Jake Jamie x Makeup Revolution Skincare Collection - Toffee Apple Face Mask & Fruity AF Essence Spray Review

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I've noticed that one of my most popular blog posts of all times is the one where I am reviewing face masks from Makeup Revolution. You can read the review HERE. For this reason, I decided to grab their collection in collaboration with Jake Jamie and review more of their skin products for you. In this post, I will be focusing on the Toffee Apple face mask and the Fruity AF Revitalising essence spray. Let's get right into it!

Makeup Revolution x Jake Jamie
Toffee Apple Face Mask 50ml

The Toffee Apple Face Mask was created in Autumn, just in time for Halloween. It's formulated with an antioxidant complex and glycerin, meaning that your skin will be left intensely hydrated. It contains an apple extract, which makes it a super moisturising mask. For those wondering, this face mask doesn't dry down, so after 10-15 minutes, you just rinse it well with warm water as normal. 

How to use: 
Apply 1-2 times a week. 
Allow to work for 10 – 15 minutes.
 Massage into skin for 30 seconds then rinse well.

If you have read my previous review on Revolution face masks, then you probably already know that I really enjoyed using them, and naturally I had high hopes for this face mask as well. I wasn't disappointed! This face mask is absolutely brilliant, it warms up when you first apply it on your face and its scent is enjoyable. It definitely smells much better once it's applied to your face, I just didn't get the scent when it's in the packaging, but when applied, you definitely can smell toffee and apple, which makes it so delicious! It leaves your skin feeling soft and very hydrated, and I think it's mostly because it came out in Fall, so they made sure that this mask was hydrating enough for fall/winter months. My skin is pretty sensitive, however this face masks didn't break me out or irritate my skin, and I use it once or twice a week. I honestly think that Revolution's face masks are great for their price, and if you are looking for a good but affordable face mask, then this is for you! Luckily, they offer more than one type of face masks and all target different skin concerns. All of Revolution's face masks are also 100% cruelty free which is amazing!  

Makeup Revolution x Jake Jamie
Fruity AF Revitalising Essence Spray

This Fruity AF spray includes revitalising and hydrating skincare goodies. It's a mouth-watering mist, formulated with soothing Green Tea Extract, revitalising Citrus Fruit Extract, and anti-oxidant loaded Goji Berry Extract. It's a dream for refreshing parched skin and has a citrus scent. You can use it after makeup for a boost of moisture, throughout the day for refresh, as the first step in your skincare routine or as a skin loving boost on no makeup days. 

My all time favourite essence spray is from Mario Badescu, however I was always intrigued by this fruity essence spray because of its scent and fun packaging. Once I started to use it, I have noticed that it adds freshness to my face, smelling amazingly while doing so! It's a very affordable hydrating essence spray with a very cool, fruity packaging. I personally love its scent so much, it's very fruity and I would describe it as a lemonade-like scent. I might actually put away my Mario's spray for a while and use this one on a daily basis because I enjoy it so much. I find it to be super refreshing and it leaves a nice, dewy look on my skin, which I also love. Just like the face masks, Revolution's essence sprays are also 100% cruelty-free!

Other products included in the Revolution x Jake Jamie collab:

- Avocado Face Mask
- Watermelon Hydrating Face Mask
- Tropical Essence Spray
- Dragon Fruit Face Mask
- Coconut, Mango & Chia Seed Radiant Glow Face Mask
- Cocoa & Oat Moisturising Face Mask
- Strawberry Donut Face Mask
- Mince Pie Face Mask

I love the whole range of the face masks and the fact that there are two essence sprays with two different scents, one more fruity and one more tropical, so it fits with our personal preferences. I definitely recommend you all to check the skincare range in collaboration with Jake Jamie because for its value its definitely worth it. 

I hope you have enjoyed this review, let me know down in the comments you're thoughts about Revolution's skincare range. What is your favourite product from the Jake Jamie x Revolution collab? Stay tuned for my next blog post, coming on Wednesday! xo

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  1. I didn't know that they made skincare! Interesting collab and the mask sound delicious!! Great review and smth I will def be looking into for the price! How many uses can you get out of the face mask btw? Or how much is in the container? How much do you apply at once? The scent sounds delicious for ANY season!❤️❤️
    Sending Twitter love, I've been MIA for a while but will def be catching up with your blog!❤️

    1. Totally forgot to mention, Revolution's face masks are 50ml but they do last a couple months! Depends how often you use them :) xx

  2. I didn't know this brand did skincare as well as make up, I've learned something today! That toffee apple mask sounds wonderful, I'll definitely have to check that out, thank you for the recommendation x

  3. These sound like fabulous products! I especially love the look of the Fruity AF spray, it sounds so refreshing and the packaging is so bright and vibrant! I love this post, the animations are so fun, thanks for sharing Olivia! <3 xx

    Bexa | www.hellobexa.com

  4. Interesting. I’m going to have to check their skincare out. Thanks for this.

  5. Oo never bought the JakeJamie collabs might have to give them a try

  6. The Fruity Spray looks amazing. It reminds me of the refreshment of fruit punch but without having to drink it at all!

    Toffee Apple Face Mask? Sounds like something I want to eat but will put on my face. I love your vivid writing describing your use with the mask. :)

  7. I tried the coconut essence spray and I love it!!!

  8. I haven't heard of these products before, but that facemask looks amazing! I love using facemasks so I should definitely try that out!

  9. Yummy collection! I can already imagine the masks’ scent