Makeup Revolution June 2018 Mystery Bag Revealed!

Hi, dolls!

Recently Superdrug had an offer that if you purchase £25 worth of products from Makeup Revolution, you receive a Makeup Revolution Mystery Bag. If you're interested to see what I got in my mystery bag, let's get right into the review!

Please note that the offer has ended on the 29/05/18 - but for those interested I know for a fact that this offer keeps coming back, either on or 

To receive my Mystery Bag, I had to purchase stuff worth £25. The top 2 items -> Chocolate and Peaches palette by I heart Make Up London & Make Up Revolution lipstick in the shade 'Chauffeur' I have ordered for my friend as it was her birthday and for this reason I will not be able to swatch those items for you. I was shocked to see how much that palette resembles my Sweet Peach palette by Too Faced -> it's just the perfect dupe! 
Bottom row are the items for me. As already mentioned in my previous posts, I am obsessed with Makeup Revolution concealers (shade C1), so it's only normal I have ordered not one but two. PS. They are always sold out in stores! The palette I have picked up for myself is their newest collab with Tammi, a well known youtuber. I am already doing a post on this palette and how it compares to the Soph x Revolution one, so stay tuned for that!

You will not believe how excited I was to open this mystery bag. What did I get in it? Find out below!

 I honestly thought I would have to give away some of these but I am most likely to keep all of them to myself. I even counted their retail prices to see if you are actually getting items worth 25 pounds and it is! Makeup Revolution did that, lol. My favourite has to be that white highlighter and the double eyeshadow brush! Tested both and I am shocked how good they are. Definitely something I would recommend as it is super cheap and good at the same time!

Revolution Flex Brush 04 Eye Light and Shade

Revolution Lightening Contour Kit F02

Revolution Skin Kiss Ice Kiss

Beyond Flawless Eyeshadow Palette

Retro Luxe Metallic Lip Kit - We Rule

When you actually add all of these prices up they come up to almost £26 which is even better than advertised. Although many of these items are currently on sale/reduced, it's still a great offer. I definitely recommend looking out for the next time there is a mystery bag and I will surely be getting it too myself! 

Did you guys ever get a mystery bag? What are your thoughts of Makeup Revolution (known as TAM Beauty)? Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for my next post coming very soon with swatches of all of these beautiful palettes and items. 

Love, Olivia xo


  1. wish they did this in my country can you maybe giveaway this ? great post as always

    1. Will do my best to create a giveaway with some MakeUp Revolution stuff for you guys! :)

  2. Wow a mystery bag giveaway how exciting. I love a good surprise. Also you post was really interesting.

  3. you're so lucky because this offer isn't in my country :'(
    dying to see swatches of the Tammi palette

  4. I always see this offer online but always worry the items will be shit, surprised you got pretty stuff in yours - I need to try once :O

  5. Wow I’ll definitely check this offer out next time I go Superdrug great post❤️

  6. my country dont have this :'((
    such a lucky girl of you to have this all

  7. mystery bags are always so exciting sadly wish my country had that option seems well worth the price.