, I am so excited to finally talk about and review the one palette that I wanted to get for such a long time now! I was able to grab it on sale from Kylie Cosmetics and as soon as it arrived to my house, I played with it and created so many looks to be able to write this review and share my opinions with you all. Let's get right into the review!

Kylie Cosmetics
You're So Money Baby Palette

You're So Money Baby palette comes from Kylie's birthday collection that she has released this year when turning 22. It's a pressed powder palette which means that the shadows should apply evenly and feel ultra-velvety and silky. While eyeshadows contain a mixture of pigments, micas and preservatives in order to make up a smooth formula that blends with small effort, pressed pigments are actual pigments pressed into a pan. The palette comes with 9 metallics and 7 matte pressed powder pigments that can be used together to recreate Kylie's favourite looks or create your own. 

When swatching and using the shadows, I have noticed that 22 Candles and Twenty Two are eyeshadow toppers, so its pigment doesn't really show up on its own. If you follow me for a while, you probably already know that my favourite colour is Lime Green, so I was super excited for Time For Cake. I wasn't disappointed! The green which stands out from this palette is super pigmented and shows up on the lid as beautiful as you would imagine it to do. However, I do find it performing better when applied with a finger rather than a brush. My favourite mattes are On A Budget, Long Money and Work For It because they're super pigmented and although there is some fallout, they're super easy to blend and apply. One thing I'm missing from this palette is a light beige colour that I could set my lid with without reaching for another palette.

The packaging is amazing as always, Kylie kills it each time with all of her collections. I personally think that her Birthday Collections are the best ones she comes out with annually, and these collections I wait for the most. This year, I decided not to get this palette, but as I kept seeing people's reviews and swatches, I knew I had to get it. I was lucky enough because it's currently on sale, so if you have your eye on it, check out Kylie's website to save almost 40%!

Final Thoughts
I love this palette! I am a fan of Kylie Cosmetics and their products and the only reason I don't purchase it as often as I would like to is simply because the amount of customs I have to pay is ridiculous. This palette is definitely of a good quality, like her other palettes which I really enjoy using. The packaging makes the palette more unique and I appreciate that it has a mirror, as it makes it perfect for travelling. I can create day looks and night-out looks, and although there's only 16 shadows, I feel like there is plenty of choices when it comes to creating looks. When it comes to the palette's price, I honestly think some of them are overpriced and I'm glad I got it on sale! I recommend checking out Kylie's products and getting them on sale if you cannot afford the full price, but other than that I do think the palette is worth having in your collection. 

I hope you have enjoyed this review, let me know down in the comments you're thoughts about the palette. What is your favourite palette from Kylie Cosmetics? Stay tuned for my next blog post, coming on Sunday! xo

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  1. The palette itself looks really pretty. I've always wondered about her pigmentation compared to other palettes so I'm glad it didn't disappoint you. Personally, I dont think her price point matches quality when I swatched some in Ulta couple months back.. Thats just me though.. But thanks for sharing girlie

  2. I love the colors in this palette! Thanks for the swatches. I’m tempted to get this palette now.

  3. I love these colours, especially the ones with the slight shimmer! Thanks for sharing, the picture showing all these shades is great.

    Holly x

  4. This is a really interesting eyeshadow palette and I also love that lime green shade because it's so unique for an eyeshadow shade. I'm yet to try Kylie Cosmetics as I have a lot of makeup already but I can't wait to get some products in the future. It seems like the eyeshadows are always a hit! I'd love to see some looks you've created with the palette x

  5. Oooh I haven't tried Kylie Cosmetics before. They look super rich with the glitter, hehe. I love the range of colors that is available. Glad you love the palette overall! With the different shadows, you can really mix and match really well. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  6. Oh wow the shades look gorgeous, and the swatches are amazing! xo

    Makeup Muddle

  7. Well, Kylie is charging alot for this full price and idk that I'd pay for it full price. Discounted makes more sense, but I was a little disappointed in the patchiness of the mattes and the gold tones in the green shades. If I want green, give me GREEN baby, not a duochrome-ish looking glittery green. I'm not a huge fan of any of the Kardashian makeup, and it's not bc I don't like them. I just feel like the prices reflect THEM , not the actual makeup and that much more time needs to be taken into improvement on the patchiness, pigment and fall out. The lippies are nice, but everything else they've done seems underwhelming.
    Great review, I appreciate your honest point of view!❤️❤️

  8. What pretty shades! I love build your Empire! That would work well with any skin tone! xxx

  9. Yes! More Kylie reviews - my favourite brand!!!!!
    Goal Setter looks so GOOD!!! I can't ever afford her palettes so I love when they go on sale but I missed this sale :<

  10. I love this palette too! I should be using it way more often than I do now. It's easy to lose a favorite in the huge collection I have lol but I'm happy I rediscovered the palette through you!

    xoxo Simone |

  11. Beautiful palette! No longer on her website what a shame